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Sanshiro Sugata(1943)

1h 20min | Drama
3.3/5 (with 32 votes)

The story of Sanshiro, a strong stubborn youth, who travels into the city in order to learn Jujutsu. However, upon his arrival he discovers a new form of self-defence: Judo. The main character is based on Shiro Saigo, a legendary judoka.


3.2/5 (with 10 votes)

Japanese master spy Daka operates a covert espionage-sabotage organization located in Gotham City's now-deserted Little Tokyo, which turns American scientists into pliable zombies. The great crime-fighters Batman and Robin, with the help of their allies, are in pursuit.

Batman and Robin(1949)

2.9/5 (with 9 votes)

This 15-chapter serial pits Batman and Robin against The Wizard, who uses a device that allows him to control machinery to hold the city hostage.

Captain America(1944)

3.1/5 (with 6 votes)

Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and steals a secret device capable of destroying buildings by sound vibrations.

The 47 Ronin(1941)

3h 43min | Drama, History
3.6/5 (with 12 votes)

In 1701, Lord Takuminokami Asano has a feud with Lord Kira and he tries to kill Kira in the corridors of the Shogun's palace. The Shogun sentences Lord Asano to commit suppuku and deprives the palace and lands from his clan, but does not punish Lord Kira. Lord Asano's vassals leave the land and his samurais become ronin and want to seek revenge against the dishonor of their Lord. But their leader Kuranosuke Oishi asks the Shogun to restore the Asano clan with his brother Daigaku Asano. One year later, the Shogun refuses his request and Oishi and forty-six ronin revenge their Lord.

The Green Hornet(1940)

3.3/5 (with 2 votes)

A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and his aide.

A Dangerous Game(1941)

| 1h 1min | Comedy, Adventure

Detectives Dick Williams and Andy McAllister find themselves trying to solve several crimes at an isolated mentally-ill hospital, where the patients range from slightly daffy to criminally insane, and they don't know which is which. A gang is out to steal a fortune inherited by one of the patients and, before Dick and Andy solve the case, several patients are transferred to the cemetery. And 'tiddlie-winks" are indeed involved.

Directed by John Rawlins

Wild Beauty(1946)

1h 1min | Western

In this western, a Native American boy and his horse Wild Beauty make friends with a gentle doctor who helps the boy save his beloved steed from the cruel industrialist who has been slaughtering horses and using their hides for making shoes. Read more at

Directed by Wallace Fox

Jesse James at Bay(1941)

56min | Comedy, Music, Western
2.5/5 (with 2 votes)

When Jesse learns that Krager is cheating settlers, he and his gang rob trains to obtain money for them to purchase their land. Krager, finding a Jesse look alike in Burns, hires him to wreck havoc on the ranchers. When Jesse kills Burns he switches clothes and goes after the culprits.

Treasure of Monte Cristo(1949)

1h 16min | Action, Adventure, Drama
3.2/5 (with 2 votes)

A San Francisco lawyer (Steve Brodie) uses a woman (Adele Jergens) to lure a merchant seaman (Glenn Langan) worth a legendary fortune.

Directed by William Berke

King of the Lumberjacks(1940)

| 58min | Romance / Love, Drama
2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Outdoor drama about a newly-hired lumberjack discovering that his former girlfriend is now his new boss's wife.

Directed by William Clemens - With John Payne

The Trespasser(1947)

1h 11min | Action, Adventure, Crime
2.8/5 (with 1 vote)

Stevie Carson, a newspaper reporter, and Denny Butler, the feature editor on the same newspaper, set out to track down a gang of literary forgers who are making a fortune off of selling fake first editions.

Directed by George Blair - With Dale Evans
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Sabotage Squad(1942)

1h | Crime

A police lieutenant and a patriotic professional gambler, rivals in life and love, combine efforts to corner a gang of Nazi saboteurs operating out of a barber shop, in which their mutual girlfriend works, and unmask its secret leader.

Directed by Lew Landers

Riders of the Whistling Pines(1949)

1h 10min | Action, Drama, Music, Western
2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

While trailing Forest Ranger Charles Carter, who is suspected of permitting lumber man Henry Mitchell to cut restricted timber, Gene fires at a dangerous mountain lion and apparently kills Carter. Actually, Bill Wright, Mitchell's associate, killed Carter because the ranger had discovered tussock moth infestation in the forest, and if the infestation was not reported, the trees would die and have to be cut, thereby profiting Mitchell and Wright. In order to compensate the best he can, Gene sells his sportsman's camp and gives the money to Carter's daughter Helen . En route to Texas, Gene discovers the infestation and is assigned by the Forest Department to supervise the program of spraying the area with DDT from the air. After the first day of spraying, the DDT is blamed by furious stock men for the many animals found dead of poisoning.

Web of Danger(1947)

58min | Adventure, Action
1.8/5 (with 1 vote)

Ernie Reardon, the superintendent, and Bill O'Hara, the foreman, of a construction company crew working on a bridge to a remote valley, are constantly quarreling over small and minor matter, especially when it comes to Peg Mallory, whom both men are romancing and Peg enjoys the attention. Thed work is suspended when a worker is killed, but a flood is approaching and the valley citizens are in dire straits unless the bridge is completed - in a hurry.

