Michael Feifer

Screenwriter / Film Producer / Film Director | * 09/11/1968 (53) | Brooklyn, New York (United States of America (USA))
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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | TV Movies | Thriller

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Movies with Michael Feifer as Crew(191)

Directing/Director2021 Catch the Bullet
Production/Producer2021 Catch the Bullet
Sound/Music2021 Catch the Bullet
Directing/Director2021 Last Shoot Out
Production/Producer2021 Last Shoot Out
Sound/Music2021 Last Shoot Out
Directing/Director2021 A Soldier's Revenge
Production/Producer2021 A Soldier's Revenge
Writing/Writer2021 A Soldier's Revenge
Directing/Director2021 Saving My Daughter
Production/Producer2021 Saving My Daughter
Directing/Director2020 My Daughter's Psycho Friend
Writing/Writer2020 My Daughter's Psycho Friend
Production/Producer2020 My Daughter's Psycho Friend
Writing/Story2020 My Daughter's Psycho Friend
Directing/Director2020 Sinister Stalker
Production/Producer2020 Sinister Stalker
Directing/Director2020 Secrets in the Water
Production/Producer2020 Secrets in the Water
Directing/Director2019 Saving My Baby
Writing/Writer2019 Saving My Baby
Writing/Story2019 Saving My Baby
Production/Producer2019 Saving My Baby
Directing/Director2019 12 Pups of Christmas
Writing/Writer2019 12 Pups of Christmas
Production/Producer2019 12 Pups of Christmas
Directing/Director2019 Who’s Stalking Me?
Writing/Writer2019 Who’s Stalking Me?
Production/Producer2019 Who’s Stalking Me?
Directing/Director2019 Munchausen By Internet
Production/Producer2019 Munchausen By Internet
Directing/Director2019 My Stepfather's Secret
Production/Producer2019 My Stepfather's Secret
Directing/Director2019 Deviant Love
Production/Producer2019 Deviant Love
Directing/Director2019 Cradles for Cash
Production/Producer2019 Cradles for Cash
Directing/Director2019 Anniversary Nightmare
Writing/Writer2019 Anniversary Nightmare
Production/Producer2019 Anniversary Nightmare
Directing/Director2018 A Stolen Past
Production/Producer2018 A Stolen Past
Writing/Writer2018 A Stolen Past
Directing/Director2018 Dangerous Matrimony
Writing/Screenplay2018 Dangerous Matrimony
Production/Producer2018 Dangerous Matrimony
Writing/Story2018 Dangerous Matrimony
Directing/Director2018 The Work Wife
Production/Producer2018 The Work Wife
Writing/Writer2018 The Work Wife
Directing/Director2018 Party Mom
Writing/Writer2018 Party Mom
Production/Producer2018 Party Mom
Directing/Director2017 Cradle Swapping
Production/Producer2017 Cradle Swapping
Writing/Screenplay2017 Cradle Swapping
Writing/Writer2017 Cradle Swapping
Directing/Director2017 Inspired to Kill
Production/Producer2017 Inspired to Kill
Writing/Writer2017 Inspired to Kill
Directing/Director2017 The Bachelor Next Door
Production/Producer2017 The Bachelor Next Door
Writing/Writer2017 The Bachelor Next Door
Directing/Director2017 Born and Missing
Writing/Writer2017 Born and Missing
Directing/Director2017 A Woman Deceived
Production/Producer2017 A Woman Deceived
Writing/Writer2017 A Woman Deceived
Directing/Director2016 Remote Paradise
Production/Producer2016 Remote Paradise
Writing/Writer2016 Remote Paradise
Directing/Director2016 The Last Appeal
Directing/Director2016 A Killer Walks Amongst Us
Crew/Post Production Supervisor2016 Christmas with the Andersons
Directing/Director2016 Christmas with the Andersons
Production/Producer2016 Christmas with the Andersons
Writing/Writer2016 Christmas with the Andersons
Directing/Director2015 Merry Kissmas
Production/Producer2015 Merry Kissmas
Directing/Director2015 16 And Missing
Writing/Writer2015 16 And Missing
Production/Producer2015 16 And Missing
Directing/Director2015 His Secret Family
Writing/Writer2015 His Secret Family
Production/Producer2015 His Secret Family
Directing/Director2015 A Mother Betrayed
Production/Producer2015 A Mother Betrayed
Writing/Writer2015 A Mother Betrayed
Directing/Director2014 Taken Away
Writing/Writer2014 Taken Away
Directing/Director2014 Deadly Daycare
Production/Producer2014 Deadly Daycare
Writing/Screenplay2014 Deadly Daycare
Directing/Director2014 Lucky Dog
Production/Producer2014 Lucky Dog
Writing/Writer2014 Lucky Dog
Directing/Director2013 The Nightmare Nanny
Directing/Director2013 Deadly Revenge
Production/Producer2013 Deadly Revenge
Production/Line Producer2013 Salomé
Directing/Director2013 A Star for Christmas
Writing/Writer2013 A Star for Christmas
Production/Producer2013 A Star for Christmas
Directing/Director2012 Soda Springs
Production/Producer2012 Soda Springs
Writing/Writer2012 Soda Springs
