David Michael Latt

Film Producer / Film Director / Screenwriter | * 05/28/1966 (54) | Encino, California, USA
Most frequent genres for this person: Action | Science Fiction | Horror

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as himself2016 Wishing for a Dream

Movies with David Michael Latt as Crew(157)

Production/Producer2020 Battle Star Wars
Production/Producer2020 Collision Earth
Production/Producer2020 Homeward
Production/Producer2020 Top Gunner
Production/Producer2019 Doctor Death
Production/Producer2019 San Andreas Mega Quake
Production/Producer2019 Psycho BFF
Production/Producer2019 Monster Island
Production/Executive Producer2019 Adventures of Aladdin
Production/Producer2019 Christmas Belles
Production/Producer2019 Mommy Would Never Hurt You
Production/Producer2018 Nazi Overlord
Production/Producer2018 Tomb Invader
Production/Producer2018 Megalodon
Production/Producer2018 6-Headed Shark Attack
Production/Producer2018 Alien Siege
Production/Producer2018 Triassic World
Production/Producer2018 Sharknado 6
Production/Producer2017 Empire of the Sharks
Production/Producer2017 Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
Production/Producer2017 Operation Dunkirk
Production/Producer2017 Psycho Brother-In-Law
Production/Producer2017 Geo-Disaster
Production/Producer2017 Alien Convergence
Production/Producer2017 5 Headed Shark Attack
Production/Producer2017 Oceans Rising
Production/Producer2016 Ghosthunters
Production/Executive Producer2016 Ice Sharks
Production/Producer2016 Sinbad and the War of the Furies
Production/Producer2016 Planet of the Sharks
Production/Producer2016 Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness
Production/Producer2016 In the Name of Ben-Hur
Production/Producer2016 Zoombies
Production/Producer2016 Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens
Production/Producer2015 San Andreas Quake
Production/Producer2015 Martian Land
Production/Producer2015 3-Headed Shark Attack
Production/Producer2015 Avengers Grimm
Production/Producer2015 Night of the Wild
Production/Producer2015 Flight World War II
Production/Producer2015 Mega Shark vs. Kolossus
Production/Producer2015 Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
Production/Producer2014 Ardennes Fury
Production/Producer2014 Santa Claws
Production/Producer2014 Hercules Reborn
Production/Producer2014 Age of Ice
Production/Producer2014 Age of Tomorrow
Production/Producer2014 Android Cop
Production/Producer2014 Apocalypse Pompeii
Production/Producer2014 Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark
Production/Producer2014 Airplane vs Volcano
Production/Producer2014 Mercenaries
Production/Producer2014 Sleeping Beauty
Production/Producer2014 The Coed and the Zombie Stoner
Production/Producer2014 Blood Lake
Production/Producer2014 Asteroid vs Earth
Production/Producer2014 Asian School Girls
Production/Producer2014 Sharknado 2: The Second One
Production/Producer2014 Bermuda Tentacles
Production/Producer2014 Jailbait
Production/Producer2013 A Snow Globe Christmas
Production/Producer2013 The Bell Witch Haunting
Production/Producer2013 Sharknado
Production/Producer2013 Social Nightmare
Production/Producer2013 Barrio Brawler
Production/Producer2013 4Closed
Production/Producer2013 Battledogs
Production/Producer2013 Jack the Giant Killer
Production/Producer2013 Alone for Christmas
Production/Producer2013 500 MPH Storm
Production/Producer2013 Cleaver Family Reunion
Production/Producer2013 Atlantic Rim
Production/Producer2012 Hold Your Breath
Production/Producer2012 Golden Winter
Production/Producer2012 Nazis at the Center of the Earth
Production/Producer2012 Clash of the Empires
Production/Producer2012 40 Days and Nights
Production/Producer2012 2-Headed Shark Attack
