Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese(TV show/series, 2019-)

| 11min per episode | Genres: Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family

Scripted Reality in 2 seasons with 104 episodes

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse CheeseRating: 2.2/5 (with 3 votes)
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (French: Boy Girl, etc.) is an animated television series based on an original concept by Jeff Harter and Cloudco Entertainment, and directed by Jérémy Guiter for Season 1 and Matthieu Giner for Season 2. The series is an American-French-Irish co-production between Cloudco Entertainment, WatchNext Media, and Kavaleer Productions, and produced with the participation of the BBC, Gulli (Series 1-2), RTÉ, Canal J (Series 1-2), De Agostini Editore S.p.A., Groupe M6 (Series 3-present), Super RTL (Series 3-present) and Disney Channel France (Series 3-present). The show originally premiered in the United Kingdom on CBBC on October 31, 2019. The show centers around a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a piece of cheese, all respectively named after what they are, who live together. The second season premiered in January 2022, followed by the third in November 2023. Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese was nominated in the 'Best Animated Kids Series 6+' and 'Best Music' categories at the Irish Animation Awards in 2021, with Baljeet Rai and Henry Gifford nominated for the 'Best Writer' award for the episode Neighborhood Watchdog. ()
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About Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese

The adventures of an average family; a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, a mouse and ..err, a piece of cheese. What could possibly go wrong?

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Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese Seasons and Episodes

