Chuck Jones

Film Director / Screenwriter / Animator / Film Producer / Actor / Animation Director | * 09/21/1912 († 89, 02/22/2002) | Spokane, Washington (United States of America (USA))
Charles Martin Jones (September 21, 1912 – February 22, 2002) was an American animator, painter, voice actor and filmmaker, best known for his work with Warner Bros. Cartoons on the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of shorts. He wrote, produced, and/or directed many classic animated cartoon shorts starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Pepé Le Pew, Marvin the Martian, and Porky Pig, among others. Jones started his career in 1933 alongside Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett, and Robert McKimson at the Leon Schlesinger Production's Termite Terrace studio, the studio that made Warner Brothers cartoons, where they created and developed the Looney Tunes characters. During the Second World War, Jones directed many of the Private Snafu (1943–1946) shorts which were shown to members of the United States military. After his career at Warner Bros. ended in 1962, Jones started Sib Tower 12 Productions and began producing cartoons for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, including a new series of Tom and Jerry shorts (1963–1967) as well as the television adaptations of Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) and ()
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Charles Martin "Chuck" Jones (September 21, 1912 – February 22, 2002) was an American animator, cartoon artist, screenwriter, producer, and director of animated films, most memorably of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts for the Warner Bros. Cartoons studio. He directed many of the classic short animated cartoons starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, Pepé Le Pew and a slew of other Warner characters. Three of these shorts (Duck Amuck, One Froggy Evening and What's Opera, Doc?) were later inducted into the National Film Registry. Chief among Jones' other works was the famous "Hunting Trilogy" of Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning, and Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (1951–1953).After his career at Warner Bros. ended in 1962, Jones started Sib Tower 12 Productions and began producing cartoons for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, including a new series of Tom and Jerry shorts and the television adaptation of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. He later started his own studio, Chuck Jones Productions, which created several one-shot specials, and periodically worked on Looney Tunes related works.

Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Comedies | Kids & Family

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Awards & Nominations for Chuck Jones

Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film Winsor McCay Award Edward MacDowell Medal Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Inkpot Award Academy Honorary Award 38th Academy Awards 3x Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
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Movies with Chuck Jones as Actor(27)

as Self (archive footage)2022 The Animograph, or I Was Born in a Shoebox
as Himself (archive footage)2014 That's All Folks! Tales from Termite Terrace
as Self (archive footage)2011 The Great Dictator: The Clown Turns Prophet
as Himself (archive footage)2008 Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices
as himself2002 Mark Twain
as himself1997 Ducktators
as himself1991 Chuck Amuck: The Movie
as Supermarket Customer1987 Innerspace
as Mr. Jones1984 Gremlins
as Junior Kangaroo / Various Whos / Quizmo McKwoff / JoJo (voice)1970 Horton Hears a Who!
as Porky Pine / Bun Rab / Basil the Butterfly1969 The Pogo Special Birthday Special
as Guy Running Out at Super Speed (archive footage) (uncredited)1940 You Ought to Be in Pictures

TV Shows/Series with Chuck Jones as Actor(2)

as Magician #11986 Matlock

Movies with Chuck Jones as Crew(393)

