Jesús Franco

Film Director / Screenwriter / Film Producer / Cinematographer / Composer / Camera Operator / Actor | * 05/12/1930 († 82, 04/02/2013) | Madrid (Spain)
Jesús Franco Manera (12 May 1930 – 2 April 2013) was a Spanish filmmaker, composer, and actor, known as a prolific director of low-budget exploitation and B-movies. In a career spanning from 1959 to 2013, he wrote, directed, produced, acted in, and scored approximately 173 feature films, working both in his native Spain and (during the rule of Francisco Franco) in France, West Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. Additionally, during the 1960s, he made several films in Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul. ()

Jesús "Jess" Franco was a Spanish film director, writer, cinematographer and actor. His career took off in 1961 with his cult classic The Awful Dr. Orloff, which received wide distribution in the United States and England. Though he had some American box office success with Necronomicon, his first women-in-prison film Ninety-Nine Women, and his two Christopher Lee films, The Bloody Judge and Count Dracula, he never achieved wide commercial success. Franco moved from Spain to France in 1970 so that he could make more violent and sexual films, and it was at this point that his career began to go downhill commercially, as he turned to low-budget filmmaking with a heavier accent on adult-oriented films. Although he produced a few well-received, low budget horror films in the early 70's, many people in the industry considered him a porn director due to the huge number of X-rated adult films he began churning out. Franco returned to low-budget horror in a brief comeback period from 1980-1983, but after 1983, his career took a second downturn. With the exception of his Faceless and Killer Barbys, his post-1984 films are almost unwatchable due to the incredibly low budgets he was forced to work with. Franco has nevertheless retained a large cult following through the years with his sexually-charged horror films, some of which are regarded as masterpieces by his avid followers.

Photo of Jesús Franco
Most frequent genres for this person: Horror | Drama | Comedies

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Honorary Goya Award
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Movies with Jesús Franco as Actor(114)

as Self - Filmmaker (archive footage)2019 Wild Session
as himself2017 Drácula Barcelona
as Himself (archive footage)2015 Soledad Miranda, Flower in the Desert
as himself2014 Call Me Jess Redux
as himself2014 Queridos monstruos
as Self (archive footage) (uncredited)2014 Clawing! A Journey Through the Spanish Horror
as himself2013 The Rhythm of Jess
as himself2012 Tío Jess
as himself2012 Debris Documentar
2009 Idoru
as himself2009 Por la gracia de Luis
as J.W. Radek2009 Take-Away Spirit
as Padre del Dr. Weissman2008 Ellos robaron la picha de Hitler
as himself2007 Beloved Count
as himself2007 Bloody Jess
as himself2005 Jesús in Furs
as himself2005 Ban the Sadist Videos!
as Jess Franco2003 Red Venice
as himself2002 Perversion Stories
as himself2002 Coffins of Light
as himself2000 Call Him Jess
as Dr. James Wong1999 Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
as The Merchant1999 Vampire Blues
as Boat Captain1989 Esmeralda Bay
as Professor Karame1986 Girl with the Red Lips
as Doctor Callman1984 Camino solitario
as Psychiatrist (uncredited)1984 Night Has a Thousand Desires
as The Miseries (uncredited)1984 Bahia Blanca
as Tom1984 A Crack for Two
as Recepcionist1983 Macumba Sexual
as Matón en cementerio de coches (voice) (uncredited)1983 Black Boots, Leather Whip
as Abductor1983 Blood on My Shoes
as Sam Chesterfield1983 The Blues of Pop Street
as Blind Old Man1983 En busca del dragón dorado
as Lucas1981 Sadomania
as Doctor (uncredited)1981 Bloody Moon
as Film Director1981 Sex Is Crazy
as Uncle Jess1981 Jailhouse Wardress
