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Judge Judy is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by Judy Sheindlin, a retired Manhattan family court judge. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claim disputes within a simulated courtroom set. Prior to the proceedings, all parties involved must sign arbitration contracts agreeing to Sheindlin's ruling, handling and production staff management. The series is in first-run syndication and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. The program has won three Emmy awards and has had the highest ratings in courtroom programming in the United States. The program debuted in 1996 and its 24th season premiered in September 2019. In March 2015, Sheindlin and CBS Television Distribution extended their contract through the program's 25th season (2020–21). ()
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About Judge Judy

Judge Judy is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by retired Manhattan Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claims disputes within a simulated courtroom set. All parties involved must sign contracts, agreeing to arbitration under Sheindlin. The series is in first-run syndication and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Judge Judy, which premiered on September 16, 1996, reportedly revitalized the court show genre. Only two other arbitration-based reality court shows preceded it, The People's Court and Jones and Jury. Sheindlin has been credited with introducing the "tough" adjudicating approach into the judicial genre, which has led to several imitators. The two court shows that outnumber Judge Judy's seasons, The People's Court and Divorce Court, have both lasted via multiple lives of production and shifting arbiters, making Sheindlin's span as a television arbiter the longest. By 2011, Judge Judy had been nominated 14 consecutive years for Daytime Emmy Awards without ever winning. On June 14, 2013, however, Judge Judy won its first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program on its 15th nomination. It is the first long-running, highly-rated court show to win an Emmy.

