Find Me in Your Memory(TV show/series, 2020-)

Original title: "그 남자의 기억법" (Korean/KO)
35min per episode | Genre: Drama

Scripted Reality in 1 season with 32 episodes

Find Me in Your MemoryRating: 4.3/5 (with 2 votes)
Find Me in Your Memory (Korean: 그 남자의 기억법; Hanja: 그 男子의 記憶法; RR: Geu Namjaui Kieokbeop; lit. Memoir of the Man) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Kim Dong-wook and Moon Ga-young. It aired on MBC TV from March 18 to May 13, 2020. ()
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About Find Me in Your Memory

Jeong Hoon is an anchor of a news show which has the highest ratings. Jeong Hoon’s handsome face and perfect body figure make him look good in a suit. Unlike his gentle appearances, he becomes a tyrant all of a sudden and starts asking aggressive questions to whoever it is. Because of hyperthymesia, he remembers every single thing happening in 365 days a year ever since his childhood. He can’t forget the memory of the woman he loved, Seo Yeon, who disappeared 8 years ago. A rising star who attracts everyone’s attention, Ha Jin, appears in front of Jeong Hoon at that moment. Despite all the attention, Ha Jin doesn’t waver and keeps her confidence. However, she has a secret that her memory is fading away. The man who cannot forget and the woman whose memory is fading away. Will they be able to overcome their difficulties, understand each other, and fall in love at the end?

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Find Me in Your Memory Seasons and Episodes

