Richard Pepin

Film Producer / Screenwriter
Most frequent genres for this person: Action | Thriller | Science Fiction

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Movies with Richard Pepin as Crew(102)

Directing/Director2006 Caved In: Prehistoric Terror
Directing/Director2003 The Box
Directing/Director2001 Mindstorm
Writing/Story2001 Mindstorm
Production/Producer2000 The Stray
Directing/Director2000 Epicenter
Production/Executive Producer2000 Epicenter
Directing/Director1999 Y2K
Camera/Director of Photography1999 Escape from Alaska
Production/Producer1999 Escape from Alaska
Production/Producer1999 No Tomorrow
Production/Producer1998 Recoil
Directing/Director1998 The Sender
Production/Producer1998 The Sender
Production/Producer1997 Executive Target
Production/Line Producer1997 The Big Fall
Production/Producer1996 Skyscraper
Directing/Director1996 Dark Breed
Production/Producer1996 Dark Breed
Production/Producer1996 Tiger Heart
Directing/Director1996 The Silencers
Crew/Cinematography1995 Steel Frontier
Production/Producer1995 Steel Frontier
Production/Producer1995 The Power Within
Production/Producer1995 Rage
Production/Producer1995 Last Man Standing
Directing/Director1995 Hologram Man
Production/Producer1995 Hologram Man
Production/Producer1995 To the Limit
Directing/Director1995 CyberTracker 2
Production/Producer1995 CyberTracker 2
Directing/Director1994 T-Force
Production/Producer1994 T-Force
Production/Producer1994 Ice
Directing/Director1994 Firepower
Production/Producer1994 Firepower
Directing/Director1994 CyberTracker
Production/Producer1994 CyberTracker
Production/Producer1994 Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter
Camera/Director of Photography1993 CIA Code Name: Alexa
Production/Producer1993 CIA Code Name: Alexa
Directing/Director1993 Fist of Honor
Production/Producer1993 Fist of Honor
Production/Producer1993 To Be the Best
Production/Producer1993 Alien Intruder
Crew/Cinematography1992 Final Impact
Production/Producer1992 Final Impact
Production/Producer1992 Intent to Kill
Crew/Cinematography1992 The Last Riders
Production/Producer1992 Deadly Bet
Production/Producer1992 Maximum Force
Crew/Cinematography1992 Street Crimes
Production/Producer1992 Street Crimes
Crew/Cinematography1992 Out for Blood
Production/Producer1992 Out for Blood
Crew/Cinematography1991 The Killers Edge
Production/Producer1991 The Killers Edge
Crew/Cinematography1991 Ring of Fire
Production/Producer1991 Ring of Fire
Crew/Cinematography1991 The Art of Dying
Production/Producer1991 The Art of Dying
Production/Producer1991 A Time to Die
Production/Producer1991 The Killing Zone
Production/Producer1991 Quiet Fire
Production/Producer1990 American Born
Crew/Cinematography1990 Emperor of the Bronx
Production/Producer1990 Emperor of the Bronx
Camera/Director of Photography1990 Coldfire
Production/Producer1990 Coldfire
Crew/Cinematography1990 Living To Die
Production/Producer1990 Living To Die
Crew/Cinematography1990 Repo Jake
Production/Producer1990 Repo Jake
Production/Producer1990 Payback
Crew/Cinematography1990 Night of the Wilding
Production/Producer1990 Night of the Wilding
Production/Producer1989 Shotgun
Camera/Director of Photography1989 Angels of the City
Crew/Cinematography1989 Angels of the City
Production/Producer1989 Angels of the City
Camera/Director of Photography1989 Midnight Warrior
Production/Producer1989 Midnight Warrior
Production/Producer1989 L.A. Vice
Production/Producer1989 Deadly Breed
Crew/Cinematography1988 L.A. Crackdown
Editing/Editor1988 L.A. Crackdown
Camera/Director of Photography1988 Epitaph
Editing/Editor1988 Epitaph
Production/Producer1988 Epitaph
Production/Producer1988 Death by Dialogue
Production/Producer1988 Hollow Gate
Production/Producer1988 The Glass Jungle
Crew/Cinematography1987 The Newlydeads
Crew/Post Production Supervisor1987 The Newlydeads
Production/Producer1987 The Newlydeads
Production/Producer1987 Dance Or Die
Crew/Cinematography1987 Blood Frenzy
Camera/Director of Photography1986 Forbidden Bodies
Camera/Camera Operator1986 Forbidden Bodies
Crew/Cinematography1986 Mayhem
Editing/Editor1986 Mayhem
Production/Producer1986 Mayhem

TV Shows/Series with Richard Pepin as Crew(1)

Production/Executive Producer1999 L.A. Heat

Full Name: Richard Pepin
Citizenship: Canada
Other names for Richard Pepin (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Rick Christoper"
"Rick Christopher"
"Rick Pepin"
Richard Pepin frequently works together with these people:
Joseph Merhi (94x, Crew)
Charla Driver (31x, Crew)
John Gonzalez (26x, Crew)
Paul G. Volk (24x, Crew)
Ken Blakey (15x, Crew)
Addison Randall (15x, Actor)
Jean Levine (14x, Crew)
Raymond Martino (13x, Crew)
Judy Yonemoto (12x, Crew)
Geraint Bell (11x, Crew)
Wade Williams (1x, Actor)
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