Directing/Director1998 Marvin The Martian: Space Tunes
Directing/Director1997 From Hare to Eternity
Production/Producer1997 From Hare to Eternity
Production/Producer1997 Father Of The Bird
Production/Producer1997 Pullet Surprise
Directing/Director1996 Superior Duck
Production/Producer1996 Superior Duck
Writing/Story1996 Superior Duck
Crew/Creative Consultant1995 Four Rooms
Directing/Director1995 Another Froggy Evening
Writing/Writer1995 Another Froggy Evening
Production/Executive Consultant1995 Peter and the Wolf
Visual Effects/Character Designer1995 Peter and the Wolf
Directing/Director1994 Chariots of Fur
Visual Effects/Animation1993 Mrs. Doubtfire
Directing/Director1991 The Looney Tunes Hall of Fame
Directing/Director1991 Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes
Crew/Thanks1991 The Dating Game
Visual Effects/Animation Director1990 Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Directing/Director1988 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
Art/Title Designer1988 Tex Avery: King of Cartoons
Visual Effects/Character Designer1981 A Chipmunk Christmas
Directing/Director1980 Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over
Directing/Director1980 Spaced Out Bunny
Writing/Writer1980 Spaced Out Bunny
Directing/Director1980 Soup or Sonic
Directing/Director1980 The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special
Directing/Director1979 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
Production/Producer1979 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
Directing/Director1979 Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
Directing/Director1979 Freeze Frame
Directing/Director1977 Bugs Bunny in Space
Directing/Director1977 Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special
Directing/Director1977 Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies
Directing/Director1976 Mowgli's Brothers
Writing/Writer1976 Mowgli's Brothers
Directing/Director1976 Carnival of the Animals
Writing/Writer1976 Carnival of the Animals
Directing/Director1975 Yankee Doodle Cricket
Production/Producer1975 Yankee Doodle Cricket
Writing/Writer1975 Yankee Doodle Cricket
Directing/Director1975 The White Seal
Writing/Writer1975 The White Seal
Directing/Director1975 Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Writing/Writer1975 Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Directing/Director1973 A Cricket in Times Square
Production/Producer1973 A Cricket in Times Square
Writing/Writer1973 A Cricket in Times Square
Directing/Director1973 A Very Merry Cricket
Production/Producer1973 A Very Merry Cricket
Writing/Writer1973 A Very Merry Cricket
Directing/Director1973 Man: The Polluter
Art/Storyboard Artist1972 The Lorax
Production/Executive Producer1971 The Wizard of Id
Production/Producer1971 The Cat in the Hat
Production/Producer1971 A Christmas Carol
Directing/Director1970 The Phantom Tollbooth
Production/Producer1970 The Phantom Tollbooth
Writing/Screenplay1970 The Phantom Tollbooth
Directing/Director1970 Horton Hears a Who!
Production/Producer1970 Horton Hears a Who!
Directing/Director1969 The Pogo Special Birthday Special
Production/Producer1969 The Pogo Special Birthday Special
Directing/Director1967 Cat and Dupli-cat
Production/Producer1967 Cat and Dupli-cat
Writing/Story1967 Cat and Dupli-cat
Directing/Director1967 Cannery Rodent
Directing/Director1967 The Bear That Wasn't
Production/Producer1967 The Bear That Wasn't
Production/Producer1967 Advance and Be Mechanized
Production/Producer1966 Catty-Cornered
Directing/Director1966 Love Me, Love My Mouse
Production/Producer1966 Love Me, Love My Mouse
Directing/Director1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Production/Producer1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Directing/Director1966 Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
Directing/Director1966 Duel Personality
Production/Producer1966 Duel Personality
Writing/Story1966 Duel Personality
Directing/Director1965 Tom-ic Energy
Production/Producer1965 Tom-ic Energy
Writing/Story1965 Tom-ic Energy
Directing/Director1965 Roadrunner a Go-Go
Directing/Director1965 Of Feline Bondage
Production/Producer1965 Of Feline Bondage
Writing/Story1965 Of Feline Bondage
Directing/Director1965 The Year of the Mouse
Directing/Director1965 Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life
Production/Producer1965 Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life
Directing/Director1965 Zip Zip Hooray!
Directing/Director1965 The Cat's Me-Ouch
Directing/Director1965 Haunted Mouse
Production/Producer1965 Haunted Mouse
Writing/Story1965 Haunted Mouse
Directing/Director1965 Bad Day at Cat Rock
Directing/Director1965 I'm Just Wild About Jerry
Production/Producer1965 I'm Just Wild About Jerry
Writing/Story1965 I'm Just Wild About Jerry
Directing/Director1964 Much Ado About Mousing
Production/Producer1964 Much Ado About Mousing
Directing/Director1964 Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
Production/Producer1964 Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
Directing/Director1964 The Cat Above and the Mouse Below
Production/Producer1964 The Cat Above and the Mouse Below
Directing/Director1964 Snowbody Loves Me
Production/Producer1964 Snowbody Loves Me
Directing/Director1964 War and Pieces
Directing/Director1964 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
