Meet(TV show/series, 2021-)

Original title: "मीत" (Hindi/HI)
21min per episode | Genres: Drama, Soap / Telenovela

Scripted Reality in 1 season with 85 episodes

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About Meet

A remake of Zee Sarthak’s Sindura Bindu.Despite her efforts to provide for her family, Meets disregard for societal gender norms and her nonconformist job as a delivery agent make her an unsuitable girl in the eyes of her family.

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Meet Seasons and Episodes

08/23/2021Season 1 - 85 episodes
Despite her efforts to provide for her family, Meets disregard for societal gender norms and her nonconformist job as a delivery agent make her an unsuitable girl in the eyes of her family.
#1 | 08/23/2021Episode 1
Meet Ahlawat's car rams into Meet's bike while she returns after completing a delivery. At home, Meet's sister Manushi ties rakhi to her. Later, Dadi scolds Meet when she saves Manushi's life.
#2 | 08/24/2021Meet's Marriage Proposal for Manushi
Meet celebrates Raksha Bandhan. His elder sister Masoom abuses her sister-in-law, Sunaina. Meet's parents show him a picture of a girl, who happens to be Manushi. Meanwhile, Dadi's words upset Meet.
#3 | 08/25/2021Meet Saves Meet Ahlawat's Life
Meet questions Manushi after seeing her outfit. Later, she saves Meet Ahlawat's life after deducing that he is in danger. They learn that both their names are Meet. Later, Meet gives Manushi a dress.
#4 | 08/26/2021Meet Meets with an Accident
Manushi's picture gets replaced with Meet's, and Meet Ahlawat refuses to marry. Manushi lies to her family to meet Kunal, her lover. She tampers with Meet's bike, resulting in her accident.
#5 | 08/27/2021Meet Ahlawat Falls for Manushi
Meet takes Manushi to a party where Meet Ahlawat is present with his friend Deep. Meet secretly sings on behalf of Manushi and Meet Ahlawat falls for Manushi, presuming that she was the one singing.
#6 | 08/28/2021Meet Ahlawat Agrees to Marry Manushi
Meet defends Manushi against some eve-teasers. Later, Meet's mother punishes her when she lies to save Manushi. Meet Ahlawat agrees to marry Manushi after his mother shows her photo to him.
#7 | 08/30/2021Meet's 'Kundali' Matches with Meet Ahlawat
Manushi replaces her 'kundali' with Meet's and her horoscope matches with Meet Ahlawat for the wedding. Later, Meet and Meet Ahlawat get into an argument. Meet helps Rajvardhan Ahlawat.
#8 | 08/31/2021The Ahlawats Caught in a Dilemma
Rajvardhan visits Manushi, who later tells Meet that she will not marry without meeting the suitor. Meet calls Rajvardhan but Meet Ahlawat answers the phone. The Ahlawats are caught in a dilemma.
#9 | 09/01/2021Meet Gets Surrounded by Goons
Meet Ahlawat's family decides to accompany him to Manushi's house. It turns out that Kunal has eyes only for Manushi's wealth. A few goons surround Meet at the market.
#10 | 09/02/2021Meet Hides in Meet Ahlawat's Car
Meet's grandmother ousts her from the house until Manushi's alliance is confirmed. The Ahlawats visit Manushi. Meet tries to reach home by hiding in Meet Ahlawat's car to deliver the sweets in time.
#11 | 09/03/2021Manushi Agrees to Marry Meet Ahlawat
Meet Ahlawat learns that Meet was hiding in his car. Later, he arrives at Manushi's house to meet her. Meet is unaware that the suitor is Meet Ahlawat. Later, Manushi agrees to marry him.
#12 | 09/04/2021Dadi Tells Meet to Pay for the Wedding
Babita gives a bangle to Manushi as ‘shagun’. Meet rejoices as Manushi’s wedding gets fixed. Dadi tells Meet to pay for the wedding expenses. Troubled, Meet recalls her father’s words.
#13 | 09/06/2021Will Meet Be Able to Arrange the Money?
Meet foils a few goons' evil intentions. Anubha reveals that the Ahlawats have decided to conduct marriage within 15 days. Later, Meet promises to arrange the money and Manushi calls Meet Ahlawat.