as Dying Man (uncredited)1980 What a Honeymoon
as Mr. Martin1980 White Cannibal Queen
as Strange Guy1979 Justine and the Whip
as Mathis Vogel1979 The Sadist of Notre Dame
as Dr. Milton Arcos (as Jess Franco)1977 Greta, the Mad Butcher
as Marcel1977 Kiss Me Killer
as Radeck's Assistant1977 Slaves
as Dr. Seward1976 Shining Sex
as Graf Anastasio1976 White Skin Black Thighs
as Janos Radeck1976 Midnight Party
as Maria's Father (uncredited)1976 Barbed Wire Dolls
as Mathis Vogel, aka Laforgue (as Jess Frank)1975 Exorcism
as Al Pereira1975 Downtown
as Dr. Roberts (as Jess Franck)1975 The Hot Nights of Linda
as Bill1975 Women Behind Bars
as Sleeping Man1974 Celestine
as Andy1974 Night of the Skull
as Inspecteur Hernandez1973 Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac
as Attila Tanner1973 Eugenie de Sade
as Lord Comfort (uncredited)1973 The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff
as Dr. Roberts1973 Female Vampire
as Cyril Jefferson1972 Daughter of Dracula
as himself1972 Vampir Cuadecuc
as Crosby / Drunk Man in Nightclub1972 The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse
as Tino Celli1971 The Devil Came from Akasava
as Dr. Donen1971 She Killed in Ecstasy
as Man at John Somers'1971 X312 - Flight to Hell
as Memmet1971 Vampyros Lesbos
as Man in Red Ritual Scene (uncredited)1970 Eugenie
as Van Helsing's servant (uncredited)1970 Count Dracula
as Napoleon Bolivard1969 Two Undercover Angels
as Jazz Musician1969 Venus in Furs
as Official1969 99 Women
as Guitar Player1969 The Girl from Rio
as Insp. Ahmet1969 The Castle of Fu Manchu
as Abilene's Contact Man1969 Kiss Me Monster
as Writer1968 Succubus
as Ciego / Zoltan / Guitarrista1967 Lucky, the Inscrutable
as Inspector Tanner1966 The Diabolical Dr. Z
as Piano Player1966 Attack of the Robots
as Pianist (uncredited)1966 Attack of the Robots
as Casino Piano Player (uncredited)1966 Residence for Spies
as Saxofonista en Club de Nueva Orleans (uncredited)1964 Death Whistles the Blues
as Piano Player1964 Dr. Orloff's Monster
as Don Venancio1964 Strange Voyage
as Pianist (uncredited)1962 The Awful Dr. Orlof
as Pianista (uncredited)1958 Anna Said Yes
as Extra (uncredited)1956 Around the World in Eighty Days

TV Shows/Series with Jesús Franco as Actor(1)

as himself1999 Eurotika!

Movies with Jesús Franco as Crew(537)

Production/Producer2013 Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies
Directing/Director2013 Revenge of the Alligator Ladies
Directing/Director2012 La cripta de las condenadas
Editing/Editor2012 La cripta de las condenadas
Production/Producer2012 La cripta de las condenadas
Sound/Original Music Composer2012 La cripta de las condenadas
Writing/Writer2012 La cripta de las condenadas
Camera/Director of Photography2010 Paula-Paula
Crew/Special Effects2010 Paula-Paula
Directing/Director2010 Paula-Paula
Editing/Editor2010 Paula-Paula
Writing/Dialogue2010 Paula-Paula
Writing/Screenplay2010 Paula-Paula
Crew/Additional Dialogue2009 Take-Away Spirit
Writing/Story2008 Vampyros Lesbos
Directing/Director2008 A Bad Day at the Cemetery
Writing/Screenplay2008 A Bad Day at the Cemetery
Directing/Director2007 Lascivia
Directing/Director2006 Montes de Venus
Directing/Director2005 Jess Franco's Passion
Writing/Writer2005 Jess Franco's Passion
Directing/Director2005 Snakewoman
Sound/Original Music Composer2005 Snakewoman
Writing/Writer2005 Snakewoman
Directing/Director2005 Jess Franco's Perversion
Writing/Writer2005 Jess Franco's Perversion
Directing/Director2002 Incubus
Writing/Writer2002 Incubus
Directing/Director2002 Killer Barbys vs. Dracula
Sound/Original Music Composer2002 Killer Barbys vs. Dracula
Writing/Story2002 Killer Barbys vs. Dracula
Writing/Screenplay2002 Killer Barbys vs. Dracula
Directing/Director2001 Vampire Junction
Sound/Original Music Composer2001 Vampire Junction
Writing/Writer2001 Vampire Junction
Directing/Director2000 Helter Skelter
