Fred Tatasciore

Actor | * 06/15/1967 (57) | New York City, New York (United States of America (USA))
Fred Tatasciore ( TAT-ə-shor, Italian: [tataʃˈʃoːre]) is an American voice actor who has provided voices in animated and live-action films, television shows, and video games. He is known for voicing the Hulk, Volstagg, and Beast in various Marvel media and Solomon Grundy in various DC media. Other characters he has voiced include Yosemite Sam, Taz, Soldier: 76, Shao Kahn, and Kakuzu. ()

Frederick "Fred" Tatasciore (born June 15, 1967) is an American voice actor.Tatasciore was born in New York City, New York in 1967. He was a stand-up comedian before turning over to voice acting.Tatasciore has portrayed mostly secondary characters as well as monstrous-looking types. He is best known for voicing the Hulk in countless animated roles, including Ultimate Avengers, Next Avengers, Hulk Vs, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In video games, he is known for voicing Saren Arterius from the critically acclaimed series Mass Effect and Damon Baird in the Gears of War video game series, and Zeratul from the game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. He also voices the character "8" in the Tim Burton-produced film 9 that was released September 9, 2009. His most recent roles are of that as Neftin Prog in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Russian Nikolai Belinski in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops, Tookit in Thundercats, and the Business Cat in the webseries "Our New Electrical Morals", with episodes posted in the Cartoon Hangover YouTube page, administered by Frederator Studios.

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Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Kids & Family | Comedies

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Movies with Fred Tatasciore as Actor(161)

as Additional Voices (voice)2024 No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie
as Major Faustino (voice)2024 Pinocchio and the Water of Life
as Broken Tooth (voice)2023 Hidden Dragon
as Hulk / Wendigo 1 / Santa Claus (voice)2023 LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red
as Solomon Grundy / Perry White (voice)2023 Scooby-Doo! and Krypto, Too!
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Groot's First Steps
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 The Little Guy
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Groot Takes a Bath
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Magnum Opus
as Solomon Grundy (voice)2022 Batman: The Long Halloween Deluxe Edition
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Minions: The Rise of Gru
as Vinnie (voice)2022 Marmaduke
as Clem (voice)2022 Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up!
as Knuckles the Echidna (voice)2022 Sonic Drone Home
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Orphan: First Kill
as Quinn / Fred (voice)2022 Luck
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
as Additional Voices (voice)2022 The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse
as Solomon Grundy (voice)2021 Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One
as Jeromio/The Beast/Muscly Farmer/Barn Folk/Doorman (voice)2021 Arlo the Alligator Boy
as Referee (voice)2021 Rumble
as Additional Voices (voice)2021 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Now!
as Nathaniel Adam / Captain Atom (voice)2021 Injustice
as Pound / Blanko / Bang (voice)2021 Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam
as Aaarrrgghh!!! (voice)2021 Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans
as Additional Voices (voice)2021 The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
as Black Knight (voice)2021 Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob
as Taz (voice)2021 Space Jam: A New Legacy
as Zombie Vocal2021 Army of the Dead
as Solomon Grundy / Vincent Falcone (voice)2021 Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two
as Cerberus (voice)2020 Scoob!
as Alpha Jackal Lantern / Federal Agent Malarkey (Voice)2020 Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!
as Demon Torturer (voice)2020 Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge
as Bartender (voice)2020 DC Showcase: Adam Strange
as Oom (voice) / Lobo (voice)2020 LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters
as Additional Voices (voice)2019 Frozen II
as Dad2019 Splitting Time
as Monkey Bird (voice)2019 The Curse of the Monkey Bird
as Additional Voices (voice)2019 The Secret Life of Pets 2
as Peace Day Host / Comms Officer / Ham V.O. / Alien Guard / Man (voice2019 Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
as Commissioner Gordon / Mr. Chapin (voice)2019 DC Super Hero Girls: Sweet Justice
as Solomon Grundy (voice)2019 Lego DC Batman: Family Matters
as Sins Voice Actor (voice)2019 Shazam!