03/18/2020Season 1 - 32 episodes
#1 | 03/18/2020Episode 1
Lee Jeong Hoon is in the middle of doing News Live when the teleprompter stops working all of a sudden. Jeong Hoon handles it like a champ, and finishes the show without any mistakes. The drama continues when Taek Won asks Jeong Hoon not to mention the fire at Hwarang Department Store during the interview. Meanwhile, Ha Jin is in the middle of a love scandal and there are murmurs she is two-timing two different men.
#2 | 03/18/2020Episode 2
Watching the snow falling from the sky, Jeong Hoon thinks of a woman he passionately loved in the past. Meanwhile, Ha Jin is invited to be on Jeong Hoon's live TV news show. While everyone else on Ha Jin's team is worried about her being on Jeong Hoon's show, she seems to be thrilled. In their first encounter, Ha Jin's carefree and honest attitude takes Jeong Hoon aback.
#3 | 03/19/2020Episode 3
Everyone is blaming Ha Jin for Jeong Hoon’s mistake during the live broadcast. Hee Sang asks Jeong Hoon if his disease is getting worse, and Jeong Hoon tells her he is fine. Jeong Hoon doesn’t want to see Ha Jin anymore, but Hee Sang calls Jeong Hoon out to have a drink with Ha Jin.
#4 | 03/19/2020Episode 4
There are articles about Jeong Hoon’s love scandal with Ha Jin. Jeong Hoon asks Ha Jin if she admitted their relationship in order to get back at him. Ha Jin tells Jeong Hoon that she is interested in him. Meanwhile, they strike a deal to release an article about their breakup after two weeks.
#5 | 03/25/2020Episode 5
Ha Jin wants to know why Jeong Hoon asks her about Seo Yeon, but he won’t tell her about it. Jeong Hoon notices that Ha Jin was Seo Yeon’s best friend. Jeong Hoon goes to Tae Eun and asks him what happened to Ha Jin. Tae Eun tells Jeong Hoon that Ha Jin lost her memories about Seo Yeon.
#6 | 03/25/2020Episode 6
Ha Jin can’t get asleep at night, and Ha Kyung and Ha Jin work out outside. Ha Jin has a press preview of her new movie, and it seems that the movie will make a great hit. Ha Jin wants to extend the period of her contract with Jeong Hoon. Jeong Hoon agrees on extending the period, but he says that he won’t see her anymore.
#7 | 03/26/2020Episode 7
Ha Jin now has fans who love her, which is unusual for her who only had haters. The next guest of News Live is Hyun Geun, and Jeong Hoon wants to change the guest. However, Hee Sang tells Jeong Hoon that he can't change the guest. Meanwhile, Tae Eun has dinner with his family, and Sung Hyuk is still not satisfied with Tae Eun.
#8 | 03/26/2020Episode 8
The girls who witness Jeong Hoon at the theater take a photo of Jeong Hoon and post it on their social media. Ha Jin gets to see the photo of Jeong Hoon. Ha Jin tells Jeong Hoon that she will give him another chance thinking that he has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Jeong Hoon gets a strange letter from an unknown person.
#9 | 04/01/2020Episode 9
Jeong Hoon tells Ha Kyung the fact that he’s recently received a threatening mail from an unknown sender with photos of Ha Jin and himself. In these photos, Jeong Hoon was scratched out as if the sender wanted him gone. Knowing that this could scare Ha Jin, they decide to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Director Ji continues to question Jeong Hoon whether his relationship with Ha Jin is serious.
#10 | 04/01/2020Episode 10
Jeong Hoon runs after who he thinks is Ha Jin's stalker. However, it turns out to be someone in the media, trying to get a snap for the press. Later, Ha Jin gets offered a role as an anchor in writer Hwang So Seon's drama but needs Jeong Hoon's help. Meanwhile, Jeong Hoon receives another threatening letter.
#11 | 04/02/2020Episode 11
Ha Jin and Jeong Hoon meet with Writer Hwang and the director to discuss the drama. However, the director's words only discourage and hurt the eager actress. Luckily, Jeong Hoon is there to give his support, and the two start to get close.
#12 | 04/02/2020Episode 12
Ha Jin gets offered another lead role in Director Ji upcoming movie, but she decides to turn it down. Later, she visits Jeong Hoon's news station and researches every little move of his. At night, she joins Jeong Hoon and his mother he hadn't seen in a while for dinner.
#13 | 04/08/2020Episode 13
Jeong Hoon didn’t know about his mother’s condition until it was too late. He loses his temper with his father over the fact that it was hidden from him. Meanwhile, Ha Jin waits for Jeong Hoon at the funeral, but she cannot think of words that might comfort him. Later, Jeong Hoon shows up at his program, saying that he wants to continue with his work.
#14 | 04/08/2020Episode 14
Jeong Hoon takes his mother's death hard and as a result starts to drink, locking himself in his house. Worried about his well being, Ha Jin rushes over to check up on him. However, when she knocks on the door, he doesn't answer. Later, Ha Jin learns that Reporter Park Soo Chang, Director Ji Hyun Geun, and Chul could be her stalker.
#15 | 04/09/2020Episode 15
Jeong Hoon comes to his senses. However, for Ha Jin, she wakes up to find a shocking reminder of her stalker. Worried for her safety, Jeong Hoon finds her another place to stay before he returns to his news desk and faces the cameras.
#16 | 04/09/2020Episode 16
Ha Jin's stalker has everyone on edge. One by one, the possible stalker shows up, but it's Park Soo Chang, a reporter tailing Jeong Hoon, who gives him the most promising lead. Soon after, the stalker makes his appearance, riding a black motorcycle with the engine revved.
#17 | 04/16/2020Episode 17
Jeong Hoon gets a disturbing call from Moon Seong Ho about Ha Jin's stalker. He visits him at the National Forensic Hospital, but his questions don't get answered. Meanwhile, Ms. Park suggests that they report Ha Jin's stalker to the proper authorities.
#18 | 04/16/2020Episode 18