#14 | 09/07/2021Meet Gets a Loan with Rajvardhan's Help
Meet goes to the bank to get a loan. Dadi and Manushi blame Meet when some important papers go missing. Meet gets disappointed when she doesn't get the loan. However, Rajvardhan helps her with it.
#15 | 09/08/2021Manushi Lodges a Complaint against Meet
Meet helps Rajvardhan, and Meet Ahlawat presumes that she is trying to rob him. Manushi brings the police home and just then, Meet arrives there. Manushi apologizes to Meet for doubting her.
#16 | 09/09/2021Kunal Steals Meet Ahlawat 's Necklace
Meet Ahlawat buys a necklace for Manushi, but Kunal steals it and runs away. He chases Kunal on a bike with Meet. They later arrive at a cafe where Kunal gives the necklace to Manushi.
#17 | 09/10/2021Masoom Suspects Manushi
Meet Ahlawat tells Meet about a cricket competition. Masoom and her husband arrive at the cafe to spy on Manushi and Kunal hides there. Meet asks a few goons to join her cricket team.
#18 | 09/11/2021Meet Gets Kunal and Manushi's Photo
A few goons agree to join the team when Meet wins a bet. Meet Ahlawat meets Manushi. Meet questions Manushi about Kunal and his picture. It is later revealed that Kunal is Meet Ahlawat's cousin.
#19 | 09/13/2021Anubha Sees Manushi's Diamond Necklace
#20 | 09/14/2021Meet Ahlawat Join Meet's Team
Manushi lies that the necklace is artificial. Meet seeks help from Meet Ahlawat when she falls short of a player. Meet Ahlawat holds her when she feels dizzy. Later, Meet's team begins to bat.
#21 | 09/15/2021Meet and Babita's First Meeting
Meet's team wins and Rajvardhan, who arrives as the chief guest, gives her the prize money. Manushi gives Meet's ring to Meet Ahlawat for measurement. Later, Meet and Babita meet for the first time.
#22 | 09/16/2021Meet and Babita's Argument
Meet and Babita's first meeting leads to an argument. Meet, Anubha and Manushi go for shopping. Later, Meet encounters Masoom and gets into an argument with her. Soon, Babita arrives there.
#23 | 09/17/2021Meet Ahlawat Seeks Help from Meet
Anubha hides the fact that Meet is her daughter from Babita and Masoom. Meet Ahlawat helps Meet by paying her bill. Manushi's engagement preparations begin. Later, Meet Ahlawat seeks help from Meet.
#24 | 09/18/2021Meet Ahlawat’s Surprise
Kunal threatens to kill himself and asks Manushi to meet him. Meet Ahlawat arrives to surprise Manushi. Meet is happy to learn that he is going to marry Manushi and appears before him in a veil.
#25 | 09/20/2021Meet Sees Manushi with Kunal
Meet Ahlawat mistakes Meet for Manushi and pours his heart out to her. His family visits Manushi's house for the engagement. Masoom suspects that something is wrong. Meet sees Manushi with Kunal.
#26 | 09/21/2021Meet and Manushi's Engagement
Masoom tells the family that Manushi is not in the room. However, Meet returns with Manushi, and Meet Ahlawat and Manushi get engaged. Later, the Ahlawats become suspicious.
#27 | 09/22/2021Meet Ahlawat Dispels His Misconception
Meet Ahlawat visits Manushi's house and clears his misunderstanding. Later, he gets angry at Masoom over her suspicions. Meet, Anubha and Dadi organize a hen party for Manushi.
#28 | 09/23/2021Meet Ahlawat Ends His Friendship with Meet
Meet beats Kunal for snatching her packet of money and trying to flee. However, Kunal tells Meet Ahlawat that Meet was running away with his money. A misled Meet Ahlawat ends his friendship with Meet.
#29 | 09/24/2021Manushi Tries To Elope
Meet visits the Ahlawat House and inadvertently performs 'Griha Pravesh'. She later slips because of Manushi and ends up performing the 'Haldi' ritual. Manushi tries to elope, but Meet stops her.
#30 | 09/25/2021Meet Keeps an Eye on Manushi
Meet keeps an eye on Manushi. Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat's family prepares to leave with the procession. Meet Ahlawat gives Kunal the car keys and asks him to go to the hospital due to his head injury.
