Mark Atkins

Film Director / Cinematographer / Screenwriter

Award winning filmmaker Mark Atkins began his career working on blue chip natural history films for the BBC and National Geographic as an assistant cameraman for his aunt and uncle, acclaimed natural history filmmakers Paul Atkins and Grace Niska Atkins of Moana Productions. Working with Paul and Gracie, Mark was part of the camera team on Moana Productions’ National Geographic specials SECRET KILLERS OF MONTEREY BAY which won a CINE Masters Series Award. Mark received additional photography credit on Moana Productions GREAT WHITE SHARK which won an Emmy Award and Cine Golden Eagle for cinematography.Atkins was accepted into the University of Central Florida’s Motion Picture Program from which he graduated in 1995 with a B.A. in Motion Picture Production. While still an undergraduate, Atkins wrote, directed and produced his first feature film, the 35mm Southern Gothic mystery, Night Orchid — Winner of Best First Feature Film at the New Orleans Film Festival and Golden Medallion for Best Feature and Golden Lion for Best of Show at the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival. Night Orchid was picked up for distribution as part of then fledgling distributor, the Asylum’s First Rites Program.Subsequent to Night Orchid, Atkins became one of The Asylum’s most in-demand writer-directors and cinematographers, directing fourteen features and serving as cinematographer on over thirty since. To date, Atkins has written thirteen screenplays which have been successfully produced. Atkins has directed eighteen features with subjects ranging from fantasy (MERLIN and the WAR OF THE DRAGONS) to horror (HAUNTING OF WINCHESTER HOUSE), comedy (SAND SHARKS), science fiction (ANDROID COP), action adventure (ALLAN QUATERMAIN) and thrillers (EVIL EYES). His work has taken him across the globe from Rapa Nui, Egypt, Figi, South Africa, Belize, Iceland, Burma and Tierra del Fuego. He shot his first 3D feature film in 2009. Atkins served as underwater cinematographer for 30K LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, the documentary feature INTO THE AIR, and Awaken. Atkins also served as cinematographer on DISNEY’s animation live-action hybrid, TAKE 2 with PHINEUS and FERB.Atkins’ films have been successful in television and film markets worldwide. His Syfy Original Movie, Battle of Los Angeles was the third movie of 2011 with over 2 million viewers and the most popular with the 25 to 54 demographic. Many of his films have been the top renters including Merlin and the War of the Dragons (#41 video rentals in Germany for 2009). In 2010, FIRE DRAGON CHRONICLES: Dragon Quest (#3 in Blu-ray Rental ranking for its German distributor). Sand Sharks, the #1 title for its German distributor in 2012. Atkins films are consistently top market performers.

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Most frequent genres for this person: Action | Science Fiction | Horror

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Movies with Mark Atkins as Actor(2)

Movies with Mark Atkins as Crew(102)

