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Destry Rides Again(1939)

1h 34min | Action, Comedy, Western
3.6/5 (with 49 votes)

When a tough western town needs taming, the mild-mannered son of a hard-nosed sheriff gets the job.

The Flying Deuces(1939)

| 1h 9min | Comedy, War
3.2/5 (with 46 votes)

Ollie is in love with a woman. When he discovers that she is already married, he tries to kill himself. Of course, the suicide is avoided and the boys join the Foreign Legion to get away from their troubles. Finally, they are arrested for trying to desert the Legion and to escape the firing squad by stealing a plane.

Directed by A. Edward Sutherland - With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker, Reginald Gardiner, Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham, Jimmy Finlayson, ...

The Women(1939)

| 2h 13min | Comedy, Drama
3.6/5 (with 46 votes)

A happily married woman lets her catty friends talk her into divorce when her husband strays.

Gulliver's Travels(1939)

3.1/5 (with 36 votes)

Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and attempts to prevent war between that tiny kingdom and its equally-miniscule rival, Blefiscu, as well as smooth the way for the romance between the Princess and Prince of the opposing lands. In this he is alternately aided and hampered by the Lilliputian town crier and general fussbudget, Gabby. A life-threatening situation develops when the bumbling trio of Blefiscu spies, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, manage to steal Gulliver's pistol.

Idiot's Delight(1939)

1h 47min | Comedy, Drama
2.9/5 (with 3 votes)

A group of disparate travelers are caught are thrown together in a posh Alpine hotel when the borders are closed at the start of WWII.

At the Circus(1939)

| 1h 27min | Comedy, Music
3.3/5 (with 29 votes)

Jeff Wilson, the owner of a small circus, owes his partner Carter $10,000. Before Jeff can pay, Carter lets his accomplices steal the money, so he can take over the circus. Antonio Pirelli and Punchy, who work at the circus, together with lawyer Loophole try to find the thief and get the money back.

Ask a Policeman(1939)

1h 23min | Comedy
3.6/5 (with 7 votes)

The mirthful adventures of Police-Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot and his two constables, Albert Brown and Jeremias Harbottle, who stage a fabricated crime-wave to save their jobs---and then find themselves involved in the real thing.


1h 15min | Comedy, Drama
2.2/5 (with 2 votes)

Wisecracking showgirl Maisie Ravier finds herself trapped in a Wyoming town when her new employer closes the show prematurely. She meets ranch foreman Charles "Slim" Martin when he accuses her of lifting his wallet and ends up being hired as a maid for ranch owners Cliff and Sybil, who are attempting to mend their rocky marriage after Sybil's infidelity with a cowboy.

Officer Duck(1939)

| 8min | Animation
2.8/5 (with 15 votes)

Officer Donald Duck (Officer #13) is assigned to apprehend a criminal named Tiny Tom. Donald assumes by the name that he'll be a pushover but when he reaches Tom's hideout, he discovers "Tiny" Tom is actually a hulking Pete who immediately disposes of Donald. Donald decides to use strategy and is able to reenter Pete's house disguised as a baby who Pete surprisingly warms to. When Pete discovers Donald, he chases him down the street but is finally apprehended by Donald's marching police colleagues who make the arrest.

Directed by Clyde Geronimi

Q Planes(1939)

1h 22min | Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
3.3/5 (with 8 votes)

An eccentric Scotland Yard inspector thinks something beamed from a spy ship is dropping planes.

Directed by Tim Whelan, Arthur B. Woods - With Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier, Valerie Hobson, George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, Pat Aherne, George Merritt, ...

The Hockey Champ(1939)

| 7min | Animation
3.4/5 (with 14 votes)

Donald shows his nephews the moves that won him his hockey trophy. But the boys have a few moves of their own.

Directed by Jack King

Jeepers Creepers(1939)

3.7/5 (with 4 votes)

Police officer Porky is called to investigate strange noises at a house that might be haunted. Before he arrives, we tour the house and hear some evil-sounding cackles, which, it turns out, are coming from a radio one that a ghost was listening to. The ghost then sings the title song while getting ready for a night of haunting, just as Porky arrives. The ghost invites him in with a woman's voice, then disappears. Porky comes in and gets spooked by some flapping curtains. When he comes back in, the ghost puts a couple frogs into a pair of shoes and sets them loose; they collect a hatrack and a curtain, forming a sort of black ghost that ultimately scares Porky upstairs right into the arms of the ghost.

Directed by Bob Clampett
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1h 45min | Drama, Comedy
3.4/5 (with 8 votes)

An employee at a jewelry store falls in love with a woman who secretly plans to rob the store.

Made for Each Other(1939)

3.1/5 (with 14 votes)

A couple struggle to find happiness after a whirlwind courtship.

Donald's Lucky Day(1939)

| 8min | Animation
2.9/5 (with 13 votes)

Donald Duck, delivery boy, is hired to deliver a mysterious package on Friday the Thirteenth. He is hindered by a bothersome black cat -- and by the fact that the package contains a live bomb.