Judge Judy Seasons and Episodes

09/09/2019Season 24 - 45 episodes
#1 | 09/09/2019Inheritance Riddled With Debt!; Fool Falls for Nigerian Stranger Scam!
A woman is unaware that the home she inherited from her father has a $400,000 outstanding loan; a woman is sued for allegedly abetting a scammer in defrauding others.
#2 | 09/09/2019You Can Have Him... Keyed on Car!; Baby Daddy Tire Flattener?!
A vehicle takes a severe knifing; after being accused of viciously keying a car, a woman claims she was an eyewitness to her own car being attacked and damaged.
#3 | 09/10/2019Kitten Mauled by Husky?!; Dream Car Is Friend's Nightmare!
A kitten is allegedly mauled by a neighbors dog; a man takes $800 from his best friend to pay for new tires but claims it was a gift.
#4 | 09/10/2019Housekeeper Cleans Woman Out?!
A woman hires her housekeeper to clean her entire house in exchange for furniture in her storage unit but claims the housekeeper took the wrong items.
#5 | 09/11/2019People Who Own Pit Bulls Are Crazy and Stupid!
The judge cites a study naming the top 'biting' dogs, as she mediates a case involving the mauling death of a terrier by a pit bull mix.
#6 | 09/11/2019Your Personal Pain Means Nothing!
A property owner says her health issues and major surgery prevented her from pursing ex-tenants.
#7 | 09/12/2019Don't Get Involved With Your Son's Coach!; Diamond Heist?!
When a baseball coach faces time in prison or huge fines after a DUI charge, one of his player's parents bails him out; the judge accuses a jeweler of being a hustler.
#8 | 09/12/2019Disabled Man Cheats the System?!; Mini-Mall Mayhem!
A man who fathered four children while disabled sues his landlord for allegedly poor living conditions; shopping center owners sue a former tenant.
#9 | 09/13/2019Service Dog Scammer?; The Court Can't Help With Canoodling!
A man is accused of lying to his landlord about his dog being a service animal; Judge Judy schools a young couple on what the court system can and cannot do when they fight over money after breaking up.
#10 | 09/13/2019Shady Dog Thief?!; Niece and Nephew Bailout!
A teenager accuses her 32-year-old ex-boyfriend of stealing her dog; a woman tries to help her niece regain custody of her children.
#11 | 09/16/2019Good Luck Molesting People?!; Collateral Damage!
A woman is accused of slamming her car door into a parked vehicle; a woman says a car salesman stole the $1,000 she left as collateral on a car.
#12 | 09/16/2019Controversial Judge Judy Decision; Housekeeper Steals Customers?!
A real estate broker plays a voice message that clearly states that her web designer agrees to return her deposit; a cleaning-service owner accuses her former employee of soliciting clients away from her cleaning company.
#13 | 09/17/2019Divorcees Still Supporting Adult Son!; Labrador Chews Up Pomeranian?!
A man allegedly backs out of an agreement to help his ex-wife pay their child's expenses; a woman says her small dog was mauled by a larger dog.
#14 | 09/17/2019Are You Trying to Make Me Dislike You?!; Did You Think You Were Coming to the Circus?!
Circus?! A woman is sued by her ex-best friend for the value of a car; Judge Judy says that being hard up for cash and having a bum boyfriend is no excuse for stealing a friend's money.
#15 | 09/18/2019I Live to Pay Your Vet Bills!; Park City Party Problem!
A woman claims her friend loves to donate money to help care for dogs in distress, so she owes her nothing; the judge tells a middle-aged man that he's been spending too much time in Park City.
#16 | 09/18/2019First Date Kidnapping; Co-signing Drug Catastrophe!
A woman says an ex-con kidnapped her and forced her to co-sign on a truck loan; ex-lovers co-sign on a vehicle which a friend borrows and which police tear apart looking for drugs.
#17 | 09/19/2019Watch This Case If You Have Children!; Liar, Thief and a Cheat?!
Children deny involvement in vandalizing a car; a contractor sues over alleged online defamation.
#18 | 09/19/2019Man Shaken up by Nephew's Murder; Worst Cast Car Scenario!
When asked to produce receipts for property damage, a man asks for the judges' patience due to his loss of a relative in a mass shooting; a woman is sued for damages after a friend gets into an accident while driving her uninsured car.
#19 | 09/20/2019Paving the Way to Unemployment?!; The Magically Disappearing Dilapidated Car!
A woman sues a cement mason for mistakenly tearing up her driveway; a woman says a mechanic friend is responsible for the disappearance of an old car she inherited.
#20 | 09/20/2019Three Words No Man Can Say!; Adorable Little Girl Confesses!
Ex-lovers fight over homes and a headstone; a child takes the stand and tells the truth about damaging a woman's car.
#21 | 09/23/2019Beware of Narcissistic Fools!
A scorned woman warns her ex's new girlfriend not to date him for a multitude of reasons; he accuses her of trespassing and
#22 | 09/24/2019Judge Kicks Man Out of His Own Home!; Tree Huggin' Father/Daughter Duo?!
Before coming to court, a man receives a ruling that bars him entry to his own home, and he accuses his ex-lover of lying and stealing; a family sets out to secure their home from encroaching wildlife, but a hostile neighbor refuses to cooperate.
#23 | 09/25/2019Call CPS if You Suspect Abuse!; Stiffed on $30K Rent to Own?!
A daughter is outraged that her mother called authorities to perform a welfare check on her four children, but the judge sets her straight; a woman says her ex-friend failed to pay up as agreed on a land contract and owes for a Crown Victoria too.
#24 | 09/26/2019That's What Mothers Do!; 8K Snatched From Model Child's Bank Account!
A man comes to the rescue of his disabled mother, while her daughter reportedly reneges on payback of a loan for her and her children; a man, who claims to be very proud of his educated daughter, is sued after her wages are garnished for his mistake.
#25 | 09/27/2019Woman in Wheelchair Struck by Car!; Judge Judy Doesn't Believe the Case!
While crossing the street in a motorized wheelchair, a woman is struck by an uninsured vehicle and gets severe road rash; the judge is unimpressed by two men fighting over $13,500 worth of luxury suites to see the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
