Wong Jing

Actor / Film Director / Screenwriter / Film Producer | * 05/03/1955 (65) | Hong Kong
Wong Jing (Chinese: 王晶; pinyin: Wáng Jīng born 3 May 1955) is a Hong Kong film director, producer, actor, presenter, and screenwriter. A prolific filmmaker with strong instincts for crowd-pleasing and publicity, Wong Jing has played a prominent role in the Hong Kong cinema of the last quarter-century. ()
Photo of Wong Jing
Most frequent genres for this person: Comedies | Action | Drama

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Movies with Wong Jing as Actor(65)

as Jade Emperor2018 The Incredible Monk
as Smartie2015 From Vegas to Macau II
as Frankie Mo2014 Naked Ambition 3D
as Fu Mo Sam2011 Men Suddenly in Love
as Wayne He2011 Treasure Hunt
as Brother Tin2010 Beauty on Duty
as Gold / Mr Chu2009 I Corrupt All Cops
as Lung Tin Gau2008 My Wife Is a Gambling Maestro
as Souza2007 The Lady Iron Chef
as Itchiban2006 My Kung Fu Sweetheart
as Teddy2006 Wise Guys Never Die
as Tin Gau Goh2005 Kung Fu Mahjong 2
as Tin Kau Ko2005 Kung Fu Mahjong
as Doctor Kwan2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File
as Dr. Au Yeung2001 Cop Shop Babes
as Uncle Lo2000 My Name Is Nobody
as Handsome Wu1999 The Conmen in Vegas
as Ferrari1999 The Tricky Master
as Comrade Jing1998 The Conman
as Fatty1998 The Lucky Guy
as At horse track [cameo]1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
as Spiritual healer1992 Twin Dragons
as Casino gambler1992 Casino Tycoon II
as Chu Cheung Fan1991 Money Maker
as Chiu1991 Tricky Brains
as Soft1990 The Big Score
as Tsz's cousin1990 Perfect Girls
as Dried Pork1989 The Romancing Star III
as Councillor Wang Heng Xin1989 Doubles Cause Troubles
as Wong Siu-Cheong1989 Ghost Fever
as Man in white undies1988 Bet on Fire
as Expert Tung1988 The Greatest Lover
as Mr Wong (Antonio's manager)1988 Love Soldier of Fortune
as Chi's buddy1988 Mr. Possessed
as Xin Jiejing1988 How To Pick Girls Up!
as Tour guide1987 The Romancing Star
as Mr Wong1987 You're My Destiny
as Inspector Handsome Wu1987 Evil Cat
as Skinny Jing1987 Born to Gamble
as Black Jack [cameo]1986 The Innocent Interloper
as Chu Bong / Chu Hsi1986 The Ghost Snatchers
as Danny Wong [cameo]1986 The Seventh Curse
as Snooker Pan Chuang Chiu1986 Magic Crystal
as Liu Ben1985 The Flying Mr. B
as Fat Lung1984 I Love Lolanto
1984 Double Trouble
as Mr. Blinker1984 Wits of the Brats
as Security guard manager1983 Let's Make Laugh

Movies with Wong Jing as Crew(362)

Production/Producer2020 Wonder Girlfriend
Writing/Screenplay2020 Monkey King: Cave Of The Silk Web
Directing/Director2020 Monkey King: Cave Of The Silk Web
Directing/Director2020 Enter the Fat Dragon
Production/Producer2020 Enter the Fat Dragon
Production/Producer2018 Big Brother
Writing/Screenplay2017 Colour of the Game
Directing/Director2017 Chasing the Dragon
Production/Producer2017 Chasing the Dragon
Writing/Writer2017 Chasing the Dragon
Directing/Director2017 The Golden Monk
Production/Producer2017 The Golden Monk
Writing/Writer2017 The Golden Monk
Directing/Director2016 Mission Milano
Production/Executive Producer2016 Mission Milano
Writing/Writer2016 Mission Milano
Writing/Screenplay2016 iGirl
Production/Producer2016 The Gigolo 2
Directing/Director2016 From Vegas To Macau III
Production/Producer2016 From Vegas To Macau III
Writing/Writer2016 From Vegas To Macau III
Production/Producer2016 Line Walker
Directing/Director2015 From Vegas to Macau II
Writing/Screenplay2015 From Vegas to Macau II
Production/Producer2014 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Production/Producer2014 Flirting in the Air
Writing/Screenplay2014 Flirting in the Air