#31 | 09/27/2021Manushi's Elopement Shocks Her Family
Manushi renders Meet unconscious to elope. Later, Meet informs Anubha and Dadi about this. Anubha tells Rajvardhan the truth, and she proposes to marry Meet Ahlawat and Meet.
#32 | 09/28/2021Meet Learns about Manushi's Elopement
Rajvardhan's Guruji explains that Meet Ahlawat and Meet are made for each other. Anubha asks Meet to marry Meet Ahlawat but she refuses. Rajvardhan tells Meet that Manushi has eloped.
#33 | 09/29/2021Will Meet Ahlawat Agree to Marry Meet?
Rajvardhan tells Meet Ahlawat that Meet is Manushi’s younger sister and asks him to marry her. When Meet Ahlawat refuses, Rajvardhan tries to convince him. Meanwhile, Dadi tries to persuade Meet.
#34 | 09/30/2021Meet Agrees to Marry Meet Ahlawat
Rajvardhan accepts Meet's condition and she agrees to the marriage. Kunal and Manushi get married at a temple. Meet Ahlawat calls Kunal to prove that Meet is a cheater. Meet dresses up as a bride.
#35 | 10/01/2021Meet Is Escorted to the Wedding Canopy
Meet Ahlawat asks Meet not to come to the wedding canopy. Shubhra and Prachi convince Meet and bring her there. Meet's neighbours praise her in front of everyone, but Meet Ahlawat remains angry.
#36 | 10/01/2021Meet and Meet Ahlawat's Wedding Rituals Begin
Mahi attends Meet's wedding and praises her. Meet and Meet Ahlawat's wedding rituals begin. Rani arrives there and improves everyone's mood in her own way. Later, Anubha performs Meet's 'Kanyadaan'.
#37 | 10/02/2021Meet Ahlawat and Meet Get Married
Meet Ahlawat and Meet make strange promises to each other. After their marriage, a ritual takes place. Meet Ahlawat snatches chilli from Meet and eats it. Ram tells Rajvardhan his concern about Babita.
#38 | 10/04/2021Anubha Receives Manushi's Letter
Dadi and Anubha read a false letter written by Manushi, and Dadi gets angry at Meet. Kunal and Manushi decide to stay at the hotel after the wedding. Meet tries to meet Dadi before leaving.
#39 | 10/05/2021Babita Is Shocked to See Meet as the Bride
Anubha bids Meet adieu. On the way, the car breaks down and Meet fixes it. In between, Meet and Meet Ahlawat get into an argument. Later, Babita loses her cool after seeing Meet in the bride's garb.
#40 | 10/06/2021Meet's ‘Griha Pravesh’ at the Ahlawat House
Babita refuses to accept Meet as her daughter-in-law. Rajvardhan reasons with her and she reluctantly agrees to conduct the ‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual. Later, Meet enters the Ahlawat House.
#41 | 10/07/2021Meet Saves Meet Ahlawat from Falling
Meet's saree opens up in supporting Meet Ahlawat. During a ritual, Masoom makes Meet lift a pot. As per a ritual, Meet is asked to spend the night at a temple. Manushi is happy with her decision.
#42 | 10/08/2021Meet Comes to Stay In Meet Ahlawat's Room
Rajvardhan tries to convince Babita to have food. After spending the night at the temple, Meet goes to Meet Ahlawat's room, but he does not allow her to stay there. Later, Ragini consoles Meet.
#43 | 10/09/2021Meet Gets Ready for 'Muh Dikhai'
Meet prepares for the 'Muh Dikhai' ritual. Babita tells Rajvardhan that she will dance in front of her friends. To save Babita from embarrassment, Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to put on a veil.
#44 | 10/11/2021Meet Saves Babita
Babita's friends make fun of Meet during 'Muh Dikhai'. Babita dances in front of her friends after losing a bet. She faints while dancing, and Meet saves her from falling on shards of glass.
#45 | 10/12/2021Meet Ahlawat Suspects Meet
At Meet's behest, Meet Ahlawat meets Babita and pacifies her. Later, their other post-wedding rituals take place in which Meet wins. During the ritual, something makes Meet Ahalawat suspicious.