Production/Producer1964 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
Directing/Director1963 Pent-House Mouse
Production/Producer1963 Pent-House Mouse
Writing/Story1963 Pent-House Mouse
Directing/Director1963 I Was a Teenage Thumb
Directing/Director1963 Hare-Breadth Hurry
Directing/Director1963 Transylvania 6-5000
Directing/Director1963 Now Hear This
Writing/Story1963 Now Hear This
Directing/Director1963 Mad as a Mars Hare
Directing/Director1963 To Beep or Not to Beep
Writing/Story1963 To Beep or Not to Beep
Writing/Writer1962 Gay Purr-ee
Directing/Director1962 Louvre Come Back to Me!
Directing/Director1962 Martian Through Georgia
Directing/Director1962 A Sheep in the Deep
Directing/Director1962 Zoom at the Top
Directing/Director1962 Adventures of the Road-Runner
Directing/Director1961 Lickety-Splat
Directing/Director1961 The Abominable Snow Rabbit
Directing/Director1961 A Scent of the Matterhorn
Directing/Director1961 Nelly's Folly
Directing/Director1961 Compressed Hare
Art/Title Designer1961 Bachelor in Paradise
Directing/Director1961 Beep Prepared
Writing/Screenplay1961 Beep Prepared
Directing/Director1961 Zip 'n Snort
Writing/Story1961 Zip 'n Snort
Directing/Director1961 The Mouse on 57th Street
Directing/Director1960 Who Scent You?
Directing/Director1960 Fastest with the Mostest
Directing/Director1960 Rabbit's Feat
Directing/Director1960 High Note
Directing/Director1960 Hopalong Casualty
Writing/Story1960 Hopalong Casualty
Directing/Director1960 Ready, Woolen and Able
Directing/Director1959 Wild About Hurry
Directing/Director1959 Hot-Rod and Reel!
Directing/Director1959 Hare-Abian Nights
Directing/Director1959 Baton Bunny
Directing/Director1958 Cat Feud
Directing/Director1958 Robin Hood Daffy
Directing/Director1958 Hare-Way to the Stars
Directing/Director1958 Hook, Line and Stinker
Directing/Director1958 Hip Hip-Hurry!
Directing/Director1958 Whoa, Be-Gone!
Directing/Director1958 To Itch His Own
Directing/Director1957 What's Opera, Doc?
Directing/Director1957 Drafty, Isn't It?
Writing/Writer1957 Drafty, Isn't It?
Directing/Director1957 Steal Wool
Directing/Director1957 Scrambled Aches
Directing/Director1957 Boyhood Daze
Directing/Director1957 Go Fly a Kit
Directing/Director1957 Ali Baba Bunny
Directing/Director1957 Zoom and Bored
Directing/Director1957 Touché and Go
Directing/Director1956 Barbary-Coast Bunny
Directing/Director1956 Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z
Directing/Director1956 Broom-Stick Bunny
Directing/Director1956 To Hare Is Human
Directing/Director1956 Rocket Squad
Directing/Director1956 Deduce, You Say
Directing/Director1956 Rocket-bye Baby
Directing/Director1956 Bugs' Bonnets
Directing/Director1956 There They Go-Go-Go!
Directing/Director1956 Heaven Scent
Directing/Director1956 90 Day Wondering
Writing/Writer1956 90 Day Wondering
Directing/Director1955 Two Scent's Worth
Directing/Director1955 A Hitch in Time
Writing/Writer1955 A Hitch in Time
Directing/Director1955 Guided Muscle
Directing/Director1955 Double or Mutton
Directing/Director1955 Past Perfumance
Directing/Director1955 Knight-Mare Hare
Directing/Director1955 One Froggy Evening
Directing/Director1955 Jumpin' Jupiter
Directing/Director1955 Beanstalk Bunny
Directing/Director1955 Ready.. Set.. Zoom!
Directing/Director1955 Rabbit Rampage
Directing/Director1954 The Cats Bah
Directing/Director1954 Baby Buggy Bunny
Directing/Director1954 Feline Frame-Up
Directing/Director1954 From A to Z-Z-Z-Z
Directing/Director1954 Bewitched Bunny
Directing/Director1954 Claws for Alarm
Directing/Director1954 Stop! Look! and Hasten!
Directing/Director1954 My Little Duckaroo
Directing/Director1954 No Barking
Directing/Director1954 Sheep Ahoy
Directing/Director1953 Duck Amuck
Directing/Director1953 Forward March Hare
Directing/Director1953 Lumber Jack-Rabbit
Directing/Director1953 Wild Over You
Directing/Director1953 Bully for Bugs
Directing/Director1953 Punch Trunk
Directing/Director1953 Kiss Me Cat
Directing/Director1953 Zipping Along
Directing/Director1953 Much Ado About Nutting
Directing/Director1953 Don't Give Up the Sheep
Directing/Director1953 Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
Directing/Director1953 Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century
Directing/Director1952 Water, Water Every Hare
Directing/Director1952 Little Beau Pepé
Directing/Director1952 Operation: Rabbit
Directing/Director1952 Rabbit Seasoning
Directing/Director1952 Feed the Kitty
Directing/Director1952 Orange Blossoms for Violet
Writing/Writer1952 Orange Blossoms for Violet
Directing/Director1952 The Hasty Hare
Directing/Director1952 Going! Going! Gosh!
Directing/Director1952 Terrier-Stricken
Directing/Director1952 Beep, Beep
Directing/Director1952 Mouse-Warming
Directing/Director1951 His Hare-Raising Tale
Directing/Director1951 A Hound for Trouble
Directing/Director1951 Scent-imental Romeo
Directing/Director1951 The Wearing of the Grin
Directing/Director1951 Bunny Hugged
Directing/Director1951 Chow Hound
Directing/Director1951 A Bear for Punishment
Directing/Director1951 Cheese Chasers
Directing/Director1951 Drip-Along Daffy
Directing/Director1951 Rabbit Fire
Directing/Director1950 The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Directing/Director1950 Rabbit of Seville
Directing/Director1950 Dog Gone South
Directing/Director1950 Homeless Hare