Sound/Original Music Composer2000 Helter Skelter
Writing/Writer2000 Helter Skelter
Directing/Director2000 Blind Target
Sound/Original Music Composer2000 Blind Target
Directing/Director1999 Red Silk
Writing/Screenplay1999 Red Silk
Directing/Director1999 Broken Dolls
Writing/Writer1999 Broken Dolls
Directing/Director1999 Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
Sound/Original Music Composer1999 Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
Writing/Writer1999 Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
Directing/Director1999 Vampire Blues
Sound/Original Music Composer1999 Vampire Blues
Writing/Screenplay1999 Vampire Blues
Production/Producer1998 Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula
Sound/Original Music Composer1998 Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula
Directing/Director1998 Lust for Frankenstein
Production/Producer1998 Lust for Frankenstein
Sound/Music1998 Lust for Frankenstein
Writing/Screenplay1998 Lust for Frankenstein
Directing/Director1997 Tender Flesh
Production/Executive Producer1997 Tender Flesh
Sound/Original Music Composer1997 Tender Flesh
Writing/Screenplay1997 Tender Flesh
Directing/Director1996 Vampire Killer Barbys
Writing/Writer1996 Vampire Killer Barbys
Directing/Director1994 Downtown Heat
Production/Producer1994 Downtown Heat
Writing/Screenplay1994 Downtown Heat
Directing/Director1993 Jungle of Fear
Production/Executive Producer1993 Jungle of Fear
Editing/Supervising Film Editor1992 Don Quixote
Editing/Editor1992 Don Quixote
Writing/Dialogue1992 Don Quixote
Sound/Original Music Composer1992 El abuelo, la condesa y Escarlata la traviesa
Directing/Director1991 In Pursuit of Barbara
Art/Art Direction1989 Fall of the Eagles
Directing/Director1989 Fall of the Eagles
Editing/Editor1989 Fall of the Eagles
Writing/Screenplay1989 Fall of the Eagles
Directing/Director1989 Esmeralda Bay
Production/Producer1989 Esmeralda Bay
Writing/Writer1989 Esmeralda Bay
Directing/Director1988 Dark Mission: Flowers of Evil
Production/Producer1988 Dark Mission: Flowers of Evil
Directing/Director1988 Faceless
Writing/Writer1988 Faceless
Directing/Director1987 Thong Girls
Editing/Editor1987 Thong Girls
Writing/Screenplay1987 Thong Girls
Writing/Writer1987 Thong Girls
Directing/Director1987 Slave of Crime
Editing/Editor1987 Slave of Crime
Sound/Original Music Composer1987 Slave of Crime
Writing/Screenplay1987 Slave of Crime
Costume & Make-Up/Costumer1987 ¡Biba la banda!
Crew/Cinematography1987 Falo Crest
Directing/Director1987 Falo Crest
Writing/Writer1987 Falo Crest
Camera/Director of Photography1987 Phollastía
Directing/Director1987 Phollastía
Writing/Story1987 Phollastía
Directing/Director1986 Entre pitos anda el juego
Sound/Original Music Composer1986 Entre pitos anda el juego
Writing/Screenplay1986 Entre pitos anda el juego
Directing/Director1986 Alone Against Terror
Sound/Original Music Composer1986 Alone Against Terror
Writing/Screenplay1986 Alone Against Terror
Camera/Director of Photography1986 The Last from Philippines
Directing/Director1986 The Last from Philippines
Editing/Editor1986 The Last from Philippines
Production/Producer1986 The Last from Philippines
Writing/Story1986 The Last from Philippines
Camera/Director of Photography1986 Girl with the Red Lips
Directing/Director1986 Girl with the Red Lips
Sound/Original Music Composer1986 Girl with the Red Lips
Writing/Screenplay1986 Girl with the Red Lips
Directing/Director1986 The Voyeur and the Exhibitionist
Directing/Director1986 Golden Temple Amazons
Production/Producer1986 Golden Temple Amazons
Directing/Director1986 Fury in the Tropics
Sound/Music1986 Fury in the Tropics
Writing/Screenplay1986 Fury in the Tropics
Directing/Director1986 Sida, la peste del siglo XX
Editing/Editor1986 Sida, la peste del siglo XX
Writing/Screenplay1986 Sida, la peste del siglo XX
Directing/Director1986 Lulu's Talking Ass