Production/Producer2014 Sifu vs. Vampire
Writing/Writer2014 Sifu vs. Vampire
Directing/Director2014 From Vegas to Macau
Writing/Writer2014 From Vegas to Macau
Production/Producer2014 Black Comedy
Production/Executive Producer2014 Black Comedy
Writing/Writer2014 Black Comedy
Production/Producer2013 A Secret Between Us
Production/Executive Producer2013 A Secret Between Us
Directing/Director2013 Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters
Production/Producer2013 Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters
Production/Producer2013 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded
Directing/Director2013 Mr. & Mrs. Player
Production/Producer2013 Mr. & Mrs. Player
Production/Executive Producer2013 Mr. & Mrs. Player
Writing/Writer2013 Mr. & Mrs. Player
Production/Producer2012 Naked Soldier
Writing/Screenplay2012 Naked Soldier
Directing/Director2012 Mr. & Mrs. Gambler
Directing/Director2012 Marrying Mr. Perfect
Writing/Writer2012 Marrying Mr. Perfect
Directing/Director2012 The Last Tycoon
Writing/Writer2012 The Last Tycoon
Production/Producer2011 MicroSex Office
Directing/Director2011 Men Suddenly in Love
Writing/Screenplay2011 Men Suddenly in Love
Directing/Director2011 Treasure Inn
Writing/Writer2011 Treasure Inn
Directing/Director2011 Treasure Hunt
Production/Producer2011 Treasure Hunt
Writing/Writer2011 Treasure Hunt
Directing/Director2011 Hong Kong Ghost Stories
Production/Producer2011 Hong Kong Ghost Stories
Writing/Writer2011 Hong Kong Ghost Stories
Production/Producer2010 Marriage with a Liar
Directing/Director2010 Beauty on Duty
Writing/Writer2010 Beauty on Duty
Directing/Director2010 Black Ransom
Writing/Writer2010 Black Ransom
Directing/Director2010 Future X-Cops
Writing/Writer2010 Future X-Cops
Directing/Director2009 On His Majesty's Secret Service
Production/Producer2009 On His Majesty's Secret Service
Directing/Director2009 I Corrupt All Cops
Writing/Writer2009 I Corrupt All Cops
Directing/Director2009 To Live and Die in Mongkok
Production/Producer2009 To Live and Die in Mongkok
Writing/Writer2009 To Live and Die in Mongkok
Directing/Director2008 My Wife Is a Gambling Maestro
Production/Producer2008 My Wife Is a Gambling Maestro
Production/Producer2008 Hong Kong Bronx
Production/Producer2008 The Underdog Knight
Writing/Writer2008 The Underdog Knight
Production/Producer2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel
Writing/Writer2007 The Lady Iron Chef
Production/Producer2007 Beauty and the 7 Beasts
Directing/Director2006 My Kung Fu Sweetheart
Writing/Writer2006 My Kung Fu Sweetheart
Production/Producer2006 Wo Hu
Writing/Writer2006 Wo Hu
Directing/Director2006 Wise Guys Never Die
Production/Producer2006 Wise Guys Never Die
Writing/Writer2006 Wise Guys Never Die
Writing/Writer2006 Dating a Vampire
Directing/Director2005 Colour of the Loyalty
Directing/Director2005 Kung Fu Mahjong 2
Directing/Director2005 Kung Fu Mahjong
Writing/Writer2005 Kung Fu Mahjong
Directing/Director2005 Slim Till Dead
Directing/Director2004 Sex and the Beauties
Writing/Writer2004 Sex and the Beauties
Directing/Director2004 Love is a Many Stupid Thing
Production/Producer2004 Love is a Many Stupid Thing
Writing/Writer2004 Love is a Many Stupid Thing
Directing/Director2004 Moving Targets
Writing/Writer2004 Blood Of The Shaman
Directing/Director2003 Colour of the Truth
Production/Producer2003 Colour of the Truth
Writing/Writer2003 Colour of the Truth
Directing/Director2003 Honesty
Writing/Writer2003 Honesty
Directing/Director2003 The Spy Dad
Production/Producer2003 The Spy Dad
Writing/Writer2003 The Spy Dad
Production/Producer2003 Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma!