Directing/Director1950 8 Ball Bunny
Directing/Director1950 Caveman Inki
Directing/Director1950 The Ducksters
Directing/Director1950 The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
Directing/Director1950 Two's a Crowd
Directing/Director1949 Rabbit Hood
Directing/Director1949 Mississippi Hare
Directing/Director1949 Long-Haired Hare
Directing/Director1949 Often an Orphan
Directing/Director1949 Frigid Hare
Directing/Director1949 For Scent-imental Reasons
Directing/Director1949 Bear Feat
Directing/Director1949 Fast and Furry-ous
Directing/Director1949 Mouse Wreckers
Directing/Director1949 Awful Orphan
Directing/Director1949 So Much for So Little
Writing/Writer1949 So Much for So Little
Directing/Director1949 The Bee-Deviled Bruin
Directing/Director1948 My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
Directing/Director1948 Haredevil Hare
Directing/Director1948 Rabbit Punch
Directing/Director1948 What's Brewin', Bruin?
Directing/Director1948 Scaredy Cat
Directing/Director1948 You Were Never Duckier
Directing/Director1948 Daffy Dilly
Directing/Director1948 A Feather in His Hare
Directing/Director1947 Scent-imental Over You
Directing/Director1947 A Pest in the House
Directing/Director1947 Inki at the Circus
Directing/Director1947 Little Orphan Airedale
Directing/Director1947 House Hunting Mice
Directing/Director1946 The Eager Beaver
Directing/Director1946 Fair and Worm-er
Directing/Director1946 Quentin Quail
Directing/Director1946 Hush My Mouse
Directing/Director1946 Roughly Squeaking
Directing/Director1946 Hair-Raising Hare
Directing/Director1945 Trap Happy Porky
Directing/Director1945 Fresh Airedale
Directing/Director1945 It's Murder She Says...
Directing/Director1945 Odor-Able Kitty
Directing/Director1945 Hare Tonic
Directing/Director1945 In the Aleutians
Directing/Director1945 The Good Egg
Directing/Director1945 Hare Conditioned
Directing/Director1945 No Buddy Atoll
Directing/Director1944 Tom Turk and Daffy
Directing/Director1944 The Weakly Reporter
Directing/Director1944 Hell-Bent for Election
Directing/Director1944 Lost and Foundling
Directing/Director1944 A Lecture on Camouflage
Directing/Director1944 Gas
Directing/Director1944 Going Home
Directing/Director1944 From Hand to Mouse
Directing/Director1944 Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
Directing/Director1944 Outpost
Directing/Director1944 Angel Puss
Directing/Director1944 Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike
Directing/Director1943 To Duck.... Or Not to Duck
Directing/Director1943 Spies
Directing/Director1943 Inki and the Minah Bird
Directing/Director1943 Point Rationing of Foods
Writing/Writer1943 Point Rationing of Foods
Directing/Director1943 Super-Rabbit
Directing/Director1943 Wackiki Wabbit
Directing/Director1943 The Unbearable Bear
Directing/Director1943 The Infantry Blues
Directing/Director1943 Flop Goes the Weasel
Directing/Director1943 The Aristo-Cat
Directing/Director1943 Fin'n Catty
Directing/Director1943 Coming!! Snafu
Directing/Director1942 Case of the Missing Hare
Directing/Director1942 Porky's Cafe
Directing/Director1942 Conrad the Sailor
Directing/Director1942 The Squawkin' Hawk
Directing/Director1942 The Draft Horse
Directing/Director1942 The Bird Came C.O.D.
Directing/Director1942 Fox Pop
Directing/Director1942 Dog Tired
Directing/Director1942 Hold the Lion, Please
Directing/Director1942 My Favorite Duck
Directing/Director1941 Sniffles Bells the Cat
Directing/Director1941 Toy Trouble
Directing/Director1941 Inki and the Lion
Directing/Director1941 Porky's Ant
Directing/Director1941 The Brave Little Bat
Directing/Director1941 Joe Glow, the Firefly
Directing/Director1941 Snow Time for Comedy
Directing/Director1941 Porky's Prize Pony
Directing/Director1941 Elmer's Pet Rabbit
Directing/Director1941 Porky's Midnight Matinee
Directing/Director1941 Saddle Silly
Directing/Director1940 Good Night Elmer
Directing/Director1940 Mighty Hunters
Directing/Director1940 The Egg Collector
Directing/Director1940 Sniffles Takes a Trip
Directing/Director1940 Bedtime for Sniffles
Directing/Director1940 Elmer's Candid Camera
Directing/Director1940 Stage Fright
Directing/Director1940 Ghost Wanted
Directing/Director1940 Tom Thumb in Trouble
Directing/Director1939 The Good Egg
Directing/Director1939 Robin Hood Makes Good
Directing/Director1939 Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
Directing/Director1939 The Curious Puppy
Directing/Director1939 Naughty But Mice
Directing/Director1939 Old Glory
Directing/Director1939 Little Brother Rat
Directing/Director1939 The Little Lion Hunter
Directing/Director1939 Prest-O Change-O
Directing/Director1939 Dog Gone Modern
Directing/Director1939 Sniffles and the Bookworm
Directing/Director1939 Snowman's Land
Visual Effects/Animation1938 Porky's Five & Ten
Directing/Director1938 The Night Watchman
Directing/Assistant Director1938 Porky's Poppa
Visual Effects/Animation1937 Porky's Super Service
Directing/Assistant Director1937 Get Rich Quick Porky
Visual Effects/Animation1937 Porky's Hero Agency
Visual Effects/Animation1937 Picador Porky
Visual Effects/Animation1937 Porky and Gabby
Visual Effects/Animation1936 Page Miss Glory
Visual Effects/Animation1936 I Love to Singa
Visual Effects/Animation1935 Hollywood Capers
Visual Effects/Animation1935 My Green Fedora
Visual Effects/Animation1934 The Girl at the Ironing Board

