Fly Girls(TV show/series, 2010)

30min per episode | Genre: Reality-TV

Reality TV in 1 season with 8 episodes

Fly GirlsRating: 2.4/5 (with 2 votes)
Fly Girls is an American reality television series that follows the personal lives of five flight attendants working for Virgin America. The first and only season of Fly Girls consisted of 8 episodes. It premiered on March 24, 2010 and finished May 5, 2010. ()
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About Fly Girls

A look at the lives of the charismatic jet-setting flight attendants on America's hippest new airline: Virgin America.

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Fly Girls Seasons and Episodes

03/24/2010Season 1 - 8 episodes
#1 | 03/24/2010Prepare For Take-Off
In the series premiere of the new reality docu-series, five Virgin America flight attendants open the curtain on their lives - both in the air and on the ground. Louise and Mandy are invited to a party by an IFB ("in-flight boyfriend") they meet while working a flight, while Tasha and Farrah prepare their crash pad for their controversial new roommate, Nikole. The girls then fly to Ft. Lauderdale for an inauguration party filled with scandal
#2 | 03/31/2010Turbulent Relationships
Mandy and Louise make a last-minute trip to New York to visit a guy Mandy hopes will become more than a friend, though she isn't sure she can deal with his rock-star lifestyle. Tasha and Nikole attempt to put their differences aside when they work a Virgin America charity event together. Farrah begins to question whether or not being a flight attendant is enough for her anymore.
#3 | 04/07/2010Rocking the Boat
Nikole makes a quick trip to San Francisco to see her boyfriend John but the trip doesn't go as planned when he gives her an ultimatum. Mandy invites the girls to a yacht party in San Diego where she and Nikole attempt to settle their differences. Louise's sister, Yung, is in town for the weekend and instantly begins to voice her opinion of Louise's career as a flight attendant. Tasha spends the weekend in Sacramento with her son.
#4 | 04/14/2010Destination: Sin City
#5 | 04/14/2010Cabin Pressure
Tasha gets in an altercation with a passenger, and blames Farrah for telling on her to management. Meanwhile the girls attend a dance club where Snoop Dogg.
#6 | 04/28/2010High Expectations
Tasha spends the day with her son. Meanwhile Nikole talks to Farrah about her relationships with men.
#7 | 05/05/2010The Third Wheel
Mandy, Tasha and Louise enjoy a layover in Miami Beach but before leaving the airport, they make a quick stop in the bathroom to get into more comfortable clothing. Mandy makes a connection with a guy but Louise steals her thunder, and Tasha gets defensive when a guy lays on his charm a little too thick. Back in LA, Nikole's boyfriend, Jon, moves into the house while he looks for a new place but his living habits are too much for Farrah, who just received disappointing news about her future.
#8 | 05/05/2010Unexpected Departures

Additional Information

Production country: United States of America (USA)
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 2 languages: English (EN), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Canceled
First episode released on: 03/24/2010
Last episode released on: 05/05/2010
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