Nobuhiko Okamoto

Name in Native Language: "岡本信彦" (Japanese/JA)
Voice Acting In Japan | * 10/24/1986 (36) | Tokyo (Japan)
Nobuhiko Okamoto (岡本 信彦, Okamoto Nobuhiko, born October 24, 1986) is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with Raccoon Dog. He won the Best New Actor Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards and Best Supporting Actor Award at the 5th Seiyu Awards. ()

Nobuhiko Okamoto is a Japanesevoice actorand singer fromTokyo, Japan, affiliated with thePro-Fitagency. He won the Best New Actor Award on ThirdSeiyu Awardsand Best Supporting Actor Award on Fifth Seiyu Awards.

Photo of Nobuhiko Okamoto
Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Comedies | Drama

Known for these Movies & Shows

Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Certification unknown

2012 | 3.0/5 | 1h 28min
available on:

Awards & Nominations for Nobuhiko Okamoto

Seiyu Award for Best Rookie Actor Seiyu Award for Best Supporting Actor
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Movies with Nobuhiko Okamoto as Actor(33)

as Ginnosuke Tadokoro (voice)2022 Break of Dawn
as Katsuki Bakugo (voice)2021 My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission
as Kisa Shouta (voice)2020 The World's First Love: Proposal
as Rindo Fuke (voice)2020 WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!
as Katsuki Bakugo (voice)2019 My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
as Katsuki Bakugou (voice)2018 My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
as Bell2017 The Dragon Dentist
as Yuu Nishinoya (voice)2017 Haikyuu!! Movie 4: Battle of Concepts
as Katsuki Bakugou (voice)2017 My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
as Karma Akabane (Main Character)2016 Assassination Classroom the Movie: 365 Days' Time
as Karma Akabane2016 Koro-sensei Q!
as Katsuki Bakugou (voice)2016 My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training!
as Nishinoya, Yuu (voice)2015 Haikyuu!!: Lev Genzan!
as Yuu Nishinoya (voice)2015 Haikyuu!! Movie 2: Winners and Losers
as Ivan Karelin2015 The Sound of Tiger & Bunny
as Ivan Karelin / Origami Cyclone (voice)2014 Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
as Age2013 Patema Inverted
as Origami Cyclone / Ivan Karelin (voice)2012 Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
as Rin Okumura (voice)2012 Blue Exorcist: The Movie
as Yoichi Saotome2005 Elektra

TV Shows/Series with Nobuhiko Okamoto as Actor(96)