TV Shows/Series with Chuck Jones as Crew(5)

Crew/Thanks2003 Duck Dodgers
Creator/Creator2003 Duck Dodgers
Production/Producer1971 Curiosity Shop
Creator/Creator1971 Curiosity Shop
Production/Producer1960 The Bugs Bunny Show

Born: Saturday, 09/21 1912 (September) in Spokane, Washington (United States of America (USA))
Died: Friday, 02/22 2002 (February) in Corona del Mar (aged: 89)
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Chinese zodiac sign: Rat)
Languages: English (EN), Japanese (JA, native language)
Educated at: Chouinard Art Institute, North Hollywood High School
Employer: Warner Bros. Cartoons, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, TMS Entertainment
Other names for Chuck Jones (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Charles M. Jones"
"Charles Jones"
"Charles Martin Jones"
"Jones, Charles Martin" (Pseudonym)
Chuck Jones frequently works together with these people:
Mel Blanc (237x, Actor)
Treg Brown (160x, Crew)
Carl W. Stalling (123x, Crew)
Michael Maltese (107x, Crew)
Ken Harris (94x, Crew)
Edward Selzer (80x, Crew)
Ben Washam (78x, Crew)
Maurice Noble (66x, Crew)
Milt Franklyn (56x, Crew)
Leon Schlesinger (50x, Crew)
Richard Thompson (43x, Crew)
Dean Hargrove (3x, Crew)
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