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Sat.1 is a German free-to-air television channel that is a part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group. It is considered the first privately owned television network in Germany, having been launched in January 1984 as PKS (Programmgesellschaft für Kabel- und Satellitenrundfunk), initially a joint venture of various publishing houses, and was rebranded as Sat.1 in January 1985. The first broadcast could only be seen by roughly 1200 households who had cable access in the city of Ludwigshafen. Early programs included old films (mainly from the archives of KirchMedia) American hit series and game shows (the most notable show being the German version of Wheel of Fortune, Glücksrad). Later, the station acquired a name for its original series and TV films. Pay-TV sister channel Sat.1 Emotions (formerly Sat.1 Comedy) airs comedy, romance and movies. In 2013 Sat.1 Gold, a second, free-to-air Sat.1 offshoot was also launched. In addition to its free-to-air standard definition feed, Sat.1 also broadcasts an HD feed as a subscription-only channel, available on Astra's HD+ satellite pay-TV platform. ()

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Nieuwe Tijden(2016-)

20min per episode
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

- No description / details available yet. -

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles(1992-2000)

3.4/5 (with 44 votes)

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is an American television series that aired on ABC from March 4, 1992, to July 24, 1993. Filming took place in various locations around Wilmington, North Carolina and on the campus of UNCW. The series was an Amblin Entertainment/Lucasfilm production in association with Paramount Network Television. The series explores the childhood and youth of the fictional character Indiana Jones and primarily stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier as the title character, with George Hall playing an elderly version of Jones for the bookends of most episodes, though Harrison Ford bookended one episode. The show was created and executively produced by George Lucas, who also created, co-wrote and executively produced the Indiana Jones feature films. Due to its enormous budget, the series was cancelled in 1993. However, following the series' cancellation, four made-for-television films were produced from 1994 to 1996 in an attempt to continue the series. In 1999, the series was re-edited into 22 television films under the title The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Ring of the Nibelungs(2004)

| 2h 13min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, TV Movie
3.2/5 (with 56 votes)

In this swords-and-sorcery tale, good-hearted blacksmith Eyvind hides away infant Prince Siegfried after two malevolent kings murder his father. But a fiery meteor sent by the gods reveals Siegfried's destiny, sending him on the quest of a lifetime. To save a crumbling kingdom claim the heart of his true love, he'll have to slay the nefarious dragon, Fafnir.

My Blind Date with Life(2017)

1h 51min | Comedy, Drama
3.8/5 (with 128 votes)

An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly visually impaired.


45min per episode | Action & Adventure, Crime
3.5/5 (with 7 votes)

Jo is an English-language French police procedural television series created by Canadian/USA screenwriter René Balcer of Law & Order fame with French writing team Franck Ollivier & Malina Detcheva, known for the mini-series Lost Signs. It is co-produced by the French Atlantique Productions and the Belgian Stromboli Pictures companies in association with broadcast partners TF1, RTBF, Sat.1, ORF and RTS.


2h 5min | Drama, History, Thriller
3.7/5 (with 181 votes)

Two families attempt a daredevil plan to escape the GDR with a homemade hot air balloon, but it crashes just before the border. The Stasi finds traces of this attempt to escape and immediately starts investigations, while the two families are forced to build a new escape balloon. With each passing day the Stasi is closer on their heels – a nerve-wracking race against time begins.


1h 55min | Comedy
3.1/5 (with 121 votes)

Henry is a playboy who has no idea that he is the father of a beautiful, cute girl out of a One-night-Stand. Her mother left the daughter in front of Henry door after her husband realized after 8 years of marriage that he is not the father so their relationship now is breaking up... By the way: Kokowääh, is how a German (in this case an 8 Year old child) that has never heard the dish before - would pronounce "Coq Au Vin" (chicken in a wine sauce).

Schwarz greift ein(1994-1999)

1h per episode | Crime

Schwarz greift ein is a German television series.

Welcome to the Hartmanns(2016)

1h 53min | Comedy, Drama
3.2/5 (with 103 votes)

The Hartmann family is turned upside down when mother Angelika decides to take in the refugee Diallo, against her husband's will. Amidst the typical chaos of our time, hope remains that the family finds its stability, confidence and peace again - just like the whole country.

Single By Contract(2010)

3.5/5 (with 77 votes)

A love connection clicks for Lila when she moves back to Berlin and meets Christopher -- never realizing that she's fallen for a rock star who's signed a contract to remain single for life.

Bullyparade: The Movie(2017)

1h 40min | Comedy
2.6/5 (with 85 votes)

A multi-episode movie based on the skit TV show "bullyparade".

I'm Off Then(2015)

1h 32min | Comedy, Drama
3.1/5 (with 45 votes)

Based on the book "Ich bin dann mal weg" by Hape Kerkeling where the author describes his journey on the Way of St. James, a pilgrimage route, and the people he encounters there.

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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World(2018)

3.7/5 (with 49 votes)

17-year-old Cyril is funny, smart and an all-round good guy. Just his somewhat overlarge nose spoils the picture. On a school trip to Berlin with Roxy, a stunning new classmate, Cyril is not the only one taken with her. Benno, the class Casanova has his eye on the girl too and makes a nasty wager. Roxy is more interested in the introverted Rick, who is not only shy but also slow. Cyril hastens with his spoken word skills to Rick's aid, and falls head over heels in love with Roxy himself. So whose brave heart will win the fair lady?