as Shu Inuzuka (voice)2022 Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie
as Yukei Saruhashi (voice)2022 Salaryman's Club
as Quiche (voice)2022 Tokyo Mew Mew New
as Tankai (voice)2022 Raven of the Inner Palace
as Kogure Kawanami (voice)2022 My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex
as Raiga (voice)2022 Uncle from Another World
as Rindo Fuke (voice)2021 WAVE!! -Let's go surfing!!-
as Masato Ohjyo (voice)2021 Burning Kabaddi
as Kakeru Sengoku (voice)2021 Horimiya
as Shuuji Nakamura (voice)2021 Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki
as Umi Yaguchi (voice)2021 Those Snow White Notes
as Ivan Karelin / Origami Cyclone (voice)2021 TIGER & BUNNY 2
as Khun Aguero Agnes (voice)2020 Tower of God
as Junichirō Tanizaki (voice)2020 Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement-
as Accelerator (voice)2019 A Certain Scientific Accelerator
as Kai (voice)2019 BEASTARS
as Shinazugawa Gen`ya (voice)2019 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
as Jujousaibou2018 Cells at Work!
as Luke Bowen (voice)2018 Phantom in the Twilight
as Ōtenkun (voice)2018 HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI
as Isaac "Zack" Foster2018 Angels of Death
as Kentarō Tachibana (voice)2018 HANEBADO!
as Kannabe Ayumu2018 The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!
as Asagiri Kaname2018 Magical Girl Site
as Kiyoharu Hyoudou (voice)2017 Welcome to the Ballroom
as Bete Loga2017 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria
as Hakua Shou (voice)2017 Re:Creators
as 篠原耕太2016 First Love Monster
as Atsushi Miyuki2016 ALL OUT!!
as Hayate2016 Buddy Go!
as Garfiel Tinsel (voice)2016 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-
as Harunobu Nikaidō (voice)2016 March Comes in Like a Lion
as Kaiyuu Hiyama (voice)2016 Haruchika – Haruta & Chika
as Ikuta Sorouka (Main Character)2016 Alderamin on the Sky
as Katsuki Bakugou (voice)2016 My Hero Academia
as Shinya Momotsuki2015 Momokuri
as Obi (voice)2015 Snow White with the Red Hair
as Karma Akabane (Main Character)2015 Assassination Classroom
as Koichiro Ebina (voice)2015 Himouto! Umaru-chan
as Yoichi Saotome (voice)2015 Seraph of the End
as Shin-ah2014 Yona of the Dawn
as Izumi Kotarou2014 Hybrid Child
as Mikoto Mikoshiba (voice)2014 Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
as Yuu Nishinoya2014 Haikyu!!
as Daichi Shijima2013 Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
as Arata Hinohara2013 Arata: The Legend
as Ryōsuke Kominato (voice)2013 Ace of Diamond
as Mizuki2012 Kamisama Kiss
as Mitsuo (voice)2012 Daily Lives of High School Boys
as Akatsuki Ousawa2012 Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
as Io Otonashi2012 Place to Place
as Rei Ogami (voice)2012 Code:Breaker
as Gear (voice)2012 World War Blue
as Masashi Miyanomori (voice)2012 Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph
as Rin Okumura (voice)2011 Blue Exorcist
as Ivan Karelin2011 TIGER & BUNNY
as Serge Entolio2011 A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives
as Yumeji Fujiwara2011 Dream Eater Merry
as Tomoaki Yamahara2011 Ben-To
as Hisaya Miki2011 Beelzebub
2010 Shiki
as Takumi Tsuzuki (voice)2010 Stray Cats Overrun!
as Mamezō2010 Zakuro
as Usui Takumi2010 Maid Sama!
as Issei Tsumuhana2010 Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf
as Ichinose2010 Night Raid 1931
as Haruto Terai (voice)2009 Hatsukoi Limited.
as Rindō Shinōji2009 Maria Holic
as Layfon Alseif2009 Chrome Shelled Regios
as Teru Saotome2009 Beyblade: Metal Saga
as Zero Kurogane (voice)2009 Beyblade: Metal Saga
as Yoichi Karasuma2009 Samurai Harem
as Gau Meguro2008 Nabari no Ou
as Accelerator2008 A Certain Magical Index
2007 Sola
2007 Clannad
as John Brown2006 Ghost Hunt
as Abel (voice)1995 Slayers

Movies with Nobuhiko Okamoto as Crew(1)

Sound/Theme Song Performance2016 Assassination Classroom the Movie: 365 Days' Time

TV Shows/Series with Nobuhiko Okamoto as Crew(1)

Sound/Theme Song Performance2015 Assassination Classroom

Additional Information

Official websites:
Full Name: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Citizenship: Japan
Born: Friday, 10/24 1986 (October) in Tokyo (Japan) (current age: 36 years + 108 days)
Zodiac sign: Scorpio (Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger)
Languages: Japanese (JA)
Record Label: Lantis
Other names for Nobuhiko Okamoto (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Okamoto Nobuhiko"
"おかもと のぶひこ" (Kana/Japanese)
Nobuhiko Okamoto frequently works together with these people:
Takahiro Sakurai (18x, Actor)
Kenji Nagasaki (16x, Crew)
Tomokazu Sugita (16x, Actor)
Jun Fukuyama (15x, Actor)
Junichi Suwabe (15x, Actor)
Akira Ishida (14x, Actor)
Kana Hanazawa (13x, Actress)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (13x, Actor)
Yūki Hayashi (13x, Crew)
Daisuke Namikawa (12x, Actor)
Mariya Ise (12x, Actress)
Satoshi Hino (12x, Actor)
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