Sound/Original Music Composer1986 Lulu's Talking Ass
Writing/Screenplay1986 Lulu's Talking Ass
Writing/Story1986 Lulu's Talking Ass
Directing/Director1986 Bragueta historia
Directing/Director1986 Para las nenas, leche calentita
Sound/Original Music Composer1986 Para las nenas, leche calentita
Writing/Screenplay1986 Para las nenas, leche calentita
Directing/Director1985 Dirty Game in Casablanca
Production/Producer1985 Dirty Game in Casablanca
Directing/Director1985 Bangkok, City of the Dead
Editing/Editor1985 Bangkok, City of the Dead
Sound/Original Music Composer1985 Bangkok, City of the Dead
Writing/Screenplay1985 Bangkok, City of the Dead
Directing/Director1985 Judoka Shadow versus Doctor Wong
Sound/Original Music Composer1985 Judoka Shadow versus Doctor Wong
Writing/Screenplay1985 Judoka Shadow versus Doctor Wong
Directing/Director1985 Un pito para tres
Editing/Editor1985 Un pito para tres
Writing/Screenplay1985 Un pito para tres
Writing/Story1985 Un pito para tres
Directing/Director1985 Angel of Death
Writing/Screenplay1985 Angel of Death
Directing/Director1985 Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included
Production/Producer1985 Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included
Writing/Screenplay1985 Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included
Directing/Director1985 White Jungle Slave
Sound/Music1985 White Jungle Slave
Directing/Director1984 The Sexual Story of O
Editing/Editor1984 The Sexual Story of O
Production/Producer1984 The Sexual Story of O
Writing/Screenplay1984 The Sexual Story of O
Camera/Director of Photography1984 Camino solitario
Directing/Director1984 Camino solitario
Writing/Writer1984 Camino solitario
Camera/Director of Photography1984 Night Has a Thousand Desires
Directing/Director1984 Night Has a Thousand Desires
Writing/Writer1984 Night Has a Thousand Desires
Directing/Director1984 Bahia Blanca
Production/Producer1984 Bahia Blanca
Writing/Writer1984 Bahia Blanca
Writing/Screenplay1984 Bahia Blanca
Writing/Story1984 Bahia Blanca
Directing/Director1984 How Much for a Spy?
Production/Producer1984 How Much for a Spy?
Writing/Writer1984 How Much for a Spy?
Directing/Director1984 The Sinister Doctor Orloff
Writing/Screenplay1984 The Sinister Doctor Orloff
Directing/Director1984 Lilian, the Perverted Virgin
Editing/Editor1984 Lilian, the Perverted Virgin
Writing/Screenplay1984 Lilian, the Perverted Virgin
Directing/Director1984 A Crack for Two
Sound/Original Music Composer1984 A Crack for Two
Writing/Screenplay1984 A Crack for Two
Directing/Director1983 Cecilia
Production/Producer1983 Cecilia
Writing/Writer1983 Cecilia
Camera/Director of Photography1983 Macumba Sexual
Directing/Director1983 Macumba Sexual
Sound/Music1983 Macumba Sexual
Writing/Screenplay1983 Macumba Sexual
Writing/Story1983 Macumba Sexual
Directing/Director1983 The House of Lost Women
Editing/Editor1983 The House of Lost Women
Writing/Screenplay1983 The House of Lost Women
Directing/Director1983 Black Boots, Leather Whip
Editing/Editor1983 Black Boots, Leather Whip
Writing/Writer1983 Black Boots, Leather Whip
Directing/Director1983 Blood on My Shoes
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 Blood on My Shoes
Writing/Screenplay1983 Blood on My Shoes
Camera/Director of Photography1983 Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Directing/Director1983 Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Production/Producer1983 Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Writing/Screenplay1983 Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Art/Art Direction1983 Cries of Pleasure
Directing/Director1983 Cries of Pleasure
Editing/Editor1983 Cries of Pleasure
Writing/Writer1983 Cries of Pleasure
Directing/Director1983 Revenge in the House of Usher
Production/Producer1983 Revenge in the House of Usher
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 Revenge in the House of Usher