Park Soo Chan turns himself in for selling pictures of Ha Jin to the stalker. However, it doesn't help the police much in identifying the culprit. It does however, give them a lead: someone Ha Jin knew before her debut. Meanwhile, feeling secure, Ha Jin goes to a photo shoot when her van gets stolen.
#19 | 04/22/2020Episode 19
Ha Jin gets into her van first while Ms. Park takes a phone call. As soon as she gets in, the driver injects an anesthetic and drives away. The police start their investigation with their key suspect being Moon Chul, but Jeong Hoon is suspicious of Director Ji. Jeong Hoon then realizes what Director Ji said earlier was not true and heads straight to Gangjeong Lake where Director Ji might have taken Ha Jin to.
#20 | 04/22/2020Episode 20
Ji Hyun Geun gets arrested for stalking and abducting Yeo Ha Jin. Although Ha Jin is safe recovering in the hospital, the only thing on her mind is Jeong Hoon. Meanwhile, Hyun Geun meets face-to-face with Moon Seong Ho and enlightens him with what Jeong Hoon has been doing.
#21 | 04/23/2020Episode 21
Jeong Hoon visits Ji Hyun Geun behind bars, and Ha Jin returns home safely. With their first kiss still on her mind, she asks Jeong Hoon to help her with her lines. Meanwhile, Ha Kyung and Il Kwon have their first workout together.
#22 | 04/23/2020Episode 22
Sung Hyuk asks Jeong Hoon if he is really in love with Ha Jin. Chul comes to Ha Jin to apologize, but Ha Kyung never accepts his apology. Jeong Hoon tells Tae Eun that he is in a serious relationship with Ha Jin, and Tae Eun wants to stop Jeong Hoon. Meanwhile, Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin have an official first date.
#23 | 04/29/2020Episode 23
Ha Jin asks Ha Kyung questions about Yeong. When she does, Ha Kyung is worried that she gets her unbearable memories back, so she beats about the bush. After the happening, Ha Kyung tells Tae Eun about how Ha Jin is getting pieces of her memories back and how it worries her. Despite what's ahead of Ha Jin, she spends a blissful moment with Jeong Hoon.
#24 | 04/29/2020Episode 24
Ha Jin sneaks out late at night to watch a movie with Jeong Hoon. After watching the film, they see Ha Kyung with Il Kwon together. Meanwhile, Moon Seong Ho tries to kill himself and gets taken to the hospital, and Professor Yoo meets with Ha Jin and tells her about Jung Seo Yeon, Jeong Hoon's first love.
#25 | 04/30/2020Episode 25
Ha Jin remembers everything about Seo Yeon and collapses. Moon Seong Ho is on the loose, and Jeong Hoon resorts to his news program to ask the viewers for their help in apprehending him. Meanwhile, Ha Jin visits Seo Yeon at the columbarium.
#26 | 04/30/2020Episode 26
Ha Jin tells Jeong Hoon that she wants to go back to the time when they weren’t in any relationship. Jeong Hoon doesn’t want to let Ha Jin go. Il Kwon waits for Ha Kyung in front of her house. Ha Jin overworks herself so that she can’t think of anything else. Meanwhile, Ha Jin's drama is halted due to the budget problem.
#27 | 05/06/2020Episode 27
After breaking up with Jeong Hoon, Ha Jin spends every day in sorrow because her feelings for Jeong Hoon are still strong. Although she really misses him and is moved by Jeong Hoon’s continuous caring gestures, she is determined to end the relationship for the sake of Seo Yeon. Meanwhile, Tae Eun finds a rough copy of a book about Jeong Hoon’s condition at his father’s office.
#28 | 05/06/2020Episode 28
Tae Eun delivers the message that he would take legal measures if the book were to be published with his patient’s detailed information. Meanwhile, Jeong Hoon gets a phone call from Seong Ho. When Jeong Hoon finally confronts Seong Ho, he gets stabbed as he’s recovering Seo Yeon’s urn. Ha Jin rushes to the hospital as soon as she hears about it.
#29 | 05/07/2020Episode 29
Soo Chang tells Jeong Hoon that he has a huge scoop. Tae Eun turns himself in saying that he violated the medical law by disclosing his patient’s information. Tae Eun tells Jeong Hoon not to hold himself back. Sung Hyuk is angry by the fact that Tae Eun reported Sung Hyuk to the police.
#30 | 05/07/2020Episode 30
Ha Jin and Jeong Hoon become the public’s worse enemy as their relationship gets exposed. Their reputations are tarnished and things go sour for their career as well. Ha Jin decides to go to the States to start fresh and meets up with Jeong Hoon one last time. She doesn’t want to harm Jeong Hoon by keeping the relationship, so she breaks up with him.
#31 | 05/13/2020Episode 31
When Ha Jin returns to Korea after 2 years in the US, she accidentally bumps into Jeong Hoon. Although they have feelings for each other, it’s not easy for them to open up to each other after a long time. Eventually, when they keep bumping into each other, Jeong Hoon finally opens up to Ha Jin and confesses how he started regretting the moment after they broke up.
#32 | 05/13/2020Episode 32
When Jeong Hoon confesses his feelings to Ha Jin, she also admits that her feelings for him are still valid. Both finally decide to prioritize their feelings over all other circumstantial factors. Later, Jeong Hoon introduces Ha Jin to his father as well as to his mother’s grave. Jeong Hoon still worries how all memories, good or bad, will linger in his memory, but he realizes it’s important to live every moment of life to the fullest with your loved ones.

Additional Information

Official websites:
Production country: South Korea
Original language: Korean (KO)
Spoken languages: Korean (KO)
Translated into 6 languages: English (EN), Hebrew (HE), Korean (KO), Thai (TH), Ukrainian (UK), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 03/18/2020
Latest episode released on: 05/13/2020
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Memoir of a Man"
"Memoir of the Man"

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