as Jor-El / Security Guard (voice)2018 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
as AXL (Voice)2018 A-X-L
as Police Robots / Robot Podium / Announcer (voice)2018 Next Gen
as Additional Voices (voice)2018 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
as Harvey Bullock (voice)2018 Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold
as Ghast (voice)2017 Justice League Dark
as Dwight Monkfish (voice)2017 LEGO® Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash
as Goldar / Putties (voice)2017 Power Rangers
as Brainia / Kryptomites (voice)2017 DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games
as Melchior / Inn keeper #1 / Pottery Vendor (voice)2017 The Star
as Animal Control Guy 2 (voice)2017 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature
as Demon (voice)2017 Annabelle: Creation
as Fried Shrimp Emoji / Additional Voices (voice)2017 The Emoji Movie
as Bang (voice)2017 A StoryBots Christmas
as Goons (voice)2017 The Girl from Dinosaur Island
as Diego Gomez (voice)2017 Resident Evil: Vendetta
as Carny Owner (voice)2016 Batman: The Killing Joke
as Hulk (voice) / Countdown (voice)2016 Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell
as Hambone (voice)2016 Rescue Dogs
as Monty Pig (voice)2016 The Angry Birds Movie
as Charlatan Priest (voice)2016 Bilal: A New Breed of Hero
as Mirror Man2016 The Huntsman: Winter's War
as Master Bear (voice)2016 Kung Fu Panda 3
as Stormtrooper2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
as Killer Croc / Percy (voice)2016 DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High
as Gluko / Kitty Num Nums (voice)2016 Little Big Awesome
as Solomon Grundy (voice)2015 Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
as Captain Rockhopper (voice)2015 Club Penguin Monster Beach Party
as Blooky2015 Halloween Panic!
as Hudson Baron / Alien (voice)2015 Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness
as Niima Scavenger / Forest Stormtrooper (voice) (uncredited)2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
as Additional Voices (voice)2015 Hotel Transylvania 2
as Rocksteady / Lt. Zorg / Additional Voices (voice)2015 Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past
as Father Time / Security Guard / Timenado Mechanic / Willy / News Reporter2015 Regular Show: The Movie
as Frankencreep (voice)2014 Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy
as The Bear (voice)2014 Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery
as Captain Rockhopper2014 We Wish You a Merry Walrus
as Pigeon (voice)2014 Yellowbird
as Cusumba (voice)2014 Jungle Shuffle
as himself2014 I Know That Voice
as Zombeaver Sounds (voice)2014 Zombeavers
as The Hulk / Ren (voice)2014 Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher
as Orange Seller/Bride's Father/Drummer (voice)2014 The Prophet
as Clocks / Specs (voice)2014 The Boxtrolls
as Lex Luthor (voice)2014 JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time
as Additional Voices (voice)2013 Star Trek Into Darkness
as Additional Voices (voice)2013 Frozen
as The Hulk (voice)2013 Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United
as Business Cat / Delta Blues Crooner2013 Our New Electrical Morals
as Jack Rabble / Cruel Dynomutt (voice)2013 Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon
as Fat Seagull2012 Back To The Sea
as Additional Voices (voice)2012 Wreck-It Ralph
as Cutter (voice)2012 The Outback
as Sinister Snowman / Santa Claus (voice)2012 Scooby-Doo! Haunted Holidays
as Perry White (voice)2012 Superman vs. The Elite
as Additional Voices (voice)2012 Ice Age: Continental Drift
as Witch Doctor (voice)2011 LEGO Hero Factory: Savage Planet
as Voices2011 The Jockstrap Raiders
as Pinhead (voice)2011 Hellraiser: Revelations
as Krull / Robots / Astronaut #2 (voice)2011 All Star Superman
as Panda Dad / Gorilla Guard 2 (voice)2011 Kung Fu Panda 2
as Shifu / Gah-ri / Rhino Guard #1 / Rhino Guard #2 (voice)2011 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (Good Croc, Bad Croc)
as Detective Flass (voice)2011 Batman: Year One
as Drilldozer (voice)2011 LEGO Hero Factory: Ordeal of Fire
as Additional Voices (voice)2010 Tangled
as Mercenary #1 / Amazo / Guard (voice)2010 Batman: Under the Red Hood
as Garn (voice)2010 Alpha and Omega
as Tuma (voice)2009 Bionicle: The Legend Reborn
as Billy Bear / Horned Guard (voice)2009 Garfield's Pet Force
as Hulk (voice) (archive footage)2009 Hulk Vs.