Production/Producer2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File
Writing/Writer2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File
Production/Producer2002 The Irresistible Piggies
Writing/Writer2002 The Irresistible Piggies
Production/Producer2002 The Conman 2002
Production/Producer2002 Naked Weapon
Writing/Writer2002 Naked Weapon
Directing/Director2001 Everyday is Valentine
Production/Producer2001 Everyday is Valentine
Writing/Writer2001 Everyday is Valentine
Production/Producer2001 A Gambler's Story
Directing/Director2001 Love Me, Love My Money
Production/Producer2001 Shadow
Directing/Director2001 My Schoolmate, the Barbarian
Production/Producer2000 Conman in Tokyo
Production/Producer2000 My Name Is Nobody
Writing/Screenplay2000 My Name Is Nobody
Writing/Writer2000 The Duel
Production/Producer1999 Body Weapon
Directing/Director1999 Crying Heart
Writing/Writer1999 Century of the Dragon
Directing/Director1999 The Conmen in Vegas
Production/Producer1999 The Conmen in Vegas
Writing/Screenplay1999 The Conmen in Vegas
Production/Producer1999 The H.K. Triad
Writing/Writer1999 The H.K. Triad
Directing/Director1999 Prince Charming
Writing/Writer1999 Prince Charming
Directing/Director1999 The Tricky Master
Production/Producer1999 The Tricky Master
Writing/Writer1999 The Tricky Master
Production/Producer1999 Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood
Writing/Screenplay1998 Mr. Wai-Go
Directing/Director1998 The Conman
Production/Producer1998 The Conman
Writing/Writer1998 The Conman
Directing/Director1998 A True Mob Story
Writing/Screenplay1998 A True Mob Story
Directing/Director1998 Love Generation Hong Kong
Writing/Writer1998 Her Name is Cat
Directing/Director1998 Step Into the Dark
Production/Producer1998 Step Into the Dark
Writing/Writer1998 Step Into the Dark
Production/Producer1998 Cheap Killers
Writing/Writer1998 Cheap Killers
Production/Producer1998 Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan
Production/Producer1998 Your Place or Mine!
Production/Producer1998 Sex and Zen III
Writing/Writer1998 Sex and Zen III
Production/Producer1998 Tricky King
Production/Producer1997 Haunted Karaoke
Directing/Director1997 We're No Bad Guys
Production/Producer1996 Satan Returns
Writing/Writer1996 Satan Returns
Directing/Director1996 God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage
Writing/Writer1996 Sexy and Dangerous
Production/Producer1996 Ebola Syndrome
Writing/Writer1996 Bodyguards of Last Governor
Production/Producer1996 Blind Romance
Directing/Director1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
Production/Producer1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
Writing/Screenplay1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
Directing/Director1995 High Risk
Production/Executive Producer1995 High Risk
Writing/Writer1995 High Risk
Writing/Writer1995 I'm Your Birthday Cake
Writing/Writer1995 The Enforcer
Production/Producer1995 Mean Street Story
Writing/Writer1995 Mean Street Story
Directing/Director1995 The Saint of Gamblers
Production/Producer1995 The Saint of Gamblers
Writing/Writer1995 The Saint of Gamblers
Directing/Director1995 Sixty Million Dollar Man
Production/Producer1995 Lover of the Last Empress
Writing/Writer1995 Lover of the Last Empress
Directing/Director1994 Return to a Better Tomorrow
Production/Producer1994 Return to a Better Tomorrow
Writing/Writer1994 Return to a Better Tomorrow
Directing/Director1994 Hail the Judge
Writing/Writer1994 Hail the Judge