Writing/Screenplay1983 Revenge in the House of Usher
Directing/Director1983 Voces de muerte
Writing/Screenplay1983 Voces de muerte
Camera/Director of Photography1983 The Blues of Pop Street
Directing/Director1983 The Blues of Pop Street
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 The Blues of Pop Street
Writing/Screenplay1983 The Blues of Pop Street
Directing/Director1983 The Hotel of Love Affairs
Editing/Editor1983 The Hotel of Love Affairs
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 The Hotel of Love Affairs
Writing/Screenplay1983 The Hotel of Love Affairs
Camera/Director of Photography1983 The Night Of Open Sex
Directing/Director1983 The Night Of Open Sex
Sound/Music1983 The Night Of Open Sex
Writing/Adaptation1983 The Night Of Open Sex
Writing/Novel1983 The Night Of Open Sex
Directing/Director1983 En busca del dragón dorado
Editing/Editor1983 En busca del dragón dorado
Sound/Original Music Composer1983 En busca del dragón dorado
Writing/Screenplay1983 En busca del dragón dorado
Camera/Director of Photography1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Directing/Director1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Editing/Editor1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Sound/Original Music Composer1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Writing/Screenplay1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Writing/Novel1982 Mansion of the Living Dead
Directing/Director1982 El lago de las vírgenes
Editing/Editor1982 El lago de las vírgenes
Sound/Original Music Composer1982 El lago de las vírgenes
Writing/Writer1982 El lago de las vírgenes
Directing/Director1982 Emmanuelle Exposed
Editing/Editor1982 Emmanuelle Exposed
Writing/Screenplay1982 Emmanuelle Exposed
Camera/Director of Photography1982 El huésped de la niebla
Directing/Director1982 El huésped de la niebla
Sound/Original Music Composer1982 El huésped de la niebla
Directing/Director1982 Oasis of the Zombies
Editing/Editor1982 Oasis of the Zombies
Sound/Original Music Composer1982 Oasis of the Zombies
Writing/Screenplay1982 Oasis of the Zombies
Directing/Director1981 Sadomania
Editing/Editor1981 Sadomania
Sound/Music1981 Sadomania
Writing/Screenplay1981 Sadomania
Directing/Director1981 Pick-Up Girls
Editing/Editor1981 Pick-Up Girls
Sound/Original Music Composer1981 Pick-Up Girls
Writing/Screenplay1981 Pick-Up Girls
Writing/Writer1981 Zombie Lake
Directing/Director1981 Bloody Moon
Directing/Director1981 Sex Is Crazy
Sound/Original Music Composer1981 Sex Is Crazy
Writing/Screenplay1981 Sex Is Crazy
Directing/Director1981 Jailhouse Wardress
Directing/Director1981 The Girls Of The Copacabana
Writing/Story1981 The Girls Of The Copacabana
Writing/Screenplay1981 The Girls Of The Copacabana
Directing/Director1981 The Story of Linda
Directing/Director1980 What a Honeymoon
Sound/Original Music Composer1980 What a Honeymoon
Writing/Screenplay1980 What a Honeymoon
Sound/Original Music Composer1980 Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties
Directing/Director1980 Erotic Symphony
Writing/Writer1980 Erotic Symphony
Directing/Director1980 White Cannibal Queen
Writing/Writer1980 White Cannibal Queen
Directing/Director1980 Devil Hunter
Sound/Original Music Composer1980 Devil Hunter
Writing/Screenplay1980 Devil Hunter
Directing/Director1980 Wicked Memoirs of Eugenie
Writing/Writer1980 Wicked Memoirs of Eugenie
Writing/Writer1980 Cannibal Terror
Crew/Cinematography1979 Justine and the Whip
Directing/Director1979 Justine and the Whip
Writing/Writer1979 Justine and the Whip
Directing/Director1979 Burning Up Inside
Writing/Writer1979 Burning Up Inside
Directing/Director1979 They Do Everything
Writing/Writer1979 They Do Everything
Directing/Director1979 The Sadist of Notre Dame
Writing/Writer1979 The Sadist of Notre Dame
Directing/Director1978 Women Without Innocence
Writing/Writer1978 Women Without Innocence
Directing/Director1978 Cocktail spécial
