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Erotikon is a 1920 Swedish romantic comedy film directed by Mauritz Stiller, starring Tora Teje, Karin Molander, Anders de Wahl and Lars Hanson. It is based on the 1917 play A kék róka by Ferenc Herczeg. The story revolves around an entomology professor obsessed with the sexual life of bugs, and his easygoing wife who is courted by two suitors.

You Never Can Tell(1920)


A complete print is held by the Library of Congress.

Oh, Lady, Lady(1920)

A silent film version of the Kern-Bolton-Wodehouse "Princess Theatre" musical. The story concerns an engaged young man, Bill, whose ex-fiancée arrives unexpectedly on his wedding day. Meanwhile, comic complications arise because of a couple of crooks, the bride's mother dislikes the groom, and the nuptials are called off. Bill works to convince his old flame that he was not worthy to marry her; but his clumsy efforts do not make him look good to his new fiancée.

Directed by Maurice S. Campbell - With Bebe Daniels

An Old Fashioned Boy(1920)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by Jerome Storm - With Charles Ray

Kohlhiesel's Daughters(1920)

2.9/5 (with 5 votes)

Somewhere in Southern Bavaria Xaver wants to marry Gretel, but her father Kohlhiesel wants his elder daughter Liesel to marry first. The problem is, nobody wants to marry her, because she's too brutal. Seppel suggests, that he should marry Liesel first, get rid of her and then he can marry Gretel...

The Love Expert(1920)

2.7/5 (with 2 votes)

In this comedy, Constance Talmadge plays Babs, a girl who is thrown out of boarding school because she's more interested in studying romance than she is in studying books. The object of her affections is Jim Winthrop, but before they can wed, he has to find suitable mates for his two plain sisters, Dorcas and Matilda -- and Winthrop's elderly aunt, too. To speed things up, Babs takes it upon herself to find them all men.

Pink Tights(1920)

50min | Comedy
1.0/5 (with 1 vote)

When a circus troupe comes to a small, extremely conservative New England town, the residents go to their minister to have him protest the scandalous fact that the female tightrope walker wears a pair of pink tights. When she has an accident and is forced to recuperate at the minister's house, he has to hide her in order to avoid even more of a scandal. Mazie Darton, a high-wire performer with a traveling circus, longs for a peaceful country life. Forced to stay in a small town while laid up with an injury, Darton is spurned by the conservative townspeople. Rev. Jonathon Meek, the local parson, befriends the circus troupe, especially Darton. But he, too, opens himself to criticism from his flock, who protest his closeness with the show people. Eventually, Darton's boyfriend arrives and the pair become closer. The parson fades from the scene as a possible mate for Darton, who ends up winning the hearts of the townspeople.

Directed by B. Reeves Eason

She Couldn't Help It(1920)

Removed from an orphanage, Nance Olden is taken to live at Mother Hogan's boarding-house for crooks. There she becomes Tom Morgan's partner, helping him steal a jewel from Edward Ramsey at Union Station.

Directed by Maurice S. Campbell - With Bebe Daniels

The Dancin' Fool(1920)

Sylvester Tibble is a clerk in his uncle's restaurant. Sylvester dreams of becoming a famous dancer and tries to inject a little of the jazz life into his uncle's old-fashioned establishment. When dancer Junie Budd shows up at the restaurant, Sylvester sees a chance to make his dream come true.

Directed by Sam Wood - With Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels

Palomas rubias(1920)

1h | Comedy

A 1920 film.

Directed by José A. Ferreyra - With Lidia Liss, Jorge Lafuente, Rodolfo Vismara, Enrique Parigi, Mary Clay

The Lure of Crooning Water(1920)

1h 25min | Drama, Romance / Love

A London actress collapses on stage and is sent by her doctor to stay in the country with a farmer and his wife. But when she starts an affair with the farmer, the idyllic life at "Crooning Water" is threatened with tragedy.

Directed by Arthur Rooke
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