Production/Producer1994 To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui
Production/Executive Producer1994 To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui
Directing/Director1994 Modern Romance
Writing/Writer1994 Modern Romance
Directing/Director1994 God of Gamblers' Return
Directing/Director1994 Whatever You Want
Production/Producer1994 Long and Winding Road
Production/Executive Producer1994 1941 Hong Kong on Fire
Directing/Director1994 Legend of the Red Dragon
Writing/Writer1994 Legend of the Red Dragon
Production/Executive Producer1993 Raped by an Angel
Writing/Writer1993 Raped by an Angel
Production/Producer1993 Ghost Lantern
Writing/Writer1993 Ghost Lantern
Production/Producer1993 Millionaire Cop
Directing/Director1993 Perfect Exchange
Writing/Writer1993 Perfect Exchange
Production/Producer1993 Devil Lover
Production/Producer1993 Hitman Blues
Crew/Script1993 Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai
Directing/Director1993 Fight Back to School 3
Writing/Writer1993 Fight Back to School 3
Directing/Director1993 City Hunter
Writing/Writer1993 City Hunter
Directing/Director1993 Boys Are Easy
Production/Producer1993 Boys Are Easy
Writing/Writer1993 Boys Are Easy
Directing/Director1993 Future Cops
Writing/Writer1993 Future Cops
Directing/Director1993 Legend Of The Liquid Sword
Production/Producer1993 Legend Of The Liquid Sword
Writing/Writer1993 Legend Of The Liquid Sword
Directing/Director1993 Last Hero in China
Writing/Writer1993 Last Hero in China
Writing/Writer1993 Flying Dagger
Directing/Director1993 Holy Weapon
Directing/Director1993 The Kung Fu Cult Master
Writing/Writer1993 The Kung Fu Cult Master
Production/Producer1992 Wizard's Curse
Writing/Writer1992 Wizard's Curse
Production/Producer1992 Deadly Dream Woman
Production/Producer1992 Naked Killer
Writing/Writer1992 Naked Killer
Production/Producer1992 She Starts the Fire
Writing/Writer1992 She Starts the Fire
Directing/Director1992 Royal Tramp 2
Writing/Writer1992 Royal Tramp 2
Directing/Director1992 Casino Tycoon II
Production/Producer1992 Casino Tycoon II
Writing/Writer1992 Casino Tycoon II
Directing/Director1992 Truant Heroes
Production/Producer1992 Truant Heroes
Production/Producer1992 To Miss with Love
Directing/Director1992 Royal Tramp
Writing/Writer1992 Royal Tramp
Directing/Director1992 Casino Tycoon
Production/Producer1992 Casino Tycoon
Writing/Writer1992 Casino Tycoon
Directing/Director1991 The Last Blood
Writing/Writer1991 The Last Blood
Production/Producer1991 Queen of Underworld
Writing/Writer1991 Queen of Underworld
Directing/Director1991 Dances with Dragon
Writing/Writer1991 Dances with Dragon
Directing/Director1991 Money Maker
Production/Producer1991 Money Maker
Writing/Writer1991 Money Maker
Directing/Director1991 Tricky Brains
Writing/Writer1991 Tricky Brains
Production/Producer1991 Fight Back to School
Writing/Writer1991 The Banquet
Production/Producer1991 Lee Rock
Crew/Script1990 The Big Score
Directing/Director1990 The Big Score
Production/Executive Producer1990 Ghostly Vixen
Writing/Screenplay1990 Ghostly Vixen
Writing/Screenplay1990 The Fortune Code
Directing/Director1990 God of Gamblers II
Writing/Writer1990 God of Gamblers II
Writing/Screenplay1990 Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic
Directing/Director1990 Perfect Girls
Writing/Writer1990 Perfect Girls
Production/Producer1990 My Neighbours are Phantoms
Writing/Writer1990 My Neighbours are Phantoms
Directing/Director1989 Casino Raiders
Writing/Writer1989 Casino Raiders