Directing/Director1978 Convoy of Girls
Writing/Writer1978 Convoy of Girls
Directing/Director1978 Women in Cellblock 9
Writing/Screenplay1978 Women in Cellblock 9
Sound/Music1978 Obscene Desire
Directing/Director1977 Sexy Sisters
Directing/Director1977 Blue Rita
Writing/Writer1977 Blue Rita
Directing/Director1977 Greta, the Mad Butcher
Writing/Writer1977 Greta, the Mad Butcher
Directing/Director1977 Kiss Me Killer
Writing/Writer1977 Kiss Me Killer
Directing/Director1977 Slaves
Directing/Director1977 Love Camp
Directing/Director1977 Call of the Blonde Goddess
Writing/Writer1977 Call of the Blonde Goddess
Directing/Director1977 Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
Directing/Director1977 In 80 Betten um die Welt
Directing/Director1976 Shining Sex
Camera/Director of Photography1976 White Skin Black Thighs
Directing/Director1976 White Skin Black Thighs
Writing/Screenplay1976 White Skin Black Thighs
Directing/Director1976 Jack the Ripper
Writing/Screenplay1976 Jack the Ripper
Directing/Director1976 Girls in the Night Traffic
Directing/Director1976 Doriana Gray
Writing/Writer1976 Doriana Gray
Directing/Director1976 Silence of the Grave
Production/Producer1976 Silence of the Grave
Writing/Screenplay1976 Silence of the Grave
Directing/Director1976 Golden Jail
Directing/Director1976 Midnight Party
Writing/Writer1976 Midnight Party
Camera/Director of Photography1976 Barbed Wire Dolls
Directing/Director1976 Barbed Wire Dolls
Writing/Writer1976 Barbed Wire Dolls
Directing/Director1976 Les emmerdeuses
Writing/Screenplay1976 Les emmerdeuses
Directing/Director1975 Exorcism
Writing/Screenplay1975 Exorcism
Camera/Director of Photography1975 Downtown
Directing/Director1975 Downtown
Writing/Writer1975 Downtown
Directing/Director1975 The Hot Nights of Linda
Writing/Screenplay1975 The Hot Nights of Linda
Writing/Story1975 The Hot Nights of Linda
Camera/Director of Photography1975 Women Behind Bars
Directing/Director1975 Women Behind Bars
Editing/Editor1975 Women Behind Bars
Directing/Director1975 Sexy Erotic Job
Directing/Director1975 Les chatouilleuses
Writing/Story1975 Les chatouilleuses
Directing/Director1974 The Lustful Amazons
Writing/Screenplay1974 The Lustful Amazons
Camera/Director of Photography1974 Celestine
Directing/Director1974 Celestine
Writing/Writer1974 Celestine
Directing/Director1974 Lorna, the Exorcist
Writing/Writer1974 Lorna, the Exorcist
Writing/Screenplay1974 The House of the Lost Dolls
Directing/Director1974 The Greedy
Writing/Screenplay1974 The Greedy
Directing/Director1974 How to Seduce a Virgin
Writing/Writer1974 How to Seduce a Virgin
Directing/Director1974 Fifteen Year Old Captain
Sound/Music1974 Fifteen Year Old Captain
Writing/Writer1974 Fifteen Year Old Captain
Directing/Director1974 Night of the Skull
Writing/Writer1974 Night of the Skull
Directing/Director1974 The Perverse Countess
Writing/Writer1974 The Perverse Countess
Directing/Director1973 Dolls for Sale
Writing/Scenario Writer1973 Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac
Directing/Director1973 El misterio del castillo rojo
Directing/Director1973 Eugenie de Sade
Writing/Writer1973 Eugenie de Sade
Directing/Director1973 The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
Writing/Screenplay1973 The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
Directing/Director1973 The Demons
Writing/Writer1973 The Demons
Directing/Director1973 The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff
Writing/Screenplay1973 The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff
Camera/Director of Photography1973 Female Vampire
Directing/Director1973 Female Vampire
Editing/Editor1973 Female Vampire
Writing/Writer1973 Female Vampire
Directing/Director1973 Lovers of Devil's Island
Writing/Story1973 Lovers of Devil's Island
Writing/Screenplay1973 Lovers of Devil's Island
Directing/Director1973 A Virgin Among the Living Dead