01/03/2022Season 2 - 52 episodes
#1 | 01/03/2022Begins! Part 1
The family's backstory is revealed, as Gramps learned how the siblings' parents almost did not get married.
#2 | 01/04/2022Begins! Part 2
In the flashback story of Mom and Dad's wedding, the kids realize how unhappy Mom and Dad were apart, but didn't see how they could fix things.
#3 | 01/05/2022The Pied Bagpiper
Cheese learns to play the bagpipes, much to the dismay of the others, and attracts squirrels with its sound as a result.
#4 | 01/06/2022Robot-y Karate
Sensai comes over for a visit and Dog tries giving him a retirement gift.
#5 | 01/07/2022Gametime, Go!
Boy and Girl hurt Gramps' feelings and try to make it up to him.
#6 | 01/10/2022Junked
The kids hold a yard sale but can't bear giving away their childhood possessions, so they try to pull off a heist to retrieve it all.
#7 | 01/11/2022Go Fetch
When Dog invents a gadget that allows him to play fetch alone, Cheese is convinced it will be a runaway success. However, Mouse is desperate to hold on to his place as family inventor.
#8 | 01/12/2022Tricked Out
Boy and Girl become rival magicians as they battle it out at Skippy's Open Mic Night.
#9 | 01/13/2022The Room Mate
Driven to distraction by boisterous behaviour, Girl decides to move into the Grampavan. Although it seems great for Girl, her siblings realize how much they miss her.
#10 | 01/14/2022Chili Overload
The kids get a chance to run Miss Skippy's new food kiosk, where Mouse starts serving his own "perfect" chili; Mouse adds his chili to everything, possibly ruining Miss Skippy's business completely.
#11 | 01/17/2022X Marks the Spot
The kids find a treasure map, causing treasure-hunting fever to descend on the family; it doesn't help that Cheese is livestreaming the whole thing, broadcasting every move.
#12 | 01/18/2022Lights! Camera! Action!
The kids audition for a movie that's shooting in town, and a reluctant Cat lands the role as lead alien. However, Cat would rather just go to the circus.
#13 | 01/19/2022Dog Days
When Dog is housebound with an injured paw, Mouse links a teddy bear to Dog's mind so that through the teddy, Dog can at least experience the great outdoors virtually.
#14 | 01/20/2022Narwhal Day
The gang is ready to celebrate Narwhal Day, one of their favourite holidays. However, they then discover that it isn't a real holiday, just something Dad made up.
#15 | 01/21/2022Bobblehead Heads
When Boy's school Bobblehead Head Club is closed down due to not having enough members, his siblings help make the boring club more fun.
#16 | 01/24/2022Mouse Steps
Mouse is proud of helping the siblings solve their problems using `mouse steps'. In fact, he is so proud that he becomes obsessed with helping Girl solve her mysterious problem too.
#17 | 01/25/2022Gramps' Gauntlet of Greatness
The kids want to impress Gramps by completing the Gauntlet of Greatness carnival attraction that he did when he was their age. However, Dog and Girl just can't seem to beat it.
#18 | 01/26/2022Who Let the Weredogs Out
When Cheese tells Boy he has been the victim of a weredog staredown, he becomes convinced he will turn into a weredog too.
#19 | 01/27/2022Staycation
Everyone is excited for the annual camping trip with Gramps, but when Cheese wins an invitation to a big movie premiere, she lies and says she has to stay home for charity work.
#20 | 01/28/2022The Swapper
Mouse's latest experiment goes horribly wrong when he swaps brains with a house fly. With his sibling's help, Mouse frantically tries reversing the wacky situation.
#21 | 01/31/2022Nothing but the Truth
Boy's afraid of being honest in case he hurts other people's feelings, and finds himself doing things he doesn't like just to keep others happy.
#22 | 02/01/2022Gramps' Date
Much to the kids' horror, Gramps starts spending a lot of time with mean Miss Molly, so the gang do whatever it takes to keep the two apart.
#23 | 02/02/2022Grin and Parrot
Boy and Dog are working on their comedy act for a talent show. Unfortunately, nobody finds them funny, until they find a runaway parrot who laughs hysterically at them 24/7.
#24 | 02/03/2022Future Proof
When the kids wonder about what they'll be when they grow up, Mouse's enhanced online career quiz leads Boy to think he is destined to be an astronaut, with Girl thinking she will end up a boring safety inspector.
#25 | 02/04/2022For the Birds
Boy gets his dream job at the collectibles store. However, when a family of screeching birds makes the store entrance their home, the customers stay away.
#26 | 06/20/2022The Favour
A photographer needs the other's help and agrees to do a series of favours for them in return, but when sneaky Girl starts secretly trading off these favours amongst the gang themselves, sheer and utter chaos begins.
#27 | 06/20/2022Hide Me If You Can
The annual town-wide hide and seek contest is here. The family always hides together, but Girl points out that Boy is terrible at hiding and is bound to cause them to lose.
#28 | 06/20/2022L.A.R.P. Out Loud
When the parents clear some space in the attic, some siblings vie for their own private bedroom in an epic play-battle saga based on Cheese's mediaeval fantasy story.
#29 | 06/20/2022Arcade Aid
Cat becomes obsessed with winning a soft toy elephant at the arcade. However, the greedy Smith twins are playing the games meant for little kids and winning every single prize.
#30 | 06/20/2022Family Fun Fight
When the kids convince Mom and Dad to take part in a family friendly TV game show, they unwittingly kickstart an over-the-top rivalry between the two and threaten family peace -- unless they can get their folks to grow up.
#31 | 06/27/2022Grow Your Own
The kids visit an eco camp to learn how to grow vegetables. Unfortunately, the Smith twins are also there and have no intention of pulling their weight.
#32 | 06/27/2022Two Great Kids
When Boy and Girl start receiving lavish gifts addressed to `two great kids', Mouse thinks it must be a mistake. He and Dog set out to investigate if maybe these presents are meant for someone else, but the other kids don't like that idea at all.
#33 | 06/27/2022FOMO No Mo
Boy and Girl discover that while they're at school, the others are home doing all kinds of fun things, leading to a serious case of FOMO.
#34 | 06/27/2022Tucked In
Boy has planned a perfect sleepover with best friend Tuck that will feature bobblehead-themed activities. However, Boy gets jealous when Tuck keeps getting distracted by his siblings' antics.
#35 | 06/27/2022The Heated Smell of Friendship
When a horrible smell ruins everyone's day at the beach, Cheese mistakenly believes she is growing stinky and is too embarrassed to go out.
#36 | 07/04/2022Road Trip
The boys convince their grandfather to take Cactus Town with him to the playground, where he will then meet again with an old friend. The journey will end up being full of surprises.
#37 | 07/05/2022The Hosts
When the Smith Twins cause Mouse's smell-making machine to backfire, the kids have to leave their stinky house for the night.
#38 | 07/06/2022Cat Crusader Returns
Cat becomes superhero Cat Crusader again, but Gherkin frames her so she looks bad.
#39 | 07/07/2022Cat's Frenemy
Cat has a new friend, named Mr. Boots. Unfortunately however, Cat soon realises that Mr. Boots is a cat with tireless energy, something which does not seem to fit in well with Cat's laziness.
#40 | 08/01/2022DJ Cat-Cat
Girl and Cheese choose Cat to DJ the family's upcoming party. However, Boy, Dog and Mouse think Cat will become the focus of the party that's supposed to be for all of them.
#41 | 08/02/2022No Mail's Land
When Dog's rivalry with the mail woman comes to a head, she goes on leave, which means none of the siblings will get the important package they ordered.
#42 | 08/03/2022Girl's Greatness
Girl hears that Lila secretly thinks she is great and tries to get her to admit it. However, she may have to go a long way for Lila to declare Girl's greatness.
#43 | 08/04/2022Fix it Yourself
The kids start upcycling broken items for people in town. However, things go wrong when Cheese focuses on making things look cool rather than fixing them.
#44 | 08/05/2022Goodbye Gramps
Gramps gets an offer to leave town for a whole year to go on an adventurous trek, but the kids would miss him and try to convince him to stay.
#45 | 08/08/2022Picture Perfect
When Doozie Smoothies want to find a face to advertise their new range, Cheese is keen to enter the photo competition, with Dog's help as photographer. However, when an embarrassing photo of Cheese is chosen for the promotion, Cheese hatches a plan to get her hands on it before it's unveiled, even if it means dashing Dog's hopes of success.
#46 | 08/09/2022The Cool List
When Cheese realizes she hasn't done half of what her idol, Posh, has accomplished, she tries to catch up by imitating everything Posh does, but things go very wrong.
#47 | 08/10/2022Founders' Play
When Adeline quits due to artistic differences, Cheese is hired as director of the annual town founders' play. The family is happy to help, but Cheese soon turns super-bossy.
#48 | 08/11/2022Pastime Paradise
Gramps tells the kids about a heavenly clearing in the woods, and they decide to make it their hang-out spot for the summer. However, the Smith twins find out about it too.
#49 | 08/12/2022Mighty Fighty Robots
The gang want to win theme park tickets that are up for grabs in a robot fighting contest. They ask to use Mouse's unbeatable robot, but he prefers to help them build their own.
#50 | 08/15/2022No Boys Allowed
Mum and the girls have an annual day where they do a bunch of fun stuff together. However, this year, Mum invites the boys and Dad to join them too.
#51 | 08/16/2022The Spy Who Bugged Me
The kids are excited to attend spy camp. However, their trainer is a bit of a dud, and the siblings are disappointed not to learn anything.
#52 | 08/17/2022Video Game Pain
The CEO buys Jocko's old amusement arcade and vows to tear it down. However, Boy loves the arcade and challenges her to an epic videogame battle with the fate of the arcade at stake.
10/31/2019Season 1 - 52 episodes

Additional Information

Official websites:
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 9 languages: Czech (CS), German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Finnish (FI), French (FR), Italian (IT), Latvian (LV), Polish (PL)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 10/31/2019
Latest episode released on: 08/17/2022

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