Directed by Philip Ford - With Adele Mara

King of the Royal Mounted(1940)

3h 31min | Western, Action, Adventure

The Canadians have discovered a valuable substance called Compound X, which can cure infantile paralysis. When a country at war with Canada learns that Compound X also contains magnetic properties that could aid them in their warfare against the British, they send agents to infiltrate Canada and steal a large quantity of the substance. It's up to Sgt. King (Allan Lane) and his Mounties to track down the agents and put an end to their scheme.

Miss V from Moscow(1942)

1h 13min | War, Action, Adventure, Drama

Set in the shadows of wartime Paris, this 1940s drama directed by Albert Herman stars Lola Lane, Noel Madison and Howard Banks. When a Soviet secret agent discovers her uncanny resemblance to a dead Nazi spy, she infiltrates the enemy and works to save U.S. ships from German submarines. Assisting her on her mission are French underground agents, along with an American serving in the British armed forces.

Directed by Albert Herman

Girls of the Road(1940)

1h 1min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

A story of the great-depression era about women hobos, tramps, job-seekers, fugitives and runaways running from or toward something as they hitch-hiked their way across the United States, dodging the police, do-gooders, lustful men and pursuing-husbands in a bad mood. One of them is a killer, another is a girl hitch-hiking to her wedding in order to afford a wedding gown, and there is also the Governor's daughter who crusades on their behalf, while hitch-hiking along with them.

Directed by Nick Grinde - With Ann Dvorak

Headin' for God's Country(1943)

1h 18min | Action, Drama, War

In this anti-Japanese WW II propaganda film, Japanese invaders attempt to raid Alaska and are totally obliterated. The trouble begins when a stranger visits a small town and tells them that the U.S. is going to be taken over by a powerful country. The story turns out to be true when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. The town then rises up and slaughters a Japanese raiding party.

Directed by William Morgan - With William Lundigan

Call of the South Seas(1944)

59min | Action, Crime

FBI Agent Kendall Gaige goes undercover on a South Seas island in order to expose the underhanded and exploitative business practices of Steve Landrau. In the course of his investigation Gaige is introduce to the Paris-educated native princess Tahia, who believes that he has arrived to save her people from poverty. A romance, of course, ensues as Gaige attempts to expose Landrau before his cover is blown.

Directed by John English - With Janet Martin

The Marines Come Thru(1938)

1h 5min | War, Action

Marine Lieutenant Steve Landers has perfected a new bomb-release for airplanes which he is testing with the aid of his mechanics,'Singapore' Stebbins and Jack Murray. Dick Weber, one of a group of enemy agents attempting to steal the plans, is a friend of Colonel Dale, whose daughter, Linda, is engaged to Landers. Weber learns that "Singapore" and Jack are to deliver the final blueprints to the Colonel's home. Beckstrom , head of the spy ring, has some of his agents dress as Marines and obtain entry the the hangar. They get the plans but "Singapore" and Jack have overheard a conversation that indicates the spies are heading for a nearby island which is the headquarters of the espionage group.

Directed by Louis J. Gasnier

Seven Miles from Alcatraz(1942)

1h 2min | Drama, Thriller
2.8/5 (with 1 vote)

After Pearl Harbor, convicts at Alcatraz prison live in fear of bomb attacks, driving Champ Larkin and his pal Jimbo to a desperate escape attempt which lands them on a tiny lighthouse island, where they take over. The five inhabitants are stymied in their efforts to summon aid. But the island also figures in the schemes of a big Nazi spy ring; which will win out, the gangsters' greed or their patriotism?

South of Panama(1941)

1h 8min | Thriller, Drama, Action, War

Secret agent Roger Pryor is dispatched below the border to protect an important scientific formula. Believe it or don't, this mixture has the ability to render things invisible.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough - With Duncan Renaldo

Timur and His Team(1940)

3.2/5 (with 3 votes)

A story about a young boy Timur and his team who are living in a small Moscow suburb during the years before WWII.

Wildcat Bus(1940)

1h 4min | Crime, Drama
2.4/5 (with 1 vote)

A broke playboy signs on to help a young beauty save her ailing bus line.

Who Is Hope Schuyler?(1942)

2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A girl reporter is trying to tack down the lady-in-the-title, as a key witness in a graft trial, which involves three murder and that many failed attempts. A prosecuting attorney in the district attorneys office is aiding her in solving the mystery of the missing lady.

Blonde for a Day(1946)

1h 8min | Mystery, Crime

Hugh Beaumont stars as detective "Michael Shayne" in this 1946 B-film.

North to the Klondike(1942)

3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Based upon the novel by Jack London, two friends in the Klondike aid settlers being terrorized by outlaws.

South to Karanga(1940)

59min | Action, Drama

Passengers bound to an African copper mine at Karanga to quell a native uprising encounter murder and intrigue on the way.

Directed by Harold D. Schuster

Born to Speed(1947)

1h 1min | Action, Adventure

The romantic, dangerous and fast-paced world of professional midget auto racing provides the backdrop for this dramatic tale of a young driver who decides to follow in his late father's footsteps and win the big race.

Directed by Edward L. Cahn
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