Directing/Director1973 The Obscene Mirror
Writing/Screenplay1973 The Obscene Mirror
Directing/Director1973 Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle
Directing/Director1972 Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein
Writing/Screenplay1972 Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein
Directing/Director1972 Daughter of Dracula
Writing/Writer1972 Daughter of Dracula
Directing/Director1972 The Corpse Packs His Bags
Writing/Screenplay1972 The Corpse Packs His Bags
Directing/Director1972 The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse
Sound/Original Music Composer1972 The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse
Writing/Screenplay1972 The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse
Directing/Director1972 Virgin Report
Directing/Director1971 The Devil Came from Akasava
Directing/Director1971 She Killed in Ecstasy
Writing/Writer1971 She Killed in Ecstasy
Directing/Director1971 X312 - Flight to Hell
Writing/Screenplay1971 X312 - Flight to Hell
Costume & Make-Up/Special Effects Makeup Artist1971 Vampyros Lesbos
Directing/Director1971 Vampyros Lesbos
Sound/Original Music Composer1971 Vampyros Lesbos
Writing/Screenplay1971 Vampyros Lesbos
Directing/Director1970 Juliette
Sound/Music1970 Cuadrilátero
Directing/Director1970 Eugenie
Directing/Director1970 Count Dracula
Writing/Screenplay1970 Count Dracula
Directing/Director1970 Nightmares Come at Night
Writing/Writer1970 Nightmares Come at Night
Directing/Director1970 The Bloody Judge
Writing/Adaptation1970 The Bloody Judge
Directing/Director1970 Sex Charade
Writing/Screenplay1970 Sex Charade
Directing/Director1969 Two Undercover Angels
Writing/Screenplay1969 Two Undercover Angels
Directing/Director1969 Marquis de Sade: Justine
Directing/Director1969 Venus in Furs
Writing/Writer1969 Venus in Furs
Directing/Director1969 99 Women
Writing/Screenplay1969 99 Women
Writing/Story1969 99 Women
Directing/Director1969 The Girl from Rio
Directing/Director1969 The Castle of Fu Manchu
Directing/Director1969 Kiss Me Monster
Writing/Idea1969 Kiss Me Monster
Writing/Screenplay1969 Kiss Me Monster
Directing/Director1968 Succubus
Directing/Director1968 The Blood of Fu Manchu
Writing/Story1968 The Blood of Fu Manchu
Writing/Screenplay1968 The Blood of Fu Manchu
Directing/Director1968 A Man, Eight Girls
Directing/Director1967 Lucky, the Inscrutable
Writing/Screenplay1967 Lucky, the Inscrutable
Directing/Director1966 The Diabolical Dr. Z
Writing/Screenplay1966 The Diabolical Dr. Z
Directing/Director1966 Attack of the Robots
Writing/Screenplay1966 Attack of the Robots
Directing/Director1966 Residence for Spies
Writing/Writer1966 Residence for Spies
Crew/Second Unit1965 Chimes at Midnight
Directing/Director1964 Death Whistles the Blues
Writing/Screenplay1964 Death Whistles the Blues
Directing/Director1964 Rififi in the City
Writing/Writer1964 Rififi in the City
Directing/Director1964 Dr. Orloff's Monster
Writing/Screenplay1964 Dr. Orloff's Monster
Writing/Dialogue1964 Dr. Orloff's Monster
Directing/Director1963 Jaguar
Writing/Story1963 Jaguar
Production/Assistant Production Manager1963 55 Days at Peking
Writing/Story1962 Zorro the Avenger
Writing/Screenplay1962 Zorro the Avenger
Directing/Director1962 Vampiresas 1930
Writing/Screenplay1962 Vampiresas 1930
Directing/Director1962 The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus
Writing/Screenplay1962 The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus
Directing/Director1962 The Awful Dr. Orlof
Writing/Story1962 The Awful Dr. Orlof
Writing/Screenplay1962 The Awful Dr. Orlof
Directing/Director1960 Queen of the Tabarin Club
Writing/Dialogue1960 Queen of the Tabarin Club
Directing/Director1960 El destierro del Cid
Directing/Director1960 Red Lips
Writing/Screenplay1960 Red Lips
Writing/Writer1960 Ama Rosa
Directing/Director1959 We Are 18 Years Old
Sound/Original Music Composer1959 We Are 18 Years Old