#26 | 09/30/2019Pomeranian Puppy Mill?!
A woman with 15 dogs is accused of reneging on her promise to breed a puppy with a champion blood line and instead deciding
#27 | 10/01/2019Mystery Tire Slasher; My In-Laws Stole My Dog!
A woman claims her ex-boyfriend slashed her tires but fails to prove a word of her story; a man sues his estranged relatives for a lockout and the return of his dog.
#28 | 10/02/2019Don't Drink Water Now! I'm Speaking!; Follow the Money!
The judge openly admits she dislikes a married man being sued by his ex-girlfriend, who says he went back to his wife and took her truck with him; a married couple go after a mechanic they say stole their money and damaged their property.
#29 | 10/03/2019Teenager Suffers Miscarriage; Teen Cyclist Slams Car?!
Sad news is delivered in the midst of a fight between ex-roommates over ruined credit and accusations of identity theft; a grandmother says a 13-year-old boy crashed his bike into her vehicle while she was in the process of passing him.
#30 | 10/04/2019Woman Subjected to Lie Detector Test!; Hot Mess Sleepover!
A woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her cousin tries to clear her name by passing a polygraph test; a late night call from a construction worker ends with an adult "sleepover" and accusations of stealing money and ruining a futon.
#31 | 10/07/2019Mother Abandons Children for 6 Months?!; Real Estate Fail!; Cost to Change Your Mind?: $1,500!
A woman drops off her two children at day care and doesn't pick them up for months; makeshift movers are accused of damaging property; a woman waits for a disability check to make a final payment on a trailer, then changes her mind about moving in.
#32 | 10/08/2019Holistic Doctor Taken to the Cleaners!; Carnival Daughter Sued by Mom
The owner of a cleaning company goes after a former employee, who denies stealing clients from him; a call to Child Protective Services, an eviction notice, and a newborn baby come into play when family members fight over reportedly stolen property.
#33 | 10/09/2019Alcohol-Induced Car Battle?!; Tragedy of Grandmother's Death
A man trying to recover from a DUI charge regrets putting his car's title into his girlfriend's name; the cost of funeral arrangements sets a grieving granddaughter back financially as her landlord sues her for damages.
#34 | 10/10/2019Blind and Discriminated Against?!; Wedding Dress Payback!
A legally blind woman is court-ordered to take anger management classes after slapping her husband; when a woman goes after her ex-fiancé for the cost of her wedding dress, he brings up the $5,000 down payment he made on their home.
#35 | 10/11/2019Swindled While in Prison?!; Junk Food Junkie?!
After being incarcerated for a year, a man comes home to find that his car has vanished; when a young man with vision problems sues his roommates for car repairs, they countersue for his consumption of their food. English
#36 | 10/14/2019Elder Abuse and Kidnapping?!
A man charges into a crowded church service screaming that his sister kidnapped his mother; the man also claims his sister stole $50,000 from her.
#37 | 10/15/2019I Wouldn't Let You Take Care of a Goldfish!; The Gift of a Hair Cut and Bed Bugs?!
An elderly man sues for a large, unpaid loan; ex-friends fight over an alleged eviction and damaged property.
#38 | 10/16/2019Mother's Day Drug Use?!; Fight Over Funeral!
A woman kicks her son out of her house on Mother's Day and is left to deal with a trouble teenager living in her basement; a man sues his late brother's wife for an unpaid loan to pay for his brother's funeral.
#39 | 10/17/2019Irreplaceable Violin Victim!; Ex-In-Laws' Exit!; Dog in a Tutu!
A musician accuses a man of destroying her violin; a man sues his ex-brother and sister-in-law; a homeless person is sued for vet
#40 | 10/18/2019Oil Doesn't Go There!; Lesbian Love Gone Wrong; Incarcerated Son's Loan Loss!
A woman sues her former friend for damages after she allegedly drove her car without permission; a woman sues her ex-girlfriend for allegedly damaged and stolen property; a mother demands payback for an alleged loan and the return of a car.
#41 | 10/21/2019Morning-After-Pill Train Wreck!; Transgender Jitters?!
Ex-lovers who met on a dating app fight over the termination of a pregnancy, ending in a car crash; a woman claims her new landlord purposely moved in a man dressed as a woman to make her uncomfortable.
#42 | 10/22/2019Old Fence = New Dog Attack!; Gas Tank Full of Sugar!
Neighbors fight over the mauling of a small dog, police reports and harassment; a man accuses his brother of putting sugar in his gas tank, and a witness steps up to describe the reported vandalism.
#43 | 10/23/2019High School Reunion Fail!
Decades after graduation, high-school friends reconnect only to end up fighting over a large cash settlement and a custody battle.
#44 | 10/24/2019Go to College or Lose Your Dog!
A man sues his teenage son for the return of a pet after his son decides to work at a movie theater instead of going to college.
#45 | 10/25/2019Graphic Designer Hell!
A woman accuses a graphic designer of scamming her out of $1,000 after he failed to deliver a website.
?Season 23 - 20 episodes
?Season 22 - 2 episodes
09/08/2014Season 19 - 233 episodes
09/09/2013Season 18 - 260 episodes
09/10/2012Season 17 - 260 episodes
?Season 16 - 3 episodes
?Season 15 - 6 episodes
?Season 14 - 10 episodes
?Season 13 - 17 episodes
?Season 12 - 11 episodes
?Season 11 - 0 episodes
?Season 10 - 1 episode
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09/09/2002Season 7 - 6 episodes
09/03/2001Season 6 - 186 episodes
?Season 5 - 0 episodes
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?Season 3 - 0 episodes
?Season 2 - 0 episodes
09/16/1996Season 1 - 1 episode
?Specials - 38 episodes

Additional Information

Production country: United States of America (USA)
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 4 languages: Bulgarian (BG), English (EN), Hebrew (HE), Russian (RU)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 09/16/1996
Latest episode released on: 10/25/2019
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Judys domstol"
Keywords: court show, court
Camera Setup: Multiple-camera setup

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