as Mr. Bloomsberry (voice)2009 Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!
as 8 (voice) / Radio Announcer (voice)2009 9
as Additional Voices (voice)2009 The Princess and the Frog
as Teetsi / Poacher #1 / Elephant (voice)2008 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
as Billy Bear / Junior Bear (voice)2008 Garfield's Fun Fest
as Flint Fireforge / Fewmaster Toede (voice)2008 Dragonlance: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight
as Oliver / Doorman / Sorcerer / Additional Voices (voice)2007 Doctor Strange
as Troll (voice)2007 Enchanted
as Big Bear (voice)2007 Camp Lazlo: Where's Lazlo?
as Cannonbolt / Way Big2007 Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
as General Gato / Additional Voices (voice)2007 TMNT
as The Mandarin / Additional Voices (voice)2007 The Invincible Iron Man
as Additional Voices (voice)2007 Meet the Robinsons
as Clown (voice)2007 Dead Silence
as Voice Performer (voice)2007 Beowulf
as Additional Voices (voice)2006 Curious George
as Hulk / Edwin Jarvis / Additional Voices (voice)2006 Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther
as Sheep Group (voice)2006 Charlotte's Web
as Farmer (voice)2006 Barnyard
as The Hulk / Additional Voices (voice)2006 Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
as Additional Voices (voice)2006 Casper's Scare School
as Additional Voices (voice)2006 The Wild
as El Mascarado (voice)2006 Wrestlemaniac
as Additional Voices (voice)2005 Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
as Samuel L. Jackson (voice)2004 Team America: World Police
as (voice)1995 The Enforcer

TV Shows/Series with Fred Tatasciore as Actor(325)

as Welton Payne2024 Constant Payne
as Devil Dinosaur (voice)2023 Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
as Dollar Bill / Stapler / Fax (voice)2023 Only You: An Animated Shorts Collection
as Officer Troy (voice)2023 Royal Crackers
as Al (voice)2023 Royal Crackers
as President of Adoption (voice)2023 Royal Crackers
as Mr. Bartlebee (voice)2023 Royal Crackers
as Superbrain (voice)2022 The Boys Presents: Diabolical
as Orville Tusk (voice)2022 We Baby Bears
as Murphy (voice)2022 Full Proof
as Spicy Ice Monster / Ronald / Crate Monster (voice)2022 Battle Kitty
as Bang (voice)2022 StoryBots: Answer Time
as Korrin (voice)2022 The Legend of Vox Machina
as Additional voices (voice)2022 The Legend of Vox Machina
as Taz (voice)2022 Bugs Bunny Builders
as Gossamer (voice)2022 Bugs Bunny Builders
as K-9 (voice)2022 Bugs Bunny Builders
as Santa (voice)2022 The Cuphead Show!
as Drax / Corvus Glaive (voice)2021 What If...?
as Additional Voices (voice)2021 What If...?
as Volstagg / Drax / Additional Voices (voice)2021 What If...?
