Michael Curtiz

Name in Native Language: "Kertész Mihály" (Hungarian/HU)
Film Director / Screenwriter / Film Producer | * 12/24/1886 († 75, 04/10/1962) | Budapest, Austria-Hungary [now Hungary]
Michael Curtiz ( kur-Tiz; born Manó Kaminer; from 1905 Mihály Kertész; Hungarian: Kertész Mihály; December 24, 1886 – April 10, 1962) was a Hungarian-American film director, recognized as one of the most prolific directors in history.: 67  He directed classic films from the silent era and numerous others duringHollywood's Golden Age, when the studio system was prevalent. Curtiz was already a well-known director in Europe when Warner Bros. invited him to Hollywood in 1926, when he was 39 years of age. He had already directed 64 films in Europe, and soon helped Warner Bros. become the fastest-growing movie studio. He directed 102 films during his Hollywood career, mostly at Warners, where he directed ten actors to Oscar nominations. James Cagney and Joan Crawford won their only Academy Awards under Curtiz's direction. He put Doris Day and John Garfield on screen for the first time, and he made stars of Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Bette Davis. He himself was nominated five times, and won twice, once for Best Short Subject for Sons of Liberty and once as Best Director for Casablanca. Curtiz was among tho... ()
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Michael Curtiz (December 24, 1886 — April 10, 1962), born Manó Kaminer, was a Hungarian-American film director. He had early credits as Mihály Kertész and Michael Kertész. He directed more than fifty films in Europe and more than one hundred in the United States. The best-known were The Adventures of Robin Hood, Angels with Dirty Faces, Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and White Christmas. He thrived in the heyday of the Warner Bros. studio in the 1930s and '40s.Curtiz was less successful from the late 1940s onwards, when he attempted to move from studio direction into production and freelance work, but he continued working until shortly before his death.

Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Romance / Love | Comedies

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Academy Award for Best Director Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame 5x Academy Award for Best Director
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Movies with Michael Curtiz as Actor(7)

as Self (archive footage)2005 The Adventures of Errol Flynn
as Michael Curtiz (uncredited)1949 It's a Great Feeling
as himself1943 Show-Business at War
as Arisztid1912 Today and Tomorrow

TV Shows/Series with Michael Curtiz as Actor(2)

as himself1952 This Is Your Life
as himself1948 The Ed Sullivan Show

Movies with Michael Curtiz as Crew(144)

