Kenji Utsumi

Name in Native Language: "内海 賢二" (Japanese/JA)
Voice Acting In Japan / Actor | * 08/26/1937 († 75, 06/13/2013) | Shinjuku, Tokyo (Japan)
Kenji Utsumi (内海 賢二, Utsumi Kenji, August 26, 1937 – June 13, 2013) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Kitakyushu, affiliated with the self-founded Ken Production. He was best known for his roles in Sally the Witch (1966) (as Sally's Papa), Fist of the North Star (as Raoh and Kaioh), Dr. Slump Arale-chan (as Senbei Norimaki), the Dragon Ball series (as Shenlong, Commander Red, Reacoom and the Tenkaichi Budōkai announcer), Fullmetal Alchemist (as Alex Louis Armstrong) and Hajime no Ippo (as Coach Kamogawa). He was also known for dubbing over the voices of actors Carl Weathers, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Victor Mature and Robert Shaw in the Japanese-language editions of their films. He received a lifetime achievement award at the third Seiyu Awards. ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Action | Comedies

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Seiyu Awards Lifetime Achievement Award Seiyu Awards Merit Award
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Movies with Kenji Utsumi as Actor(59)

as Shenlong (voice)2013 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
as Uncle 2 (voice)2009 Yona Yona Penguin
as Inspector Tomobiki2005 Black Jack: The Two Doctors in Black
as Volgin (voice)2005 Metal Gear Solid 3: Existence
as Alex Louis Armstrong (voice)2005 Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
as Genji Kamogawa (voice)2003 Hajime no Ippo - Mashiba vs. Kimura
as Genji Kamogawa (voice)2003 Fighting Spirit: Champion Road
as El Drago2000 One Piece: The Movie
as Eimei Shishido (voice)1998 Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target
as Captain (voice)1998 Hunter × Hunter Pilot
as King Minos (voice)1997 Hermes - Winds of Love
as Galev (voice)1996 Slayers Return
as Commander Red/Shenlong1996 Dragon Ball: The Path to Power
as Evil Spirit (voice)1996 Hell Teacher Nube
as Col. Millard Johnson (voice)1995 Macross Plus: The Movie
as Braiking Boss1993 Casshan: Robot Hunter
as Ophisto Bazooka (voice)1992 Hanappe Bazooka
as Dark Detective Kurayami (voice)1991 Sukeban Deka
as Damokuresu (voice)1991 Adachi-ga Hara
as Slug / Shenlong (voice)1991 Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
as Inspector Sakaki/Junichirō Sakaki (voice)1990 New Dream Hunter Rem: Dream Knights
as Bull Demon King (voice)1989 The Tale of Osamu Tezuka: I'm Son-Goku
as Kaishō Taki (voice)1989 Angel Cop
as Shenron (voice)1989 Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
as Village Chief1988 The Legend of Watt Poe
as Priest (voice)1988 Charge!! Men's Private School
as Shenlong (voice) / Tournament Announcer (voice)1988 Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
as Eiichiro Kashiwaba (voice)1987 Touch 3 Don't Pass Me By
as Geobaldi (voice)1986 Outlanders
as Ken-Ô (Raoh)1986 Fist of the North Star
as Dr. Zakariasen (voice)1985 Nora
as Junichirō Sakaki1985 Dream Hunter Rem
as Gure (voice)1984 Kenya Boy
as Salamander (voice)1983 Harmagedon
as Senbei Norimaki (voice)1982 Dr. Slump: Hoyoyo! Space Adventure
as Goro Narumi1982 Techno Police 21C
as Glaucos (voice)1981 Sea Prince and the Fire Child
as Dracula (voice)1980 The Tomb of Dracula
as Acetylene Lamp (voice)1980 Fumoon
as Acetylene Lamp (voice)1979 Undersea Super Train: Marine Express
as Akira Utsumi1977 Case of the Disjointed Murder
as Dora (voice)1971 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
as Tajima1963 Sweet Trap

TV Shows/Series with Kenji Utsumi as Actor(42)

as Mr. Todoroki (voice)2013 Silver Spoon
as Burnt Alive Lion2009 Kämpfer
as Emperor of Darkness2009 Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!
as Guido (voice)2009 Needless
as Louis Armstrong (voice)2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
as Braiking Boss2008 Casshern Sins
as Kyūtarō Ōba2006 Kemonozume
as Mino Nenki2005 Basilisk
as Carlos2005 Gallery Fake
as Alex Louis Armstrong (voice)2003 Fullmetal Alchemist
as Aoi's Father2002 Ai Yori Aoshi
as Shirow Watari2002 RahXephon
as Demon King2002 Petite Princess Yucie
as Black Ghost (voice)2001 Cyborg 009
as Genji Kamogawa2000 Fighting Spirit
as Duuz Delax Rex1999 Angel Links
as Zodd (voice)1997 Berserk
as M. Bison1995 Street Fighter II: V
as Recoome1989 Dragon Ball Z
as Shenron1989 Dragon Ball Z
as 屠殺鬼玉王1988 Tatakae!! Ramenman
as Announcer (voice)1986 Dragon Ball
as ミスターX1985 Pro Golfer Saru
as 花園明美1984 Twin Hawks
as Senbei Norimaki (voice)1981 Dr. Slump
as Space Demon King (voice)1980 New Tetsujin-28
as Barandoku1978 Fighting General Daimos
as Mamoru Kazuki1976 Magnos The Robot
as Yoisho (voice)1975 Adventure of Gamba
as Dr. Richardson1975 Tekkaman: The Space Knight
as Briking (voice)1973 Casshan
as 武者ガロス1973 Zero Tester
as Narrator (voice)1969 Judo Boy
as La Seine (voice)1968 Cackling Kitarou
as Inspector Rokugô1967 Speed Racer
as イボ1965 Space Ace
as One-Eyed Jack (voice)1963 Wolf Boy Ken

Full Name: Kenji Utsumi
Citizenship: Japan
Born: Thursday, 08/26 1937 (August) in Shinjuku, Tokyo (Japan)
Died: Thursday, 06/13 2013 (June) in Shinjuku (aged: 75)
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Chinese zodiac sign: Ox)
Languages: Japanese (JA)
Spouses (current/former): Michiko Nomura
Other names for Kenji Utsumi (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"内海 賢二"
"うつみ けんじ" (Kana/Japanese)
Kenji Utsumi frequently works together with these people:
Masako Nozawa (16x, Actress)
Mami Koyama (12x, Actress)
Akira Toriyama (11x, Crew)
Daisuke Gôri (10x, Actor)
Masami Suda (10x, Crew)
Naoki Tatsuta (10x, Actor)
Kaneto Shiozawa (9x, Actor)
Toshio Furukawa (9x, Actor)
Ichiro Nagai (9x, Actor)
Joji Yanami (8x, Actor)
Tessyo Genda (8x, Actor)
Koji Totani (8x, Actor)
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