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Burmese (Burmese: မြန်မာဘာသာ, MLCTS: mranmabhasa, IPA: [mjəmà bàðà]) is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Myanmar (also known as Burma), where it is an official language, lingua franca, and the native language of the Burmans, the country's principal ethnic group. Burmese is also spoken by the indigenous tribes in Chittagong Hill Tracts (Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachari, Cox's Bazar) in Bangladesh, and in Tripura state in Northeast India. Although the Constitution of Myanmar officially recognizes the English name of the language as the Myanmar language, most English speakers continue to refer to the language as Burmese, after Burma, the country's once previous and currently co-official name. Burmese is the common lingua franca in Myanmar, as the most widely-spoken language in the country. In 2007, it was spoken as a first language by 33 million, primarily the Burman people and related ethnic groups, and as a second language by 10 million, particularly ethnic minorities in Myanmar and neighboring countries. In 2022, the Burmese-speaking population was 38.8 million. Burmese is a tonal, pitch-register (as well as social-register), and syllable-timed language, largely monosyllabic and agglutinative with a subject–object–verb word order. It is a member ... ()

Burmese is spoken in Myanmar (Burma) and 11 movies (between 1972 and 2023) with this language have been recorded so far. Most of these movies were shot in Myanmar (Burma) (11). Popular genres for Burmese movies are Drama (7), Documentary (2) and History (1). Tender are the Feet (1972), The Gemini (2016), The Great Legacy (2013), The Monk (2014) and In This Land We're Briefly Ghosts (2019) are among the best known & most successful Burmese movies.

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The Gemini(2016)

2h | Drama
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A secret story of a same-sex love affair between two Myanmar men. After getting into a forced marriage with a rich girl, one of the men is killed in a plane crash. Much later, his wife is approached by a man, a bestselling writer, and soon suspects that he may have been her husband's lover. But now a real mystery begins to emerge as the evidence mounts her husband may still be alive.

Directed by Nyo Min Lwin

The Great Legacy(2013)

1h 57min | Drama

Aye Mi is an ambitious photographer eager to start a career in advertising but doesn't have enough money to buy a camera. Her only hope is to recover a lost inheritance, a valuable ruby. Aye Mi discovers that the jewel has been taken by some young evil witches who have menacing and corrupting powers. Facing her worst fears, she makes big sacrifices and will not stop for anything until she retrieves the stone. Will Aye Mi ever doubt the value of what is unexpectedly discovered along the way?

In This Land We're Briefly Ghosts(2019)

16min | Drama

Based on actual events, this human tragedy follows a 12-year-old child soldier, Su Su Myat, and her mute brother, Tin Min, who are imprisoned after deserting their first combat mission. Punished with no food or water, Su Su Myat is forced to choose between killing her seriously ill brother for her own survival, or risk dying with him.

The Only Mom(2019)

1h 55min | Horror
2.9/5 (with 2 votes)

A family move out of town to raise an autistic daughter peacefully. Then the girl changes, the emotional daughter becomes a polite and sweet little girl. The mother feels she really has became a perfect mother for the first time. But the house getting stranger day by day because of a mystery that has been unsolved for a decades. Who is really inside the little girl, the same autistic girl or a spirit? Will the mother want her real daughter back or continue with a sweet little girl?

Never Shall We Be Enslaved(2023)

2h 44min | History

In Never Shall We Be Enslaved, award winning director Kyi Soe Tun focuses a Burmese lens on events at the end of the Burmese Kingdom and the beginning of British rule in the late 1880s. Britain has control of India and most of Burma, but the last monarch tries to postpone the inevitable by concessions to British interests and by attempting to play the French against their colonial rivals. In the war-torn atmosphere of this end game war, a Bamar commander falls in love with a Shan princess, although their peoples traditionally are enemies.

My Life I Dont Want(2017)

12min | Animation, Drama

A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl inspired by the true stories in Myanmar.

My Buddha is Punk(2015)

1h 8min | Documentary
4.0/5 (with 3 votes)

Kyaw Kyaw, a 25-year-old Burmese Punk, obsessively tries to develop the Punk scene in Myanmar. Although the former military dictatorship has experienced a number of democratic reforms, Kyaw Kyaw remains skeptical. Together with his punk band, Kyaw Kyaw raises awareness for the continuing violation of human rights.

Tender are the Feet(1972)

1h 46min | Drama

Made under the Burmese dictatorship, Maung Wanna’s debut feature tells a story of Sein Lin, the drummer for a traditional dance theatre group in Rangoon, who falls in love with beautiful dancer Khin San. When she leaves the group to pursue a career as a film actress, he gives her a small figure as a keepsake, a symbol of traditional theatre. He tells her to return it only when she is certain she wants to stay in film. The dancer’s independence in choosing to become a film actress breaks with cultural tradition, as does Sein Lin’s performance in a jazz club, symbolising the colonial influence. Winner of Best Director at the Burmese Academy Awards in 1971.

Directed by Wunna

The Road to Mandalay(2016)

1h 48min | Drama
3.6/5 (with 5 votes)

Two illegal Burmese migrants fleeing their country’s civil war find love with each other while struggling to survive in the bustling cities of Thailand.

Directed by Midi Z - With Ko Chen-tung

The Monk(2014)

1h 33min | Drama

Zawana enters a Burmese monastery filled with the misgivings and uncertainty that come in part with the inexperience of youth. When the superior, U Dahma, falls ill, the youngster takes up an unexpected challenge. This sensitive film, enhanced by its unique setting, was made in a Burmese-Czech coproduction.

Directed by Maw Naing Aung, The Maw Naing

Sugar & Spice(2016)

16min | Documentary

A lovingly filmed portrait of the filmmaker’s parents who make out a living making ‘jaggery’ sweets from toddy palm syrup in Myanmar’s central dry zone.