Directed by Aron Lehmann - With Luna Wedler, Aaron Hilmer, Jonas Ems, Hussein Eliraqui, Damian Hardung, Sinje Irslinger, ...

Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails(2015)

2.9/5 (with 28 votes)

They couldn't be more different, the members of the trio that allies in the fight against an Ancient Ice Ghost (AIG): Tom, an easily scared boy, Hetty, a professional ghosthunter and the loveable, but pretty slimy Hugo - a ghost. Will the team manage to save their town from the next ice age?

The Cloud(2006)

3.2/5 (with 43 votes)

DIE WOLKE (The Cloud) is about a breakdown of a nuclear power station in Germany and the story of two teenager-lovers Hannah and Elmar who take refuge. 38.000 people die and Hannah unfortunately becomes contaminated.

The Tunnel(2001)

2h 30min | Drama, Thriller
3.5/5 (with 42 votes)

Inspired by true events, Olympic swimmer Harry Melchior defects from East Germany in the 1960s and hatches a daring plot to help his sister and others flee East Berlin through a 145-yard underground tunnel.

Stromberg – The Movie(2014)

2h 3min | Comedy
3.4/5 (with 100 votes)

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of “Capitol-Insurance” is due – that's what the bosses thought. All employees are invited to join the party in a hotel. However, rumors say the company's not doing very well. To avoid unemployment due to the possible shutdown of the smaller branch office the only option is to move to the headquarters. Now that's the ultimate challange for Stromberg, who is notoriously trying to be the example of a department manager, gathering all of his employees behind him.

Class Reunion 1.0(2018)

2h 7min | Comedy
2.9/5 (with 34 votes)

Three former classmates reunite for their 30-year high school reunion.

Text for You(2016)

3.4/5 (with 47 votes)

Sports writer Mark is baffled when he receives romantic text messages on his cell phone. What he does not know: His new number once belonged to the deceased boyfriend of Clara, who continues to send text messages in order to cope with the loss. When Mark's girlfriend discovers the texts, she is understandably upset. Along with his best friend David, Mark sets out to find the mysterious writer.

Striving for Freedom(2013)

2h | Western
3.0/5 (with 5 votes)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by Rainer Matsutani

The Legacy of the Siren(2012)

2h 1min | History, Drama
2.9/5 (with 10 votes)

Michel must go to dangerous lengths to save his wife and newborn child from the intrigues of the king’s mistress in this historical drama.

The Royal Siren(2010)

3.0/5 (with 22 votes)

Constance, 1410. Marie, daughter of the richest bourgeois of the city, is on the eve of marrying a prestigious lawyer, son of an earl. Although the compromise fills with pride the girl's father, anxious to ennoble, Marie is not just convinced about her fiancé, who she has only seen twice. Her suspicions are confirmed tragically on the eve of the wedding when, after signing the marriage contract, a stranger breaks into the house ensuring that Marie has slept with other men in exchange for gifts, like a vile harlot. From that moment, the life of the girl will give a terrible unexpected turnaround. Alone, with his reputation ruined, she will have no choice to survive than partnering with a prostitute and lying on the roads.

Unter den Linden – Das Haus Gravenhorst(2006)

45min per episode | History

Unter den Linden – Das Haus Gravenhorst is a German television series.

Secret Love: The Schoolboy and the Mailwoman(2005)

1h 32min | Drama, Romance / Love
3.4/5 (with 14 votes)

A 17 year old boy falls in love with a 37 year old woman. As if this wouldn't be enough they are of different social classes and she is married.

The Revenge of the Siren(2012)

2.8/5 (with 12 votes)

In 1427, Lady Maria Van Arnstein is informed that her beloved husband Michel Van Arnstein was murdered in a battle against the Hussitas. However he was actually betrayed by his ambitious cousin Hettenhein that wants his lands and castle. The Pope's Great Inquisitor Janus Suppertour meets King König Sigismund and tells that he wants Maria for him.

Frau Müller muss weg!(2015)

1h 28min | Comedy
3.0/5 (with 38 votes)

Because of their children's bad grades, some parents want the teacher Mrs. Müller gone. They meet with Mrs. Müller and try to convince her to leave the class.

Tiger Milk(2017)

1h 46min | Drama, Comedy
3.4/5 (with 8 votes)

Best friends Nini and Jameelah are both 14 years old and live in the same housing complex in Berlin. Jameelah's family is from Iraq and might be deported if their application for citizenship isn't approved, but right now, the girls try not to worry about these existential problems. They look forward to the Berlin summer and the school holidays.

Jack the Ripper - Eine Frau jagt einen Mörder(2016)

1h 38min | Thriller
3.5/5 (with 25 votes)

A serial killer walks the streets of Whitechapel, London, attacking and killing women, which later came to be known as the 'Whitechapel murders' stretching from 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891 included in the London Metropolitan Police Service Investigation.

Barefoot to the Neck(2009)

2.9/5 (with 7 votes)

A nudist site in eastern Germany is sold to Dieter Lohe, a conservative textile manufacturer from Bavaria. He visits his new property with his daughter Natalie, and plans to use the property as a hunting ground.

Macho Man(2015)

2.6/5 (with 11 votes)

A German man fells in love with a Turkish woman and changes his lifestyle for her family.

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