The Super Mario Bros. Movie(Movie, 2023)

| 1h 32min | Genres: Animation, Kids & Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
The Super Mario Bros. MovieRating: 3.9/5 (with 35973,597 votes) 53
The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a 2023 American animated adventure comedy film based on Nintendo's Mario video game franchise. Produced by Universal Pictures, Illumination, and Nintendo, and distributed by Universal, it was directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic and written by Matthew Fogel. The ensemble voice cast includes Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, and Fred Armisen. The film features an origin story for the brothers Mario and Luigi, Italian-American plumbers who are separated after being transported to a fantasy world and become entangled in a battle between the Mushroom Kingdom, led by Princess Peach, and the Koopas, led by Bowser. After the critical and commercial failure of the live-action film Super Mario Bros. (1993), Nintendo became reluctant to license its intellectual properties for film adaptations. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto became interested in developing another film during the development of the Virtual Console service. Through Nintendo's work with Universal Parks & Resorts to create Super Nintendo World, he met with Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri. By 2016, they were discussing a M... ()
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Awards & Nominations for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Game Awards − Best Adaptation

About The Super Mario Bros. Movie

While working underground to fix a water main, Brooklyn plumbers—and brothers—Mario and Luigi are transported down a mysterious pipe and wander into a magical new world. But when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi.

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Yours to Own 6/13(Teaser, 0:38)

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TV Spot 66 (Teaser)
TV Spot 59 (Teaser)
TV Spot 58 (Teaser)
TV Spot 37 (Teaser)
TV Spot 51 (Teaser)
Mario is Back! (Teaser)
Mario is Back! (Teaser)
Final Trailer (Trailer)
Official Trailer (Trailer)
Smash (Clip)
Casting Luigi (Featurette)
Peaches (Featurette)
Four Player Showdown (Featurette)
Going Beyond the Game (Behind the Scenes)
The Super Dream Team (Behind the Scenes)
Born To Play DK Bonus Feature (Behind the Scenes)
Chris Does It Bigger (Behind the Scenes)
Finaler Trailer (Trailer, DE)
Offizieller Trailer (Trailer, DE)

Additional Information

Production countries: Japan, United States of America (USA)
Based on: "Mario" (find it on Amazon)
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 38 languages: Abkhazian (AB), Arabic (AR), Bulgarian (BG), Catalan (CA), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), German (DE), Greek (EL), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Persian (FA), Finnish (FI), French (FR), Hebrew (HE), Croatian (HR), Hungarian (HU), Indonesian (ID), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Lithuanian (LT), Latvian (LV), Burmese (MY), Dutch (NL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Slovak (SK), Slovenian (SL), Serbian (SR), Swedish (SV), Thai (TH), Turkish (TR), Ukrainian (UK), Vietnamese (VI), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Released
Release date US: 04/05/2023
Appearing Characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, Foreman Spike, Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Kamek, Toad, Yoshi, Pauline, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Swanky Kong, Chunky Kong, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Spiny, Shy Guy, Snifit, Luma, Koopa Paratroopa, Hammer Bro., Chain Chomp, Bob-omb, Dry Bones, Bullet Bill, Banzai Bill, Lumalee
Director: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic
Screenwriter: Matthew Fogel
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Super Mario Bros.: La pel·lícula"
"فيلم سوبر ماريو بروس"
"Սուպեր Մարիո եղբայրները կինոյում"
"Super Mario Bros.: La película"
"Super Mario Qardaşları"
"Super Mario braća film"
"Супер Марио Bros.: Филмът"
"Super Mario Bros. O Filme"
"Super Mario Bros. le film"
"Super Mario Bros. ve filmu"
"Der Super Mario Bros. Film"
"Super Mario Bros. Filmen"
"Super Mario Bros. film"
"فيلم سوبر ماريو بروس"
"Super Mario Bros. La pel·lícula"
"Super Mario Bros.: La película"
"Super Mario Bros. le film"
"სუპერ მარიო ძმკბის ფილმი"
"Super Mario Bros. Η Ταινία"
"Super Mario Bros. Film"
"האחים סופר מריו - הסרט"
"द सुपर मारियो ब्रदर्स मूवी"
"برادران سوپر ماریو"
"برادران قارچ خور"
"سوپر ماریو"
"سوپر ماریو: قارچ خور!"
"فیلم سینمایی برادران سوپر ماریو"
"قارچ خور: برادران سوپر ماریو"
"Super Mario Bros. bíómyndin"
"Super Mario Bros. - Il film"
"ស៊ូប៉ាម៉ារីអូប្រូថអឺស: ភាពយន្"
"슈퍼 마리오 브라더스"
"Супер Марио кинода"
"ຊູເປີມາຣິໂອ ໂບຣສ ເດິມູວີ"
"Broliai Super Mario. Filmas"
"Super Mario brāļi: Filma"
"Супер Марио Браќа Филм"
"Супер Марио ах Дүүс"
"Super Mario Bros. Filmen"
"Super Mario Bros. Film"
"Super Mario Bros. O Filme"
"Super Mario braća film"
"Супер Марио браћа филм"
"Братья Супер Марио в кино"
"Супербратья Марио"
"Супербратья Марио в кино"
"Super Mario Bros. Filmen"
"Brata Super Mario film"
"Super Mario Bros. vo filme"
"เดอะ ซูเปอร์ มาริโอ้ บราเธอร์ส มูฟวี่"
"เดอะ ซูเปอร์มาริโอบราเธอร์ส มูฟวี่"
"Süper Mario Kardeşler Filmi"
"Брати Супер Маріо в кіно"
"Super Mario Bros."
"Super Mario Movie"
"Anh Em Super Mario"

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