as Uldorak / Beefy Villager (voice)2021 DOTA: Dragon's Blood
as Uldorak / Bandit Leader / Player #2 (voice)2021 DOTA: Dragon's Blood
as Dr. Boons / Sprok / Enderprizians (voice)2021 Star Trek: Prodigy
as Killcannon / Robber 1 (voice)2021 Invincible
as Killcannon / Eve's Father / The Mad Scientist (voice)2021 Invincible
as Eve's Father / Biology Professor (voice)2021 Invincible
as King Randor (voice); Baddrah (voice)2021 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
as Tuna Sandwich (voice)2021 Kid Cosmic
as Badgertaur (voice)2021 Centaurworld
as Additional Voices (voice)2021 Jupiter's Legacy
as Benzo (voice)2021 Arcane
as Master Crafter (voice)2021 Arcane
as Additional Voices (voice)2021 Arcane
as President William McKinley (voice)2021 Devil May Care
as Jeromio (voice) / Driving Guy (voice) / Detective Stroller2021 I Heart Arlo
as Beast (voice)2021 I Heart Arlo
as Unfulfilled Old Man (voice) / Chicken Customer (voice)2021 I Heart Arlo
as Jeromio (voice) / Grant (voice) / Dust Ghost (voice)2021 I Heart Arlo
as Cornelius Brunson (voice)2021 The Ghost and Molly McGee
as Monkey (voice)2021 Marvel's Hit-Monkey
as Lieutenant Shaxs (voice)2020 Star Trek: Lower Decks
as Benedict (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Nils (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Lobbyist (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Ivan the Terrible / The Rat-sputin / Yakov (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Demon Judge / Nils / Old Man (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Nero / Nils (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Contestant #1 / Contestant #2 / Mr. Relatable (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Founding Father (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Announcer / Beastwipe (voice)2020 Animaniacs
as Merchant / Mob Leader (voice)2020 Blood of Zeus
as Merchant / Demon / Arena Announcer (voice)2020 Blood of Zeus
as Guards (voice)2020 Blood of Zeus
as Hades (voice)2020 Blood of Zeus
as Mr. Ladybug / Monster Worm (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Boppo / Wheezy (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Old Bit (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Rabbit / Wheezy (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Chip (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Dandy Danielson Dandelionson (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Crustacean / Mama Crustacean / Papa Crustacean (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Jeff Berry / Prophetic Berry / Berry Patch (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Dennis O'Clover (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Matilda (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Kitty Buck (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Rabbit (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Rabbit / Shroomy (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Matilda / Beetleman (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Filthy Nathan / Derek (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Rabbit (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Wheezy / Boppo (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Guard Bee / Bee 1 (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Filthy Nathan / Worm Ferguson (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Otmar (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Ground Beetle (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Worm Ferguson (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Filthy Nathan (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Old Bug (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Yard Tree (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Rabbit / Filthy Nathan (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Additional Voices2020 The Mighty Ones
as Prophetic Berry / Weirdo Berry (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Possum (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Jeff / Worm Ferguson (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Mr. Ladybug / Matilda (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Rabbit / Raccoon (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Goreface / Turkey Monster (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Sassy Caterpillar (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Donathan (voice)2020 The Mighty Ones
as Additional Voices (voice)2020 The Owl House
as Zookeeper (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Monkeybird (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Sam Sheepdog (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Devil / Santa Clause (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Yosemite Sam (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Gossamer (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Santa Claus / Robot (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Taz (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Mugsy (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Taz / Caesar (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Judge (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Mummy (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Man (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Shopkeeper (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Dinosaurs (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Gorilla / Uncle Rufus (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Bullet (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Eagle (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Lady Gorilla / Man Gorilla (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Grim Reaper (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as TV Actor (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Father (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Monster (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Cat 1 (voice)2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons
as Additional Voices (voice)2020 Trolls: TrollsTopia
as Handyman / Tim Allen (voice)2020 Close Enough
as Armored Truck Driver / Cop (voice)2020 Close Enough
as Elder Pumpkin (voice)2020 Close Enough
as Bobcat (voice)2020 Close Enough