Production/Producer2012 Shark Week
Production/Producer2012 Grimm's Snow White
Production/Producer2012 Adopting Terror
Production/Producer2012 Bigfoot
Production/Producer2012 Super Cyclone
Production/Producer2012 Layover
Production/Producer2011 Battle of Los Angeles
Production/Producer2011 Born Bad
Production/Producer2011 The Amityville Haunting
Production/Producer2011 200 MPH
Production/Producer2010 #1 Cheerleader Camp
Production/Producer2010 Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Production/Producer2010 Airline Disaster
Production/Producer2010 Meteor Apocalypse
Production/Producer2010 Sherlock Holmes
Production/Producer2010 8213: Gacy House
Production/Producer2009 Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Writing/Writer2009 Countdown: Jerusalem
Production/Producer2009 Countdown: Jerusalem
Visual Effects/VFX Artist2009 Countdown: Jerusalem
Production/Producer2009 18 Year Old Virgin
Visual Effects/VFX Artist2009 18 Year Old Virgin
Production/Producer2009 Princess of Mars
Visual Effects/VFX Artist2009 Princess of Mars
Production/Producer2009 Dragonquest
Production/Producer2009 Sex Pot
Writing/Writer2009 The Terminators
Directing/Director2009 MegaFault
Production/Producer2009 2012: Supernova
Production/Producer2008 100 Million BC
Writing/Writer2008 Monster
Production/Producer2008 Sunday School Musical
Writing/Screenplay2007 The Apocalypse
Production/Producer2007 Invasion of the Pod People
Editing/Editor2007 Universal Soldiers
Production/Producer2007 Universal Soldiers
Production/Producer2007 Transmorphers
Writing/Writer2007 AVH: Alien vs. Hunter
Production/Producer2007 Supercroc
Production/Producer2007 The Hitchhiker
Production/Producer2007 Freakshow
Editing/Editor2007 Freakshow
Writing/Writer2006 The Da Vinci Treasure
Production/Producer2006 The Da Vinci Treasure
Visual Effects/Visual Effects2006 The Da Vinci Treasure
Writing/Story2006 Halloween Night
Production/Producer2006 Snakes on a Train
Writing/Screenplay2006 Pirates of Treasure Island
Production/Producer2006 Dragon
Production/Producer2006 When a Killer Calls
Production/Producer2006 Hillside Cannibals
Production/Producer2006 666: The Child
Directing/Director2005 H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds
Editing/Editor2005 King of the Lost World
Production/Producer2005 King of the Lost World
Writing/Writer2005 King of the Lost World
Production/Producer2005 Way of the Vampire
Editing/Editor2005 Way of the Vampire
Production/Producer2005 Legion of the Dead
Production/Producer2005 Alien Abduction
Production/Producer2005 Frankenstein Reborn
Production/Producer2004 Evil Eyes
Production/Producer2003 Detour
Production/Producer2003 King of the Ants
Editing/Editor2003 King of the Ants
Directing/Director2003 Scarecrow Slayer
Writing/Writer2003 Scarecrow Slayer
Editing/Editor2003 Scarecrow Slayer
Visual Effects/Visual Effects2003 Scarecrow Slayer
Production/Producer2002 The Source
Directing/Director2002 Killers 2: The Beast
Editing/Editor2002 Killers 2: The Beast
Directing/Director1997 Killers
Directing/Director1992 Rock and Roll Fantasy

Born: Saturday, 05/28 1966 (May) in Encino (current age: 54 years + 47 days)
Zodiac sign: Gemini (Chinese zodiac sign: Horse)
Employer: The Asylum
Spouses (current/former): Kim Little
Other names for David Michael Latt (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"David Latt"
David Michael Latt frequently works together with these people:
David Rimawi (98x, Crew)
Paul Bales (71x, Crew)
Chris Ridenhour (64x, Crew)
Mark Atkins (50x, Crew)
Lisa Ries (44x, Crew)
Michael Hardman (37x, Crew)
Rob Pallatina (30x, Crew)
Scotty Mullen (26x, Crew)
Mark Quod (26x, Crew)
Christopher Cano (25x, Crew)
Joseph J. Lawson (24x, Crew)
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