#46 | 10/13/2021Meet Gets Arrested
Leaving the rituals, Meet Ahlawat goes to a cafe. Kunal, who is already there, tries to remove the drugs from Meet Ahlawat's car. Later, the police arrive to arrest Meet Ahlawat for possessing drugs.
#47 | 10/14/2021Meet Takes Meet Ahlawat's Blame on Herself
Babita's health deteriorates when Meet Ahlawat gets arrested. Meet bails him out by taking the blame on herself. Meanwhile, Masoom poisons Babita's mind against the Hudas.
#48 | 10/14/2021Babita's Allegation against Meet
Masoom tells the family that Anubha had given Meet the drugs. The police release Meet Ahlawat. Meet and Rajvardhan come home with Meet Ahlawat and Babita makes serious allegations against her.
#49 | 10/15/2021Meet Ahlawat Gets Angry with the Family
Meet is about to leave the house when Ragini asks Rajvardhan to stop her. Meet Ahlawat gets angry with his family. However, Meet does not leave the house. Meet Ahlawat goes out of his room to sleep.
#50 | 10/16/2021Meet and Meet Ahlawat's Fight
Meet goes to the guestroom but returns to his room on seeing Masoom's sister-in-law. Meet Ahlawat and Meet try to sleep on the same bed. Masoom, Chhavi, Sunaina and Ragini spy on the two of them.
#51 | 10/18/2021Meet Ahlawat Saves Meet from Falling
Meet and Meet Ahlawat share the bed by putting curtains in the middle. A few goons thrash Kunal for losing the drugs. When Meet trips, Meet Ahlawat steadies her. Later, Meet tries to drape a saree.
#52 | 10/19/2021Babita's Condition for Meet
Meet gets a call to pay the electricity bill of Hooda House. Meet banters with Meet Ahlawat. At Rajvardhan's request, Babita allows Meet six months to prove herself as a good daughter-in-law.
#53 | 10/20/2021Meet and Babita Perform 'Khichdi' Rituals
Chhavi tries to spoil Meet's 'Khichdi' ceremony but Meet completes the rituals. Meet seeks Babita's permission to resume her delivery job, but Babita declines her request.
#54 | 10/21/2021Meet Ahlawat Wears the Shirt Given by Meet
Babita gives Meet a sari designed for her. Chhavi asks Meet to start her job without informing Babita. Meet and Masoom gives Meet Ahlawat different shirts but Meet Ahlawat wears the one given by Meet.
#55 | 10/22/2021Meet Goes Out for Work
Meet worries about the outstanding electricity bill of her house. Rajvardhan offers to help Meet's family, but Anubha refuses. Later, Masoom and Chhavi see Meet going out for work.
#56 | 10/23/2021Babita Misunderstands Meet
When Babita doesn’t find Meet at home, she assumes that the latter has resumed the delivery work. However, Meet returns with Masoom’s son, Duggu and explains to Babita why she wasn’t at home.
#57 | 10/25/2021Kunal Lies to Meet Ahlawat
Meet twists Chhavi’s arm. Meet Ahlawat enquires with Kunal about the packet of drugs, but he lies. Meet believes that Kunal lied to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat tells Meet to stay away from his matters.
#58 | 10/26/2021Serious Accusations against Meet
Masoom accuses Meet of pushing Chhavi down the stairs. Kunal pays using Meet Ahlawat's card, and Masoom poisons the latter's mind against Meet. Meet Ahlawat accuses Meet of stealing his card.
#59 | 10/27/2021Meet Exposes Chhavi
Meet clears Meet Ahlawat's misconception and exposes Chhavi. At Meet Ahlawat's request, Babita allows Meet to continue with her job. Meet pays the electricity bill of her maternal house.
#60 | 10/28/2021Meet Fasts on 'Karva Chauth'
Rajvardhan gives the 'Sargi' to Meet and Sunaina for 'Karva Chauth'. Masoom fails to trap Meet in her plan. Later, Rajvardhan asks Babita to take Meet to the fair.
#61 | 10/29/2021Meet Ahlawat Defends Meet against a Goon
Meet goes to the fair with Babita and others. Kunal and Manushi also arrive there. A few goons misbehave with Babita and Meet teaches them a lesson. Meet Ahlawat stops a goon from slapping Meet.
#62 | 10/29/2021Meet Ahlawat Helps Meet Break Her Fast
