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Scripted Reality in 1 season with 50 episodes

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About Batang Quiapo

A young man rises to be one of the biggest outlaws in the neighborhood while he navigates his way in life to survive in Quiapo. Hoping to earn the affection of his parents, his feat draws him closer to the truth about his identity.

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Batang Quiapo Seasons and Episodes

02/13/2023Season 1 - 50 episodes
#1 | 02/13/2023Episode 1
Wanting to prove his worth as a crime lord's son, Ramon sets out to accomplish a bank robbery right in the middle of bustling Quiapo. When things do not go as planned, however, Ramon makes a decision to save his legacy through violence and assault.
#2 | 02/14/2023Episode 2
Oblivious to his true identity, Tanggol grows up constantly trying to earn his parents' affection despite receiving familial love from his grandmother. Years later, he becomes a notorious outlaw in the neighborhood.
#3 | 02/15/2023Episode 3
Ramon ends up spending years in prison but eventually manages to establish his power among the inmates. Tanggol gets involved in a riot after coming to his brother's rescue, leaving a bad impression on the residents yet again.
#4 | 02/16/2023Episode 4
With his promotion on the line, Rigor is forced to make a compromise at work. Tanggol and Mokang, meanwhile, end up spending the whole day together. Ramon's escape plan takes a bloody turn.
#5 | 02/17/2023Episode 5
The Tondo gang starts to cause trouble in Quiapo. Rigor beats Tanggol to a pulp upon getting wind of his involvement in the recent riot. Ramon sets his priorities straight as Don Julio gives him an important role.
#6 | 02/20/2023Episode 6
After getting a beating from Rigor, Tanggol tries to make amends by doing chores in the house. News about Ramon's escape triggers Marites to revisit old wounds. Meanwhile, Don Julio and Olga discuss what needs to be done now that Ramon has returned.
#7 | 02/21/2023Episode 7
While Don Julio keeps the police in the dark about his fugitive son's whereabouts, a suspicious Ramon warns Olga against betraying him. An ex-convict returns to Quiapo, outsmarting the unsuspecting Tanggol.
#8 | 02/22/2023Episode 8
Rigor's family concerns continue to pile up as he learns of a complaint against Tindeng and Marites. Tanggol finds himself in a life-threatening situation after his group's violent encounter with the Tondo gang.
#9 | 02/23/2023Episode 9
With the support of Lucio's gang, Supremo sets his sights on getting back at the people responsible for his imprisonment. Unaware of Tanggol's condition, Rigor warns Marites about Ramon's possible return.
#10 | 02/24/2023Episode 10
Tanggol goes against Abdul's advice and decides to go home instead amid his injury. Ramon comes clean to Don Julio about his missing son, prompting the Montenegro patriarch to confront Olga.
#11 | 02/27/2023Episode 11
Rigor grows suspicious of Tanggol after discovering the latter's gunshot wound. Tanggol, on the other hand, vows to settle the score with the Tondo gang. Don Julio devises a plan to keep Ramon away from the public eye once and for all.
#12 | 02/28/2023Episode 12
Tindeng faces serious trouble following a fight with Roda. While Olga and Greg fret over Don Julio's secret plans, Ramon and Rigor cross paths anew as the latter goes after the notorious criminal to take revenge.
#13 | 03/01/2023Episode 13
Unaware of the Montenegros' deception, Rigor basks in satisfaction believing that he has fulfilled his personal vendetta against Ramon. Despite her frustrations about her social status, Mokang ends up inviting her classmates to her debut.
#14 | 03/02/2023Episode 14
Unaware that Tanggol sneaks Tolits and Tala into their house, Marites hopes that Rigor can now accept her son as his own following the news of Ramon's death. Infuriated by Don Julio's cunning move, Olga and Greg hatch a devious plan.
#15 | 03/03/2023Episode 15
With the cat out of the bag, Tanggol tries to tug at his family's heartstrings in order to let Tolits and Tala live with them. Supremo's group prepares to recruit new members to strengthen their forces. A new threat looms over Tanggol's gang.
#16 | 03/06/2023Episode 16
Tanggol finally gets his family's approval to let Tolits and Tala stay with them. Following his latest achievement as a cop, Rigor gets summoned by Colonel Suarez, only to be faced with quite the opposite of what his colleagues are expecting.
#17 | 03/07/2023Episode 17
#18 | 03/08/2023Episode 18
#19 | 03/09/2023Episode 19
#20 | 03/10/2023Episode 20
#21 | 03/13/2023Episode 21
#22 | 03/14/2023Episode 22
#23 | 03/15/2023Episode 23
#24 | 03/16/2023Episode 24
#25 | 03/17/2023Episode 25
#26 | 03/20/2023Episode 26
#27 | 03/21/2023Episode 27
#28 | 03/22/2023Episode 28
#29 | 03/23/2023Episode 29
#30 | 03/24/2023Episode 30
#31 | 03/27/2023Episode 31
#32 | 03/28/2023Episode 32
#33 | 03/29/2023Episode 33
#34 | 03/30/2023Episode 34
#35 | 03/31/2023Episode 35
#36 | 04/03/2023Episode 36 - in 2d
#37 | 04/04/2023Episode 37 - in 3d
#38 | 04/05/2023Episode 38 - in 4d
#39 | 04/06/2023Episode 39 - in 5d
#40 | 04/07/2023Episode 40 - in 6d
#41 | 04/10/2023Episode 41 - in 9d
#42 | 04/11/2023Episode 42 - in 10d
#43 | 04/12/2023Episode 43 - in 11d
#44 | 04/13/2023Episode 44 - in 12d
#45 | 04/14/2023Episode 45 - in 13d
#46 | 04/17/2023Episode 46 - in 16d
#47 | 04/18/2023Episode 47 - in 17d
#48 | 04/19/2023Episode 48 - in 18d
#49 | 04/20/2023Episode 49 - in 19d
#50 | 04/21/2023Episode 50 - in 20d

Additional Information

Production country: Philippines
Original language: Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Spoken languages: English (EN), Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Translated into 2 languages: English (EN), Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 02/13/2023
Latest episode released on: 03/13/2023
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"FPJ's Batang Quiapo"
"Quiapo Kid"

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