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The Trial of the Chicago 7(2020)

| 2h 10min | Drama, History, Thriller
3.9/5 (with 277 votes)

What was intended to be a peaceful protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention turned into a violent clash with police and the National Guard. The organizers of the protest — including Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale — were charged with conspiracy to incite a riot and the trial that followed was one of the most notorious in history.


| 1h 30min | Action, Thriller
3.2/5 (with 197 votes)

A divorced mother honks impatiently at a deranged middle-aged stranger at a red light while running late on her way to work. His road rage escalates to horrifyingly psychotic proportions as he becomes single-mindedly determined to teach her a deadly lesson for provoking him.

The Boys in the Band(2020)

2h 1min | Drama
3.5/5 (with 91 votes)

New York, 1968. At a birthday party, a surprise guest and a drunken game leave seven gay friends reckoning with unspoken feelings and buried truths.

Let Him Go(2020)

| 1h 53min | Drama, Thriller, Crime
3.8/5 (with 2 votes)

A retired sheriff and his wife fight to rescue their grandson from a dangerous off-grid family upon the death of their son.

18 Presents(2020)

1h 54min | Drama
3.8/5 (with 193 votes)

Elisa is only forty when an incurable disease takes her from her husband and their daughter. Before her heart stops, Elisa finds a way to stay close to her: a gift for every birthday up to her adult age, 18 gifts to try to accompany her child's growth year after year.

The Secret Garden(2020)

| 1h 39min | Drama, Fantasy, Kids & Family
3.4/5 (with 99 votes)

Mary Lennox is born in India to wealthy British parents who never wanted her. When her parents suddenly die, she is sent back to England to live with her uncle. She meets her sickly cousin, and the two children find a wondrous secret garden lost in the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor.

Directed by Marc Munden - With Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Dixie Egerickx

Last Night in Soho(2021)

A young girl, passionate about fashion design, is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s where she encounters her idol, a dazzling wannabe singer. But 1960s London is not what it seems, and time seems to be falling apart with shady consequences.

Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash(2020)

1h 32min | Drama, Music
1.3/5 (with 1 vote)

The movie centers on drummer Artimus Pyle's experience as a band member in Lynyrd Skynyrd and the tragically fateful day their rented plane crashed in the swamps of Gillsburg, MS on October 20th, 1977 and took the lives of singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, his sister backup singer Cassie Gaines, road manager Dean Kilpatrick, and the two pilots. This movie focuses on the hours leading up to the event, the day of, and the aftermath.

Directed by Jared Cohn

The Metamorphosis of Birds(2020)

1h 41min | Documentary, Drama
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Beatriz married Henrique on the day of her 21st birthday. Henrique, a naval officer, would spend long periods at sea. Ashore, Beatriz, who learned everything from the verticality of plants, took great care of the roots of their six children. The oldest son, Jacinto (Hyacinth), my father, dreamed he could be a bird. One day, suddenly, Beatriz died. My mom didn’t die suddenly, but she too died when I was 17 years-old. On that day, me and my father met in the loss of our mothers and our relationship was no longer just that of father and daughter.


1h 26min | Drama
2.7/5 (with 2 votes)

A bookseller from Seoul travels with a young woman to Fukuoka in Japan to meet a former friend from university. While their reunion is haunted by the conflicts of the past, his travel companion floats through the plot as if moving through a dream.

Directed by Zhang Lu - With Kwon Hae-hyo, Yoon Je-moon, Park So-dam

Rose Stone Star(2020)

1h 30min | Drama
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Carmela is thirty, beautiful and as untamed as an horsewoman. She is jobless and struggles to get by on her own, doing small day-to-day tasks. She makes ends meet by making use of the immigrants who populate the maze of alleyways of Naples' old historic centre. A circle of hell where, even to get a residence permit, you have to pay to work.

Laal Singh Chaddha(2021)

Events in India's history unfold through the perspective of Laal Singh Chadda , a man with a low IQ.

Directed by Advait Chandan
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