Meet Ahlawat tends to Meet's wounds and says that he will not break her fast. The Ahlawats perform the 'Kara Chauth' puja. Meet breaks the fast by drinking water from Meet Ahlawat's hands.
#63 | 10/30/2021Meet Ahlawat Helps Meet in the Kitchen
Meet Ahlawat helps Meet in the kitchen for a ritual, but the 'halwa' gets spoiled. Meet gives it to Babita's friends. Later, she tells everyone that she had ordered the 'halwa' from the bazaar.
#64 | 10/31/2021Meet Confronts Kunal at Diwali Celebration
Abhi and Pragya settle a quarrel between!wet and Meet Ahlawat. Kunal replaces Goddess Lakshmi's idol with a fake one. Meet catches him, but he escapes. However, Meet manages to get the idol back.
#65 | 11/01/2021Babita Decides to Change Meet's Name
Kunal brings Manushi outside a bungalow which he thinks belongs to her. Rajvardhan's surprise makes Meet feel overjoyed. Babita decides to change Meet's name to avoid misunderstandings.
#66 | 11/02/2021Will Meet Accept Babita's Decision?
Meet refuses to change her name, but Sunaina persuades her to accept Babita's decision. Meanwhile, Kunal faints when Manushi tells him the truth. Later, Meet Ahlawat runs into Manushi.
#67 | 11/03/2021Meet Ahlawat Beats a Man Brutally
Meet requests Babita not to change her name. Meet Ahlawat beats a man after seeing Manushi's name on the name-changing document. Meet tends to Meet Ahlawat's wounds. Rajvardhan and Babita visit Anubha.
#68 | 11/04/2021Babita Asks Anubha To Sever Ties With Manushi
#69 | 11/05/2021Manushi Returns Home with Kunal
Manushi comes home with Kunal, and Anubha gets furious to see him. She tells her family a false story and introduces Kunal as Parth. Meet finds Chhavi and Meet Ahlawat in an objectionable position.
#70 | 11/06/2021Manushi Learns about Meet's Marriage
Meet Ahlawat decides to accompany Meet to her maternal home for the 'Pagphara' ritual to investigate about Manushi. Later, Manushi feels shocked to learn about Meet Ahlawat and Meet's marriage.
#71 | 11/08/2021Anubha Hides Manushi And Kunal
Meet and Meet Ahlawat visit the Hooda House. Anubha hides Manushi and Kunal in the storeroom. Manushi feels jealous after seeing Meet's necklace. Meet Ahlawat decides to investigate about Manushi.
#72 | 11/09/2021Will Kunal Be Able to Leave the house?
Meet gets suspicious after hearing Dadi talking about Manushi. Meet and Meet Ahlawat challenge each other to a cricket match. Later, both worship together. Anubha helps Kunal to leave the house.
#73 | 11/10/2021Will Meet Ahlawat Come Across Manushi?
Meet and Meet Ahlawat play a cricket match. Meet sees Kunal but he runs away. Meet Ahlawat inadvertently injures Meet. Unaware of Manushi being inside, Meet Ahlawat waits outside the attic.
#74 | 11/11/2021Manushi's Plan Gets Foiled
Manushi comes up with a plan to learn the truth about Meet and Meet Ahlawat's relationship. They inadvertently prove her wrong. Later, Meet helps Meet Ahlawat bathe with the hand pump.
#75 | 11/12/2021Meet Learns Meet Ahlawat's Motive
Meet learns why Meet Ahlawat accompanied her to the Hooda House. He tells Meet that he will never give her the status of his wife and Anubha overhears this. Meet beats up Kunal and asks about Manushi.
#76 | 11/13/2021Episode 76
#77 | 11/15/2021Episode 77
#78 | 11/16/2021Episode 78
#79 | 11/17/2021Episode 79
#80 | 11/18/2021Episode 80
#81 | 11/19/2021Episode 81
#82 | 11/20/2021Episode 82
#83 | 11/22/2021Episode 83
#84 | 11/23/2021Episode 84
#85 | 11/24/2021Episode 85

Additional Information

Official websites:
Production country: India
Original language: Hindi (HI)
Spoken languages: Hindi (HI)
Translated into 4 languages: Arabic (AR), English (EN), Russian (RU), Ukrainian (UK)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 08/23/2021
Latest episode released on: 11/12/2021

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