Writing/Screenplay2020 Shark Season
Crew/Cinematography2019 Big Kill
Camera/Director of Photography2019 Monster Island
Directing/Director2019 Monster Island
Editing/Editor2019 Monster Island
Writing/Writer2019 Monster Island
Camera/Director of Photography2018 6-Headed Shark Attack
Directing/Director2018 6-Headed Shark Attack
Writing/Screenplay2018 6-Headed Shark Attack
Writing/Screenplay2018 Alien Siege
Camera/Director of Photography2018 DWB: Dating While Black
Camera/Director of Photography2017 Empire of the Sharks
Directing/Director2017 Empire of the Sharks
Editing/Editor2017 Empire of the Sharks
Writing/Writer2017 Empire of the Sharks
Directing/Director2017 Jurassic School
Editing/Editor2017 Jurassic School
Camera/Director of Photography2016 Planet of the Sharks
Directing/Director2016 Planet of the Sharks
Editing/Editor2016 Planet of the Sharks
Writing/Writer2016 Planet of the Sharks
Camera/Director of Photography2016 In the Name of Ben-Hur
Directing/Director2016 In the Name of Ben-Hur
Editing/Editor2016 In the Name of Ben-Hur
Writing/Writer2016 In the Name of Ben-Hur
Camera/Director of Photography2015 Martian Land
Editing/Editor2015 Martian Land
Directing/Director2015 Awaken
Editing/Editor2015 Awaken
Writing/Screenplay2015 Awaken
Writing/Story2015 Awaken
Camera/Director of Photography2015 Road Wars
Directing/Director2015 Road Wars
Editing/Editor2015 Road Wars
Writing/Screenplay2015 Road Wars
Camera/Director of Photography2014 P-51 Dragon Fighter
Directing/Director2014 P-51 Dragon Fighter
Writing/Writer2014 P-51 Dragon Fighter
Camera/Director of Photography2014 Android Cop
Directing/Director2014 Android Cop
Writing/Screenplay2014 Android Cop
Crew/Cinematography2013 Knight of the Dead
Directing/Director2013 Knight of the Dead
Editing/Editor2013 Knight of the Dead
Production/Producer2013 Knight of the Dead
Visual Effects/VFX Artist2013 Knight of the Dead
Writing/Co-Writer2013 Knight of the Dead
Camera/Director of Photography2013 Jack the Giant Killer
Directing/Director2013 Jack the Giant Killer
Writing/Writer2013 Jack the Giant Killer
Writing/Screenplay2013 Jack the Giant Killer
Writing/Writer2012 Dragon Wasps
Directing/Director2012 Alien Origin
Camera/Director of Photography2012 Battle Force
Editing/Editor2012 Battle Force
Camera/Director of Photography2011 Battle of Los Angeles
Directing/Director2011 Battle of Los Angeles
Editing/Editor2011 Battle of Los Angeles
Writing/Writer2011 Battle of Los Angeles
Camera/Director of Photography2011 Dragon Crusaders
Directing/Director2011 Dragon Crusaders
Editing/Editor2011 Dragon Crusaders
Writing/Writer2011 Dragon Crusaders
Camera/Director of Photography2011 Sand Sharks
Directing/Director2011 Sand Sharks
Editing/Editor2010 Airline Disaster
Camera/Director of Photography2010 Milf
Directing/Director2009 Haunting of Winchester House
Writing/Writer2009 Haunting of Winchester House
Camera/Director of Photography2009 Princess of Mars
Directing/Director2009 Princess of Mars
Editing/Editor2009 Princess of Mars
Visual Effects/VFX Artist2009 Princess of Mars
Writing/Screenplay2009 Princess of Mars
Camera/Director of Photography2009 The Land That Time Forgot
Camera/Director of Photography2009 Dragonquest
Directing/Director2009 Dragonquest
Camera/Director of Photography2009 Transmorphers: Fall of Man
Camera/Director of Photography2009 The Terminators
Camera/Director of Photography2009 2012: Supernova
Editing/Editor2008 100 Million BC
Crew/Cinematography2008 Merlin and the War of the Dragons
Directing/Director2008 Merlin and the War of the Dragons
Camera/Director of Photography2008 2012 Doomsday
Camera/Director of Photography2007 AVH: Alien vs. Hunter
Camera/Director of Photography2007 Freakshow
Camera/Director of Photography2006 Halloween Night
Directing/Director2006 Halloween Night
Camera/Director of Photography2006 Snakes on a Train
Camera/Director of Photography2006 When a Killer Calls
Camera/First Assistant Camera2004 The Land Has Eyes
Camera/Second Assistant Camera2004 The Land Has Eyes
Camera/Director of Photography2004 Evil Eyes
Directing/Director2004 Evil Eyes
Directing/Director1997 Night Orchid
Editing/Editor1997 Night Orchid
Production/Producer1997 Night Orchid
Writing/Writer1997 Night Orchid

Full Name: Mark Atkins
Other names for Mark Atkins (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Mark Atkins (Filmemacher)"
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