Yasuzō Masumura

Name in Native Language: "増村 保造" (Japanese/JA)
Film Director / Screenwriter / Impresario | * 08/25/1924 († 62, 11/23/1986) | Kōfu, Yamanashi (Japan)
Yasuzō Masumura (増村 保造, Masumura Yasuzō, 25 August 1924 – 23 November 1986) was a Japanese film director. ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Action | Comedies

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Movies with Yasuzō Masumura as Actor(1)

Movies with Yasuzō Masumura as Crew(80)

Directing/Director1982 Lullaby of Death
Writing/Writer1982 Lullaby of Death
Directing/Director1980 赤い死線
Directing/Director1980 The Garden of Eden
Directing/Director1978 Double Suicide of Sonezaki
Writing/Screenplay1978 Double Suicide of Sonezaki
Directing/Director1976 Lullaby of the Earth
Directing/Director1975 Main Line to Terror
Writing/Screenplay1975 Main Line to Terror
Directing/Director1974 Akumyo: Notorious Dragon
Directing/Director1973 Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
Writing/Screenplay1973 Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
Directing/Director1972 Music
Writing/Writer1972 Music
Directing/Director1971 Games
Directing/Director1970 The Hot Little Girl
Writing/Writer1970 The Hot Little Girl
Directing/Director1970 Play It Cool
Writing/Screenplay1970 Play It Cool
Writing/Screenplay1970 Just for You
Directing/Director1970 An Ode to Yakuza
Directing/Director1969 Blind Beast
Directing/Director1969 Vixen
Writing/Screenplay1969 Vixen
Directing/Director1969 Thousand Cranes
Directing/Director1968 One Day at Summer's End
Directing/Director1968 The Sex Check
Directing/Director1968 The House of Wooden Blocks
Writing/Writer1968 The House of Wooden Blocks
Directing/Director1968 The Great Villains
Writing/Screenplay1968 The Great Villains
Directing/Director1967 Love for an Idiot
Directing/Director1967 Two Wives
Directing/Director1967 The Wife of Seishu Hanaoka
Writing/Screenplay1967 A Certain Killer
Directing/Director1966 Red Angel
Directing/Director1966 Irezumi
Directing/Director1966 The School of Spies
Directing/Director1965 Hoodlum Soldier
Directing/Director1965 Seisaku's Wife
Directing/Director1964 Superexpress
Writing/Screenplay1964 Superexpress
Directing/Director1964 Fools at Work
Directing/Director1964 Manji
Directing/Director1964 Love and Greed
Directing/Director1963 Sentimental Mobsters
Writing/Screenplay1963 Sentimental Mobsters
Crew/Script1963 Black Report
Directing/Director1963 Black Report
Directing/Director1963 When Women Lie
Directing/Director1962 Stolen Pleasure
Directing/Director1962 A Woman's Life
Directing/Director1962 Black Test Car
Directing/Director1961 Love and Life
Directing/Director1961 The Burdened Sisters
Directing/Director1961 A Lustful Man
Directing/Director1961 A Wife Confesses
Directing/Director1960 The False Student
Directing/Director1960 The Woman Who Touched Legs
Directing/Director1960 A Woman's Testament
Directing/Director1960 Afraid to Die
Directing/Director1959 Beauty the Enemy
Directing/Director1959 The Cast-Off
Directing/Director1959 The Most Valuable Madam
Directing/Director1959 Across the Darkness
Writing/Writer1959 Across the Darkness
Directing/Director1958 The Lowest Man
Directing/Director1958 Giants and Toys
Directing/Director1958 Disobedience
Directing/Director1958 The Precipice
Directing/Director1957 Warm Current
Directing/Director1957 The Blue Sky Maiden
Directing/Director1957 Kisses
Directing/Assistant Director1956 Bridge of Japan
Directing/Assistant Director1956 Street of Shame
Directing/Assistant Director1956 Punishment Room
Directing/Assistant Director1955 Princess Yang Kwei Fei

TV Shows/Series with Yasuzō Masumura as Crew(1)

Writing/Writer1985 Shoujo ni Nani ga Okotta ka

Full Name: Yasuzō Masumura
Citizenship: Japan
Born: Monday, 08/25 1924 (August) in Kōfu, Yamanashi (Japan)
Died: Sunday, 11/23 1986 (November) in Japan (aged: 62)
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Chinese zodiac sign: Rat)
Languages: Japanese (JA)
Educated at: University of Tokyo, Experimental Centre of Cinematography
Other names for Yasuzō Masumura (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Yasuzo Masumura"
"増村 保造"
"Masumura Yasuzō"
"마스무라 야스조"
"Ясудзо Масумура"
"야스조 마스무라"
"ますむら やすぞう" (Kana/Japanese)
Yasuzō Masumura frequently works together with these people:
Tatsuji Nakashizu (40x, Crew)
Setsuo Kobayashi (26x, Crew)
Ayako Wakao (24x, Actress)
Yûzô Hayakawa (20x, Actor)
Eiji Funakoshi (18x, Actor)
Fumiko Murata (17x, Cast)
Jun Osanai (17x, Actor)
Kôichi Itô (16x, Actor)
Takeo Suda (16x, Crew)
Kisao Tobita (15x, Actor)
Tomoo Shimogawara (15x, Crew)
Kyoko Koizumi (1x, Actress)
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