as Soggy Joe (voice)2019 Amphibia
as himself2019 The Ready Room
as Norm / Ned Nougat / Various (voice)2019 Costume Quest
as Chubacabra (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Cuddles (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Mictlan (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Farmer (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Botero (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Monster (voice)2019 Victor and Valentino
as Mad-Man / Giroud (voice)2019 Primal
as Pokie-McDokie Man / Cabbie Right (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Zook Goon 1 (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Jeremy (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Patrol Zook / Thrasher (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Townsperson 1 (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Glurfsberg Cop 22019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Emergency Worker 3 (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Flea (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Schvizelton Neighbor 3 (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Yes Man (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Proprietor 6 (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Grandpa (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Boss (voice)2019 Green Eggs and Ham
as Flynn / Dracula (voice)2019 Love, Death & Robots
as Creature / TV Santa (voice)2019 Love, Death & Robots
as Springtail / Investor (voice)2019 Love, Death & Robots
as Turk (voice)2019 Love, Death & Robots
as Bound God / Raptor Base (voice)2019 Love, Death & Robots
as Sudarikov / Rusty (voice)2019 Fast & Furious Spy Racers
as Sudarikov (voice)2019 Fast & Furious Spy Racers
as Bonegrinder/ Neighborhood Guy2019 Fast & Furious Spy Racers
as Office Workers (voice)2019 Fast & Furious Spy Racers
as Repo Mantis (voice)2018 Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
as Bolza Grool / Hapless Pilot / Orthog (voice)2018 Star Wars Resistance
as Max Modell (voice)2017 Marvel's Spider-Man
as Trucker/Mr. Slott (voice)2017 Marvel's Spider-Man
as Bystander (voice)2017 Marvel's Spider-Man
as Thug #1 / Father (voice)2017 Marvel's Spider-Man
as Police Officer #1 (voice)2017 Marvel's Spider-Man
as Red Terra-Firmian / Theatre Manager (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Mummy / Burrito Salesperson (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Charybdis / Ligeia (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Gyropudlians (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Charybdis / Fisherman (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Town Mayor / Townspeople (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Bombie (voice)2017 DuckTales
as Krill Voice (voice)2017 The Orville
as David Cannon2017 Marvel's Ant-Man
as AAARRRGGHH!!! (voice)2016 Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia
as Solomon Grundy (voice)2016 Justice League Action
as Robot (voice)2016 Justice League Action
as Bang (voice)2016 Ask the Storybots
as Winston Churchill ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Zeus ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Charles Dickens ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as David Bushnell ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Robert Edwin Perry ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Genghis Khan ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Leif Erikson ​(voice)2015 The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show
as Thomas Jefferson (voice)2015 Pig Goat Banana Cricket
as Captain (voice)2015 We Bare Bears
as Additional Voices (voice)2015 We Bare Bears
as Carl / Additional Voices (voice)2015 We Bare Bears
as Villain / Additional Voices (voice)2015 We Bare Bears
as Mountain Ranger / Additional Voices (voice)2015 We Bare Bears
as Buff Frog (voice)2015 Star vs. the Forces of Evil
as Sloth Worker (voice)2015 Star vs. the Forces of Evil
as Beard Deer (voice)2015 Star vs. the Forces of Evil
as Jack (voice)2015 Minecraft: Story Mode
as Fred (voice)2015 Minecraft: Story Mode
as Brick (voice)2015 Minecraft: Story Mode
as Additional Voices (voice)2014 BoJack Horseman
as Coach Egsgard (voice)2014 Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
as Grinkon (voice)2014 Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
as Mr. Egsgard (voice)2014 Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
as Boss Yushyn / Mining Guild Guard (voice)2014 Star Wars Rebels
as Breadmaker (voice)2014 Breadwinners
as Phil / Cronie (voice)2014 Clarence
as Lord Dominator2013 Wander Over Yonder
as Canister (voice)2013 Mom
as Hulk / Bruce Banner (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Volstagg (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Crossbones / Guardsman #2 (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Thunderball (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Hydra Soldier (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Crossbones (voice)2013 Marvel's Avengers
as Hank (voice)2012 Gravity Falls
as Pituitaur (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)2012 Gravity Falls
as The Gremloblin (voice)2012 Gravity Falls
as Additional Voices (voice)2012 Gravity Falls
as Ogre (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)2012 Gravity Falls
as Clu2012 TRON: Uprising
as Punch Morley (voice)2012 Robot and Monster
as Dodo (voice)2011 ThunderCats
as Tookit / Dog (voice)2011 ThunderCats
as Dodo / Tookit (voice)2011 ThunderCats
as Gluten Demon (voice)2010 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
as The Phantom (voice)2010 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
as Rusty Gnales (voice)2010 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
as Demon Dog (voice)2010 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
as Deathstroke (voice)2010 Young Justice
as Deathstroke / Ubu (voice)2010 Young Justice
as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke / Metamorpho (voice)2010 Young Justice
as Deathstroke / Metamorpho (voice)2010 Young Justice
as Staradisimus / Forever Knight #3 (voice)2010 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
as Foreman / Surgeon / Hammer (voice)2010 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