Directing/Director1961 Francis of Assisi
Directing/Director1961 The Comancheros
Directing/Director1960 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Directing/Director1960 A Breath of Scandal
Directing/Director1959 The Hangman
Directing/Director1959 The Man in the Net
Directing/Director1958 The Proud Rebel
Directing/Director1958 King Creole
Directing/Director1957 The Helen Morgan Story
Directing/Director1956 The Vagabond King
Directing/Director1956 The Scarlet Hour
Production/Producer1956 The Scarlet Hour
Directing/Director1956 The Best Things in Life Are Free
Directing/Director1955 We're No Angels
Directing/Director1954 The Boy from Oklahoma
Directing/Director1954 White Christmas
Directing/Director1954 The Egyptian
Directing/Director1953 The Jazz Singer
Directing/Director1953 Trouble Along the Way
Directing/Director1952 The Story of Will Rogers
Directing/Director1951 I'll See You in My Dreams
Directing/Director1951 Force of Arms
Directing/Director1951 Jim Thorpe – All-American
Directing/Director1950 The Breaking Point
Directing/Director1950 Young Man with a Horn
Directing/Director1950 Bright Leaf
Directing/Director1949 Flamingo Road
Production/Executive Producer1949 Flamingo Road
Directing/Director1949 The Lady Takes a Sailor
Directing/Director1949 My Dream Is Yours
Production/Executive Producer1949 My Dream Is Yours
Directing/Director1948 Romance on the High Seas
Directing/Director1947 Life with Father
Directing/Director1947 The Unsuspected
Production/Producer1947 The Unsuspected
Directing/Director1946 Night and Day
Directing/Director1945 Mildred Pierce
Directing/Director1945 Roughly Speaking
Directing/Director1944 Janie
Directing/Director1944 Passage to Marseille
Directing/Director1943 This Is the Army
Directing/Director1943 Mission to Moscow
Directing/Director1942 Casablanca
Directing/Director1942 Captains of the Clouds
Directing/Director1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy
Directing/Director1941 The Sea Wolf
Directing/Director1941 Dive Bomber
Directing/Director1940 The Sea Hawk
Directing/Director1940 Virginia City
Directing/Director1940 Santa Fe Trail
Directing/Director1939 Dodge City
Directing/Director1939 Daughters Courageous
Directing/Director1939 Four Wives
Directing/Director1939 Sons of Liberty
Directing/Director1938 Four's a Crowd
Directing/Director1938 Four Daughters
Directing/Director1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood
Directing/Director1938 Angels with Dirty Faces
Directing/Director1938 Gold Is Where You Find It
Directing/Co-Director1937 Black Legion
Directing/Director1937 Kid Galahad
Directing/Director1937 Marked Woman
Directing/Director1937 Stolen Holiday
Directing/Director1937 Mountain Justice
Directing/Director1937 The Perfect Specimen
Directing/Director1936 The Walking Dead
Directing/Director1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade
Directing/Director1935 Black Fury
Directing/Director1935 The Case of the Curious Bride
Production/Producer1935 Bright Lights
Directing/Director1935 Front Page Woman
Directing/Director1935 Little Big Shot
Directing/Director1935 Captain Blood
Directing/Director1934 Jimmy the Gent
Directing/Director1934 Mandalay
Directing/Director1934 British Agent
Directing/Director1934 The Key
Directing/Director1933 Female
Directing/Director1933 Private Detective 62
Directing/Director1933 The Keyhole
Directing/Director1933 Goodbye Again
Directing/Director1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum
Directing/Director1933 The Kennel Murder Case
Directing/Director1932 The Woman from Monte Carlo
Directing/Director1932 The Cabin in the Cotton
Directing/Director1932 20,000 Years in Sing Sing
Directing/Director1932 Doctor X
Directing/Director1932 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
Directing/Director1932 Alias the Doctor
Directing/Director1931 Demon of the Sea
Directing/Director1931 God's Gift to Women
Directing/Director1931 The Mad Genius
Directing/Director1930 Mammy
Directing/Director1930 Bright Lights
Directing/Director1930 A Soldier's Plaything
Directing/Director1930 The Matrimonial Bed
Directing/Director1930 Under a Texas Moon
Directing/Director1930 River's End
Directing/Director1929 Hearts in Exile
Directing/Director1929 The Gamblers
Directing/Director1929 Madonna of Avenue A
Directing/Director1929 Glad Rag Doll
Directing/Director1928 Noah's Ark
Directing/Director1928 Tenderloin
Directing/Director1927 A Million Bid
Directing/Director1927 Good Time Charley
Directing/Director1927 The Desired Woman
Directing/Director1926 The Golden Butterfly
Directing/Director1926 The Third Degree
Directing/Director1926 Cab No. 13
Directing/Director1925 Red Heels
Directing/Director1924 Harun al Raschid
Directing/Director1924 Moon of Israel
Directing/Director1923 Young Medardus
Directing/Director1923 Avalanche
Directing/Director1922 Sodom and Gomorrah
Writing/Writer1922 Sodom and Gomorrah
Costume & Make-Up/Costume Design1922 Samson und Delila
Directing/Director1921 Mrs. Dane's Confession
Directing/Director1921 Labyrinth of Horror
Directing/Director1921 Good and Evil
Directing/Director1921 Mrs. Tutti Frutti
Writing/Writer1921 Dracula's Death
Directing/Director1919 My Brother Is Coming
Directing/Director1918 Tavasz a télben
Directing/Director1918 Alraune
Directing/Director1918 Az árendás zsidó
Directing/Director1918 A skorpió
Directing/Director1917 A szentjóbi erdö titka
Directing/Director1917 The Wolf
Writing/Screenplay1917 The Wolf
Directing/Director1917 A kuruzsló
Directing/Director1917 A magyar föld ereje
Writing/Writer1917 A magyar föld ereje
Directing/Director1917 A föld embere
Directing/Director1917 The Last Dawn
Directing/Director1916 The Coronation of King Charles IV
Directing/Director1915 The Undesirable
Directing/Director1915 Bánk bán
Directing/Director1914 Rablélek
Directing/Director1914 Golddigger
Directing/Director1913 The Last Bohemian
Directing/Director1912 Today and Tomorrow

Born: Friday, 12/24 1886 (December) in Budapest, Austria-Hungary [now Hungary]
Died: Tuesday, 04/10 1962 (April) in Sherman Oaks (aged: 75)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn (Chinese zodiac sign: Dog)
Languages: German (DE), English (EN), Hungarian (HU, native language)
Spouses (current/former): Bess Meredyth, Lili Damita, Lucy Doraine
Other names for Michael Curtiz (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Manó Kertész Kaminer"
"Michael Courtice"
"Michael Kertesz"
"Mihaly Kertesz"
"Michael Kertész"
"Mihály Kertész"
"Kertész Mihály"
"Manó Kaminer"
"마이클 커티즈"
"Kaminer Manó"
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Hal B. Wallis (33x, Crew)
Orry-Kelly (29x, Crew)
Leo F. Forbstein (29x, Crew)
Jack L. Warner (27x, Crew)
Max Steiner (27x, Crew)
Perc Westmore (25x, Crew)
George Amy (19x, Crew)
Anton Grot (17x, Crew)
Errol Flynn (15x, Actor)
David Curtiz (15x, Crew)
Ray Heindorf (14x, Crew)
Jackie Gleason (7x, Actor)
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