Jürgen Vogel

Screenwriter / Film Director / Actor / Film Producer | * 04/29/1968 (54) | Hamburg (Germany)
Jürgen Peter Vogel (German pronunciation: [ˈjʏʁɡn̩ ˈpeːtɐ ˈfoːɡl̩]; born 29 April 1968, in Hamburg) is a German actor, screenwriter, film producer and singer. One of the most successful character actors in German cinema, he first broke out in 1992 with his role in Little Sharks. ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Comedies | Crime

Awards & Nominations for Jürgen Vogel

German Film Award European Film Award for Best Actor
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Movies with Jürgen Vogel as Actor(106)

2023 Caveman
as Jim2023 Der Pfau
as Herr Vogel2021 Stay Still
as Sprecher2021 Zwerg Nase
as Bero2020 The Witch Princess
as Steve's Father2020 God, You’re Such a Prick
as Jan2020 No Hard Feelings
as Henry Blochin2019 Blochin: Das letzte Kapitel
as Robert Wilhelms2019 The Three Exclamation Marks
as Ole2018 So viel Zeit
as Kelab2017 Iceman
as Lennart Behrwaldt2016 Familie!
as Josef Rattler2016 Winnetou - A New World
as Marc2015 Vertraue mir
as Frank Michalka2015 Der weisse Äthiopier
as Philipp Schwarz2015 Windstorm 2
as Georg Kiehl2014 Schoßgebete
as Michael2014 Tour de Force
as Erik2014 Stereo
as Mikas Father2013 Windstorm
as Tom Larson2013 Die Flut ist pünktlich
as Erich Freytag2013 Sources of Life
as Frank Keller2012 Tod einer Polizistin
as Niels2012 Mercy
as Jo Weiß / Rainer Simon2011 Tod in Istanbul
as Israel Hands2011 Die Schatzinsel
as Siggi Meyer2011 Hotel Lux
as Henry Thalberg2011 Die Stunde des Wolfes
as Melzer2010 The Coming Days
as Ditsche2010 Transit
as Vince Holland2010 Gravity
as Klaus-Dieter2010 Boxhagener Platz
as Pi-Pi-Pi-Pirat2009 Wickie the Mighty Viking
as Rainer Gunsch2009 Männersache
as Holger2009 This Is Love
as Michael 'Mike' Roth2009 12 Winter
as Jonas Birke2008 Duell in der Nacht
as Christian Lauffer2008 Alte Freunde
as Rainer Wenger2008 The Wave
as himself2007 Rabbit Without Ears
as Klaus Pröllinger2007 Paula's Secret
as Joachim Tietze2006 Mutterglück
as Hans2006 A Friend of Mine
as Straussenberg2006 Spur der Hoffnung
as Theo2006 The Free Will
as Alex2006 Where Is Fred?
as Max2006 Emma's Bliss
as Hausmeister2005 Barefoot
as Markus Hansen2005 Keine Lieder über Liebe
as Dieter Newer2005 Außer Kontrolle
as Friedrich II. von Preußen2004 My Name Is Bach
as Dieter Scholl2003 Die Geisel
as Arthur von Eschenbach2003 Rosenstrasse
as Das Küken2003 Good Bye, Lenin!
as Otto Peng2003 Der Aufstand
as Boris2002 Naked
as Klaus Raul2002 Der Freund meiner Mutter
as Jesko2002 Shattered Glass
2002 Nogo
as Max Grundeis2001 Emil and the Detectives
as Erich Sass2001 Sass
as Leo Kramer2000 Das Phantom
as Rudi2000 Manila
as Ulrich Raffcyk1999 Ein großes Ding
as Youri1999 Le sourire du clown
as Hagen Trinker1999 Fette Welt
as Gregor1998 The Big Mambo
as Jan1998 Der Pirat
as Jan Nebel1997 Life Is All You Get
as Nils Jakkelsen1997 Smilla's Sense of Snow
as Andreas Menzel1997 Der Kindermord
as Levin Graber1997 The Pharmacist
as Edgar1996 Sexy Sadie
as Roloff1996 Charleys Tante
as Magnus1995 Am Morgen danach
as Leo1995 The Meds
as Frank1995 Silent Night
as Max1994 Unschuldsengel
as Piet Nickel1994 Polski Crash
as Andy Demski1994 Angst
as Lalla1993 Schicksalsspiel
as Arthur1993 Durst
as Ingo1992 Little Sharks
as Emil1990 Rosamunde
as Peter 'Pit' Malek1989 Bumerang-Bumerang
as Siggi1988 A.D.A.M.
as Junge1987 Kinder aus Stein
as Wolfgang Spindler1987 Reichshauptstadt privat
as Joschi1987 Der Werwolf von W.
as Dieter1986 November Cats

