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| 1h 35min | Genres: Animation, Kids & Family, Adventure, Drama, Comedy
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Inside Out is a 2015 American animated coming-of-age film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Pete Docter from a screenplay he co-wrote with Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley. The film stars the voices of Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Kaitlyn Dias, Diane Lane, and Kyle MacLachlan. Inside Out follows the inner workings of the mind of Riley, a young girl who adapts to her family's relocation as five personified emotions administer her thoughts and actions. Docter conceived Inside Out in October 2009 after observing changes in his daughter's personality as she grew older. The project was subsequently green-lit, and Docter and co-director Ronnie del Carmen developed the story, while consulting psychologists and neuroscientists in an effort to accurately portray the mind. Development took five and a half years on a budget of approximately $175 million. Significant changes to the film's story and characters delayed the film's production schedule. Inside Out debuted at the 68th Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2015,... ()
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Awards & Nominations for Inside Out

Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Annie Award for Best Animated Feature National Board of Review: Top Ten Films Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for Best Animated Feature

About Inside Out

Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it's no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Riley's guiding emotions— Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness—live in Headquarters, the control centre inside Riley's mind, where they help advise her through everyday life and tries to keep things positive, but the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

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Additional Information

Production country: United States of America (USA)
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 44 languages: Arabic (AR), Azerbaijani (AZ), Belarusian (BE), Bulgarian (BG), Bosnian (BS), Catalan (CA), Chinese (Cantonese) (CN), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), German (DE), Greek (EL), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Estonian (ET), Persian (FA), Finnish (FI), French (FR), Hebrew (HE), Croatian (HR), Hungarian (HU), Indonesian (ID), Icelandic (IS), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Georgian (KA), Korean (KO), Lithuanian (LT), Latvian (LV), Dutch (NL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Slovak (SK), Slovenian (SL), Serbian (SR), Swedish (SV), Thai (TH), Turkish (TR), Twi (TW), Ukrainian (UK), Vietnamese (VI), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Released
Release date US: 06/19/2015 (World premiere: 06/09/2015)
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Del revés"
"Sens dessus dessous"
"Alles steht Kopf"
"Del Revés (Inside Out)"
"W głowie się nie mieści"
"Ters Yüz"

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