Directing/Director2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog
Writing/Writer2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog
Writing/Screenplay2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog
Production/Producer2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog
Writing/Story2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog
Directing/Director2012 The Dog Who Saved the Holidays
Production/Producer2012 The Dog Who Saved the Holidays
Directing/Director2012 Unstable
Production/Producer2012 Unstable
Directing/Director2012 Wyatt Earp's Revenge
Production/Producer2012 Wyatt Earp's Revenge
Directing/Director2012 Stolen Child
Directing/Director2012 A Golden Christmas 3
Production/Producer2012 A Golden Christmas 3
Directing/Director2012 Retribution
Production/Producer2012 Retribution
Directing/Director2011 A Christmas Wedding Tail
Production/Producer2011 A Christmas Wedding Tail
Production/Line Producer2011 Son of Morning
Directing/Director2011 Your Love Never Fails
Production/Producer2011 Your Love Never Fails
Writing/Screenplay2011 Your Love Never Fails
Directing/Director2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle
Writing/Writer2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle
Production/Producer2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle
Directing/Director2011 The Perfect Student
Production/Producer2011 The Perfect Student
Directing/Director2010 Abandoned
Production/Producer2010 Abandoned
Production/Producer2010 The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
Directing/Director2010 A Nanny for Christmas
Production/Producer2010 A Nanny for Christmas
Writing/Writer2010 Groupie
Directing/Director2009 Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas
Writing/Writer2009 Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas
Directing/Director2009 The Dog Who Saved Christmas
Production/Producer2009 The Dog Who Saved Christmas
Directing/Director2009 Bundy: A Legacy of Evil
Production/Producer2009 Bundy: A Legacy of Evil
Writing/Writer2009 Bundy: A Legacy of Evil
Directing/Director2008 A Christmas Proposal
Production/Producer2008 A Christmas Proposal
Directing/Director2008 B.T.K.
Production/Producer2008 B.T.K.
Writing/Writer2008 B.T.K.
Directing/Director2008 Dear Me
Directing/Director2008 Boston Strangler: The Untold Story
Production/Producer2008 Boston Strangler: The Untold Story
Directing/Director2008 Dracula's Guest
Production/Producer2008 Dracula's Guest
Writing/Writer2008 Dracula's Guest
Directing/Director2007 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Production/Producer2007 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Writing/Screenplay2007 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Directing/Director2007 Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Production/Producer2007 Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Directing/Director2007 Grim Reaper
Production/Producer2007 Grim Reaper
Production/Line Producer2007 Drive Thru
Production/Producer2006 The Butcher
Directing/Director2006 A Dead Calling
Production/Producer2006 A Dead Calling
Writing/Writer2006 A Dead Calling
Directing/Director2005 Lethal Eviction
Production/Producer2005 Lethal Eviction
Production/Line Producer2005 Getting Played
Directing/First Assistant Director2004 Target
Production/Line Producer2004 Target
Production/Producer2002 Secret Pleasures
Production/Producer2002 The Bike Squad
Production/Producer2001 Choosing Matthias
Production/Producer2001 Sensual Friends
Production/Producer2000 The Seductress
Production/Producer2000 Illicit Lovers
Production/Producer1999 Forbidden Sins
Production/Producer1999 One Small Hero
Production/Producer1998 Dead by Dawn
Production/Producer1997 Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh
Production/Executive Producer1997 Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh
Production/Producer1996 Witchcraft 8: Salem's Ghost
Production/Producer1996 Bikini House Calls
Production/Producer1994 Bikini Med School

Born: Wednesday, 09/11 1968 (September) in Brooklyn, New York (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 53 years + 77 days)
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey)
Languages: English (EN)
Michael Feifer frequently works together with these people:
Caia Coley (39x, Actress)
Brandon Jarrett (34x, Crew)
Jordi Ruiz Masó (19x, Crew)
Peter Sullivan (18x, Crew)
Fernando Szew (17x, Crew)
Hank Baumert Jr. (16x, Crew)
Andres Boulton (16x, Crew)
Michael Moran (15x, Crew)
Barry Barnholtz (14x, Crew)
Josh Muscatine (14x, Crew)
Jeffrey Schenck (13x, Crew)
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