Writing/Writer1959 We Are 18 Years Old
Directing/Director1959 Oro español
Sound/Original Music Composer1959 Oro español
Writing/Screenplay1959 Oro español
Directing/Director1959 Las playas vacías
Writing/Screenplay1959 Las playas vacías
Writing/Writer1959 Llegaron los franceses
Production/Delegated Producer1958 Anna Said Yes
Directing/Assistant Director1958 Stories from Madrid
Sound/Music1958 Stories from Madrid
Directing/Director1957 El árbol de España
Sound/Original Music Composer1957 El árbol de España
Writing/Screenplay1957 El árbol de España
Directing/Assistant Director1957 El hombre que viajaba despacito
Directing/Assistant Director1957 Fulano y Mengano
Writing/Screenplay1957 Fulano y Mengano
Directing/Assistant Director1956 The Coyote's Justice
Writing/Screenplay1956 The Coyote's Justice
Writing/Dialogue1956 The Coyote's Justice
Writing/Adaptation1956 The Coyote's Justice
Writing/Lyricist1956 The Coyote's Justice
Writing/Screenstory1956 The Coyote's Justice
Directing/Assistant Director1955 Death of a Cyclist
Directing/Assistant Director1955 The Coyote
Writing/Screenplay1955 The Coyote
Writing/Adaptation1955 The Coyote
Writing/Dialogue1955 The Coyote
Writing/Lyricist1955 The Coyote
Directing/Script Supervisor1954 Comedians
Sound/Music1954 Comedians
Directing/Assistant Director1954 Merry Christmas

Full Name: Jesús Franco
Citizenship: Spain
Born: Monday, 05/12 1930 (May) in Madrid (Spain)
Died: Tuesday, 04/02 2013 (April) in Málaga (aged: 82)
Zodiac sign: Taurus (Chinese zodiac sign: Horse)
Languages: German (DE), Spanish (ES)
Spouses (current/former): Lina Romay
Siblings: Dolores Franco Manera, Enrique Franco
Other names for Jesús Franco (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Clifford Brown"
"A.L. Mariaux"
"Jess Franco"
"Pablo Villa"
"Joan Almirall"
"Rosa M. Almirall"
"Rosa María Almirall"
"Juan G. Cabral"
"Betty Carter"
"Candy Coster"
"Terry de Corsia"
"Rick Deconinck"
"Raymond Dubois"
"Chuck Evans"
"Toni Falt"
"Dennis Farnon"
"Jess Franck"
"Lennie Hayden"
"Frank Hollman"
"B.F. Johnson"
"J.P. Johnson"
"James Lee Johnson"
"James P. Johnson"
"David J. Khune"
"David Khunn"
"Lulú Laverne"
"Franco Manera"
"Jeff Manner"
"Roland Marceignac"
"C. Plaut"
"Robert Zinnermann"
"Dan L. Simon"
"Lowel Richmond"
"Jesus Manera"
"Jesús Franco Manera"
"Joan Almirall, Rosa María Almirall, Clifford Brawn, Clifford Brown Jr., Clifford Brown, Juan G. Cabral, Betty Carter, Candy Coster, Terry De Corsia, Rick Deconinck, Raymond Dubois, Chuck Evans, Toni Falt, Dennis Farnon, Jess Franck, J. Franco, James Franco, Jesse Franco, Jess Franco" (Pseudonym)
"A.M. Frank, Adolf M. Frank, Antón Martín Frank, Jeff Frank, Wolfgang Frank, James Gardner, Manfred Gregor, Jack Griffin, Robert Griffin, Lennie Hayden, Frank Hollman, Frank Hollmann, Frarik Hollmann, B.F. Johnson, J.P. Johnson, Yogourtu Ungue, James Lee Johnson, James P. Johnson, Generalismo , Frank Caudillo, Calamaron el guay III" (Pseudonym)
"David J. Khune, D. Khunne Jr., D. Khunne, David J. Khunne, David Khunne, David Kuhne, David Kunne, David Kühne, Lulu Laverne, Lulú Laverne, Franco Manera, J. Franck Manera, J. Frank Manera, Jesús Manera, Jeff Manner, Roland Marceignac" (Pseudonym)
"A.L. Mariaux, A.L. Marioux, John O'Hara, Cole Polly, Preston Quaid, P. Querut, Dan L. Simon, Dan Simon, Dave Tough, Pablo Villa, Joan Vincent, Robert Zinnermann, Robert Pattinson, Generalisimo, Caudillo, Capitan Tiburon," (Pseudonym)
"David Khune" (Pseudonym)
"Jess Frank" (Pseudonym)
Jesús Franco frequently works together with these people:
Lina Romay (173x, Actress)
Antonio Mayans (89x, Actor)
Daniel White (62x, Crew)
Juan Soler (58x, Crew)
Howard Vernon (45x, Actor)
Marius Lesoeur (31x, Crew)
Erwin C. Dietrich (27x, Crew)
Daniel Lesoeur (25x, Crew)
Fata Morgana (25x, Actress)
Olivier Mathot (24x, Actor)
José Llamas (24x, Cast)
Andrew Starke (1x, Crew)
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