Directed by Jack King

Nancy Drew... Reporter(1939)

1h 8min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery
3.2/5 (with 10 votes)

While participating in a contest at a local newspaper in which school children are asked to submit a news story, local attorney Carson Drew's daughter Nancy intercepts a real story assignment. She "covers" the inquest of the death of a woman who was poisoned. Nancy doesn't think the young woman accused of the crime is guilty and corrals her neighbor Ted into searching for a vital piece of evidence and stumbles onto the identity of the real killer.

Topper Takes a Trip(1938)

3.3/5 (with 6 votes)

Mrs Topper's friend Mrs Parkhurst has convinced Mrs topper, to file for a divorce from Cosmo, due to the strange circumstances of his trip with ghost Marion Kirby. Marion comes back from heaven's door to help Cosmo again, this time only with dog Mr. Atlas. Due to a strange behavior of Cosmo, the judge refuses to divorce them, so Mrs Parkhurst takes Mrs Topper on a trip to France, where she tries to arrange the final reasons for the divorce, with help of a gold-digging French baron, Marion takes Cosmo to the same hotel, to bring them back together and to get her own final ticket to heaven, but the whole thing turns out to be not too easy.


1h 13min | Comedy
2.1/5 (with 4 votes)

A modest country doctor in the antebellum South has to contend with his daughter's upcoming marriage and an affectionate medicine show elephant.

Lucky Night(1939)

1h 22min | Comedy, Drama
3.5/5 (with 3 votes)

Cora, an heiress who gives it all up for the excitement of looking for a job and living on her own, meets up with unemployed and flat broke Dick. The two of them embark on a wild night of gambling and winning, where everything they touch turns to gold. Pretty soon they're in love and, to the horror of Cora's father, married.

Eva Fools Around(1939)

1h 30min | Comedy
2.8/5 (with 2 votes)

Eva's aunt is jealous of her neighbor's excellent roses and wants to know the secret. To help auntie out Eva applies for secretarial work at the neighbor's house in order to find out the formula. Things get complicated when it turns out that Eva's brother is in love with the daughter of the house and also wants to get in there under false pretenses.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn(1939)

| 1h 31min | Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family
3.3/5 (with 5 votes)

Huckleberry Finn, a rambunctious boy adventurer chafing under the bonds of civilization, escapes his humdrum world and his selfish, plotting father by sailing a raft down the Mississippi River.

Three Sappy People(1939)

18min | Comedy
3.2/5 (with 5 votes)

The stooges are phone repairmen who are mistaken for the psychiatrists in whose office they are working. A rich man hires them to treat his impetuous young wife who is always running of for submarine rides and the like. The boys ruin a dinner party at their clients mansion but their antics so amuse his wife the she is cured and the stooges are paid off handsomely.

Day-time Wife(1939)

3.6/5 (with 5 votes)

When a young wife discovers her husband of two years is involved with his beautiful secretary, she applies for a job as secretary to a business rival.

Judge Hardy and Son(1939)

1h 30min | Comedy
2.4/5 (with 2 votes)

Judge Hardy guides Andy through problems with girls, money and an essay contest.

These Glamour Girls(1939)

1h 19min | Comedy, Drama
2.9/5 (with 3 votes)

A drunken college student invites a dance hostess to the big college dance and then forgets he asked her. When she shows up at school, he tries to get rid of her, but she won't leave. Instead, she stays and shows up both him and his classmates' snooty dates.

Fast and Furious(1939)

1h 13min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery
3.0/5 (with 3 votes)

Joel and Garda Sloan, a husband and wife detective team, who also sell rare books in New York, take a vacation to Seaside City. At Seaside, Joel's pal, Mike Stevens is managing and preparing for their beauty pageant. Joel is made one of the judges plus he has invested $5,000 in it, to Garda's dismay. Eric Bartell, promoter, arrives to dupe Stevens. When Ed Connors, New York racketeer arrives, Bartell is mysteriously murdered. Joel and Garda set out to investigate the murder.

The Gorilla(1939)

| 1h 8min | Horror, Thriller, Comedy
2.6/5 (with 6 votes)

When an escaped circus gorilla appears to have gone on a murderous rampage, a threatened attorney calls on the detective trio of Garrity, Harrigan and Mullivan to act as bodyguards. In short order, we discover that there is more to the attorney than meets the eye, and the ape may be innocent after all. When a pretty young heiress faces peril, it's up to our heroic trio to save the day.

Directed by Allan Dwan - With Albert Ritz

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man(1939)

1h 16min | Comedy
3.6/5 (with 5 votes)

Fields plays "Larsen E. Whipsnade", the owner of a shady carnival that is constantly on the run from the law. Whipsnade is struggling to keep a step ahead of foreclosure, and clearly not paying his performers, including Bergen and McCarthy, who try to coax money out of him, or in McCarthy's case, steal some outright.

Pest from the West(1939)

20min | Comedy
3.5/5 (with 2 votes)

A millionaire vacationing in Mexico falls for a local girl and sets out to win her.

Directed by Del Lord - With Buster Keaton

Donald's Penguin(1939)

| 8min | Animation
2.8/5 (with 11 votes)

Admiral Byrd ships Donald a penguin from the South Pole. Donald is amused by it, until he thinks it has eaten his goldfish. It hasn't - yet - so Donald gets a fish from the fridge to make amends. When he comes back, though, he's got a reason to be upset with the penguin.

Directed by Jack King
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