as Quince / Robot Guard (voice)2010 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
as Frost Giant #2 (voice)2010 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
as Ben Grimm / The Thing (voice)2010 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
as Muscle Dad (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Bear (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Goose Monster / Goose (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Moose / Animals (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Muscle Dad / Frederico / 70's Guy #3 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Farmer Jimmy / Turkey (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Werewolf (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Karpov / President Davis / Aisa Goon #2 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as White Elephant (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Bogan / Luke / Announcer (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Farmer Jimmy / Dante / Waiter #1 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as East Pines Worker / Bro #1 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Goose #1 / Playco #1 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Ted Nelson / Security Guard (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Computer Guy (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Barista / Apollo / Regular Guy (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Gang Leader / Weird Guy (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Chef / Guard #1 / Guard #2 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Big Angry Clerk / Lab Cart Guy (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Craig / Jamaican Domer / Monster Plant (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Prosecut-Ear / Chip Ear / Goose (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Old Bat / TV Announcer (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Space Tree Guard #1 / Gruff & Reptilian Bounty Hunters (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Vumpire / Vampire #3 (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Krampus / Space Santa / Operator (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Black + White / Microwave / Narrator (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Pat / Gruff Bounty Hunter / Soldier (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Gruff Bounty Hunter / Reptilian Bounty Hunter (voice)2010 Regular Show
as Beast (voice)2009 Wolverine and the X-Men
as Mr. Papier (voice)2008 Random! Cartoons
as Arsenal / Mutant Master (voice)2008 Batman: The Brave and the Bold
as Sgt. Rock / Bat Bots (voice)2008 Batman: The Brave and the Bold
as Major Force / Cossack (voice)2008 Batman: The Brave and the Bold
as Hacky Sack Extreme Announcer (voice)2007 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
as Farmer Buyer2007 Back at the Barnyard
as Pacha (voice)2006 The Emperor's New School
as Colonel Sanders / Phantasm (voice)2005 Supernatural
as Ripjaws / Krakken (voice)2005 Ben 10
as Ripjaws (voice)2005 Ben 10
as Cannonbolt / Ripjaws (voice)2005 Ben 10
as Cannonbolt (voice)2005 Ben 10
as Big Bear (voice)2005 Camp Lazlo
as Johnny Four-Legs (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Uncle Carl (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Talking Fish Tail (voice)2005 American Dad!
as (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Secret Service Agent (voice)2005 American Dad!
as ER Doctor (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Freddy Carconi (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Brett Favre (voice)2005 American Dad!
as New Stadium Announcer / Henchman (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Referee / Coach (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Biker Shop Guy (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Tow Truck Driver (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Modeling Advertiser (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Radio Trucker (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Trucker (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Uncle Cosworth (voice)2005 American Dad!
as Qui-Gon Jinn / Oppo Rancisis (voice)2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars
as Rudo Claws / Santo Claws / MC Goatlover (voice)2002 ¡Mucha Lucha!
as Skeleton (voice)2002 What's New, Scooby-Doo?
as Undecided Voter (voice)1999 Family Guy
as (voice)1999 Family Guy
as John Madden (voice)1999 Family Guy
as James Evans, Sr. (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Arnold Palmer (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Michael Eisner (voice)1999 Family Guy
as TV Announcer / Football Player (voice)1999 Family Guy
as John Goodman (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Various (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Parker Fennelly (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Firefighter (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Carstairs (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Catholic Priest (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Bieber's Bodyguard (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Focus Group Tester (voice)1999 Family Guy
as Judge (voice)1999 Family Guy
as himself1999 Family Guy
as Lord Zedd (voice)1993 Power Rangers

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Sound/ADR & Dubbing2023 Elemental

Full Name: Fred Tatasciore
Born: Thursday, 06/15 1967 (June) in New York City, New York (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 57 years + 30 days)
Zodiac sign: Gemini (Chinese zodiac sign: Goat)
Languages: English (EN)
Educated at: University of California, Los Angeles
Other names for Fred Tatasciore (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Frederick Tatasciore"
"Frederick O. Tatasciore"
Fred Tatasciore frequently works together with these people:
Dee Bradley Baker (203x, Actor)
Grey DeLisle (162x, Actress)
Kari Wahlgren (140x, Actress)
John DiMaggio (130x, Actor)
Roger Craig Smith (121x, Actor)
Jeff Bennett (100x, Actor)
Phil LaMarr (91x, Actor)
Eric Bauza (89x, Actor)
Rachael MacFarlane (80x, Actress)
Troy Baker (72x, Actor)
Sam Register (26x, Crew)
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