Mark Polonia

Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter / Actor | * 09/30/1968 (54) | Johnstown, Pennsylvania (United States of America (USA))

Mark Polonia is one half of the Polonia brothers, known for their many zero budget movies.

Photo of Mark Polonia
Most frequent genres for this person: Horror | Science Fiction | Action

Known for these Movies & Shows

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Movies with Mark Polonia as Actor(26)

as Rip Van Winkle2022 RIP
as Felix2020 Camp Murder
as Dr. Kaski2019 Zillafoot
as Station Manager2018 Ghost of Camp Blood
as Soldier2017 Giantess Attack
as Dad2015 Queen Crab
2009 Muckman
as Mark2008 Monster Movie
as Angry Father2004 Peter Rottentail
as Father2002 NightThirst
as Mack2001 Dweller
as Man Leaving Casting Studio2000 Camp Blood 2
as Bucky1998 Terror House
as Evil Bennett (uncredited)1996 Feeders
as Tom1996 Night Crawlers
as Alan1994 Saurians
as Man in Bar1993 Hellspawn
as Alan1987 Splatter Farm
as Mark1986 Hallucinations

Movies with Mark Polonia as Crew(139)

Directing/Director2022 RIP
Production/Producer2022 RIP
Directing/Director2022 Feeders 3: The Final Meal
Production/Producer2022 Feeders 3: The Final Meal
Writing/Writer2022 Feeders 3: The Final Meal
Directing/Director2022 House Squatch
Directing/Director2022 Amityville in Space
Writing/Writer2022 Amityville in Space
Directing/Director2022 Sharkula
Editing/Editor2022 Sharkula
Writing/Writer2022 Sharkula
Directing/Director2022 Reel Monsters
Directing/Director2021 Sister Krampus
Writing/Writer2021 Sister Krampus
Directing/Director2021 Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse
Directing/Director2021 Dune World
Directing/Director2021 Virus Shark
Editing/Editor2021 Virus Shark
Editing/Editor2021 Violence on Demand
Directing/Director2021 Invasion of the Empire of the Apes
Directing/Director2021 Noah’s Shark
Directing/Director2020 Amityville Island
Directing/Director2020 Shark Encounters of the Third Kind
Directing/Director2020 Camp Murder
Directing/Director2020 Return To Splatter Farm
Editing/Editor2020 Return To Splatter Farm
Directing/Director2020 Children of Camp Blood
Editing/Editor2020 Children of Camp Blood
Writing/Writer2020 Children of Camp Blood
Crew/Cinematography2020 Children of Camp Blood
Camera/Director of Photography2019 Zillafoot
Editing/Editor2019 Zillafoot
Camera/Camera Operator2019 Zillafoot
Directing/Director2019 Camp Blood Kills
Editing/Editor2019 Camp Blood Kills
Directing/Director2019 Deadly Playthings
Directing/Director2019 Bride of the Werewolf
Writing/Writer2019 Bride of the Werewolf
Editing/Editor2019 Bride of the Werewolf
Directing/Director2018 Robowar
Writing/Writer2018 Robowar
Directing/Director2018 Frozen Sasquatch
Directing/Director2018 Alien Surveillance
Writing/Writer2018 Alien Surveillance
Production/Producer2018 Alien Surveillance
Directing/Director2018 Ghost of Camp Blood
Directing/Director2018 War Raiders
Writing/Screenplay2018 War Raiders
Production/Producer2018 Nightmare Vacation
Production/Executive Producer2017 Fatal Premonitions
Directing/Director2017 Amityville Exorcism
Editing/Editor2017 Witchcraft 15: Blood Rose
Directing/Director2017 Revolt of the Empire of the Apes
Directing/Director2017 It Kills: Camp Blood 7
Editing/Editor2017 It Kills: Camp Blood 7
Directing/Director2017 Land Shark
Writing/Writer2017 Land Shark
Directing/Director2016 Bigfoot vs. Zombies
Writing/Writer2016 Bigfoot vs. Zombies
Editing/Editor2016 Bigfoot vs. Zombies
Directing/Director2016 Sharkenstein
Production/Producer2016 Sharkenstein
Directing/Director2015 Jurassic Prey