TV Shows/Series with Jürgen Vogel as Actor(59)

as Siegfried von Tennen2023 Tutku cemberi
as Robert Heffler2021 Jenseits der Spree
as Kurt Fankhauser2019 Das Wichtigste im Leben
as himself2015 Wer weiß denn sowas?
as Anton Waller2015 Shades of Guilt
as Gregor Weiss2015 The Team
as himself2014 Quizduell
as Guest2013 Neo Magazin Royale
as himself2012 Der Quiz-Champion
as himself2008 Markus Lanz
as Israel Hands2007 New Heart
as himself2004 Leute am Donnerstag
as Schlüsseldienst-Mitarbeiter2004 Dittsche - Das wirklich wahre Leben
as himself2004 Schillerstraße
as Jacky Herbst2003 Nachtschicht
as himself2002 Kulturjournal
as himself1999 Beckmann
as Dieter Landes1998 Mordkommission
as himself1998 Sabine Christiansen
as himself1997 Taff
as Willy1994 Faust
as Werner Milatowski1994 Ein starkes Team
as Fromm1994 Doppelter Einsatz
as Holger Büchelein1993 Hecht & Haie
as himself1991 DAS!
as Kai1988 Eurocops
as Lutz1985 Bas-Boris Bode
as Matti1984 Der Fahnder
as Hannes1984 Der Fahnder
as Udo Kramer1981 A Case For Two
as himself1979 NDR Talk Show
as himself1976 Kölner Treff
as himself1974 III nach neun
as himself1971 Dalli Dalli
as Kühnert1971 Police Call 110
as Atze Pöhlein1971 Police Call 110
as Bühlau1971 Police Call 110
as Lennard Kohlmorgen1971 Police Call 110
as Alex1970 Scene of the Crime
as Daniel1970 Scene of the Crime
as Rudi Eltmann1970 Scene of the Crime
as Lu Wolff1970 Scene of the Crime
as Harry Wolter1970 Scene of the Crime
as Roman Mielcke1970 Scene of the Crime
as Gotthilf Bigamiluschvatokovtschvili "Gobi"1970 Scene of the Crime

Movies with Jürgen Vogel as Crew(3)

Production/Producer2010 The Coming Days
Production/Producer2006 The Free Will
Writing/Writer2006 The Free Will

Full Name: Jürgen Vogel
Citizenship: Germany
Born: Monday, 04/29 1968 (April) in Hamburg (Germany) (current age: 54 years + 325 days)
Zodiac sign: Taurus (Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey)
Languages: German (DE)
Member of: Deutsche Filmakademie
Jürgen Vogel frequently works together with these people:
Armin Rohde (38x, Actor)
Ben Becker (33x, Actor)
Andrea Sawatzki (31x, Actress)
Karl Kranzkowski (31x, Actor)
André Hennicke (29x, Actor)
Tilo Prückner (29x, Actor)
Ralf Richter (27x, Actor)
Jürgen Tarrach (27x, Actor)
Leonard Lansink (27x, Actor)
Oliver Stritzel (27x, Actor)
Ulrich Gebauer (26x, Actor)
Matthias Glasner (18x, Crew)
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