Writing/Screenplay1989 Casino Raiders
Directing/Director1989 Crocodile Hunter
Production/Producer1989 Crocodile Hunter
Writing/Writer1989 Crocodile Hunter
Writing/Writer1989 The Romancing Star III
Directing/Director1989 Doubles Cause Troubles
Writing/Writer1989 Doubles Cause Troubles
Directing/Director1989 God of Gamblers
Writing/Writer1989 God of Gamblers
Crew/Script1989 Ghost Fever
Directing/Director1989 Ghost Fever
Writing/Writer1989 Ghost Busting
Writing/Screenplay1989 Forever Young
Production/Producer1989 Perfect Match
Writing/Writer1989 Perfect Match
Writing/Screenplay1989 Vampire Buster
Directing/Director1988 The Crazy Companies 2
Writing/Writer1988 The Crazy Companies 2
Directing/Director1988 The Romancing Star II
Writing/Writer1988 The Romancing Star II
Writing/Screenplay1988 It's a Mad Mad Prison
Writing/Writer1988 Return of the Lucky Stars
Directing/Director1988 The Crazy Companies
Writing/Writer1988 The Crazy Companies
Crew/Script1988 Mr. Possessed
Directing/Director1988 Mr. Possessed
Directing/Director1988 How To Pick Girls Up!
Writing/Writer1988 How To Pick Girls Up!
Directing/Director1987 The Romancing Star
Writing/Writer1987 The Romancing Star
Writing/Writer1987 You're My Destiny
Writing/Writer1987 Evil Cat
Directing/Director1987 Born to Gamble
Production/Producer1986 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife
Writing/Screenplay1986 The Seventh Curse
Production/Associate Producer1986 The Seventh Curse
Directing/Director1986 Magic Crystal
Writing/Writer1986 Magic Crystal
Directing/Director1985 The Flying Mr. B
Writing/Writer1985 The Flying Mr. B
Directing/Director1985 Girl with the Diamond Slipper
Writing/Writer1985 The Young Vagabond
Directing/Director1984 I Love Lolanto
Directing/Director1984 Prince Charming
Writing/Writer1984 Prince Charming
Writing/Writer1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox
Directing/Director1984 Wits of the Brats
Directing/Director1983 Hong Kong Playboys
Writing/Writer1983 Hong Kong Playboys
Writing/Writer1982 Shaolin Prince
Directing/Director1982 Mercenaries from Hong Kong
Writing/Screenplay1982 Mercenaries from Hong Kong
Writing/Screenplay1982 Legend of a Fighter
Directing/Director1982 Winner Takes All
Writing/Writer1981 Treasure Hunters
Writing/Screenplay1981 The Crazy Chase
Writing/Screenplay1981 Crazy Nuts
Writing/Writer1981 Notorious Eight
Writing/Screenplay1981 The Eagle's Killer
Writing/Story1981 One Way Only
Directing/Director1981 Challenge of the Gamesters
Writing/Story1981 Dreadnaught
Writing/Writer1980 The Buddhist Fist
Writing/Screenplay1980 Pursuit
Writing/Writer1979 The Fighting Fool
Writing/Writer1979 Murder Most Foul
Writing/Writer1979 Itchy Fingers
Writing/Writer1979 The Magnificent Butcher
Writing/Writer1979 The Ghosts and I

Born: Tuesday, 05/03 1955 (May) in Hong Kong (current age: 65 years + 140 days)
Zodiac sign: Taurus (Chinese zodiac sign: Goat)
Educated at: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Children: Ada Wong
Father: Wong Tin-lam
Other names for Wong Jing (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Jing Wong"
Wong Jing frequently works together with these people:
Natalis Chan (44x, Actor)
Chingmy Yau (40x, Actress)
Eric Tsang (36x, Actor)
Andy Lau (35x, Actor)
Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu (29x, Actress)
Lee Siu-Kei (27x, Actor)
Andrew Lau (26x, Crew)
Kingdom Yuen (26x, Actress)
Shing Fui-On (24x, Actor)
Sharla Cheung (23x, Actress)
Ng Man Tat (22x, Actor)
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