Production/Producer2015 Queen Crab
Directing/Director2015 Amityville Death House
Editing/Editor2015 Amityville Death House
Production/Producer2015 Amityville Death House
Directing/Director2014 Camp Blood First Slaughter
Writing/Writer2014 Camp Blood First Slaughter
Editing/Editor2014 Camp Blood First Slaughter
Directing/Director2014 Chainsaw Killer
Writing/Writer2014 Chainsaw Killer
Directing/Director2013 Empire of The Apes
Editing/Editor2013 Empire of The Apes
Directing/Director2012 E.V.E. of Destruction
Writing/Writer2012 E.V.E. of Destruction
Production/Producer2012 The Dark Sleep
Directing/Director2009 HalloweeNight
Writing/Writer2009 HalloweeNight
Editing/Editor2009 HalloweeNight
Production/Producer2009 Muckman
Writing/Writer2009 Muckman
Directing/Director2008 Forest Primeval
Editing/Editor2008 Forest Primeval
Production/Producer2008 Forest Primeval
Directing/Director2008 Monster Movie
Directing/Director2007 Splatter Beach
Directing/Director2007 WildCat
Editing/Editor2006 Curse of Pirate Death
Directing/Director2005 Black Mass
Production/Producer2005 Black Mass
Directing/Director2005 Razorteeth
Production/Producer2005 Razorteeth
Directing/Director2004 The Dinosaur Chronicles
Directing/Director2004 Preylien: Alien Predators
Directing/Director2004 Among Us
Editing/Editor2004 Peter Rottentail
Production/Producer2004 Peter Rottentail
Directing/Director2004 Peter Rottentail
Directing/Director2003 Holla If I Kill You
Editing/Editor2003 Holla If I Kill You
Editing/Editor2003 Blood Sisters
Directing/Director2002 NightThirst
Production/Producer2002 NightThirst
Editing/Editor2002 Behind Closed Doors
Editing/Editor2002 The Zombie Chronicles
Editing/Editor2002 Radio Erotica
Editing/Editor2001 Intimate Touch
Editing/Editor2001 B-Witched
Directing/Director2001 Dweller
Production/Producer2001 Dweller
Editing/Editor2001 Dweller
Directing/Director2000 Blood Red Planet
Production/Producer2000 Blood Red Planet
Editing/Editor2000 Blood Red Planet
Directing/Director2000 The House That Screamed
Writing/Writer2000 The House That Screamed
Editing/Editor2000 Erotic Day Dream
Editing/Editor1999 Dungeon of Desire
Directing/Director1998 Terror House
Production/Producer1998 Terror House
Directing/Director1998 Feeders 2: Slay Bells
Writing/Writer1998 Feeders 2: Slay Bells
Directing/Director1998 Bad Magic
Directing/Director1996 Feeders
Writing/Writer1996 Feeders
Directing/Director1996 Night Crawlers
Directing/Director1995 How to Slay a Vampire
Writing/Writer1995 How to Slay a Vampire
Directing/Director1994 Saurians
Writing/Writer1994 Saurians
Directing/Director1993 Hellspawn
Directing/Director1987 Splatter Farm
Writing/Writer1987 Splatter Farm
Directing/Director1987 Channel 13
Editing/Editor1987 Channel 13
Directing/Director1986 Hallucinations
Directing/Director1985 Church of the Damned

Full Name: Mark Polonia
Born: Monday, 09/30 1968 (September) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 54 years + 132 days)
Zodiac sign: Libra (Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey)
Languages: English (EN, native language)
Siblings: John Polonia
Other names for Mark Polonia (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Storm Anderson"
"Al Mercer"
"Alan Joseph Micheal"
Mark Polonia frequently works together with these people:
John Polonia (71x, Crew)
Jeff Kirkendall (32x, Cast)
Jon McBride (27x, Crew)
Steve Diasparra (22x, Actor)
Todd Carpenter (21x, Cast)
Brett Piper (21x, Crew)
Ken Van Sant (20x, Cast)
Bob Dennis (18x, Cast)
James Carolus (18x, Cast)
David S. Sterling (15x, Crew)
Anthony Polonia (14x, Crew)
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