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Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei(2009)

An NRI boy falls in love with an Odia country girl. However, things become complicated when the girl's overprotective brother opposes their relationship.

Directed by Himanshu Parija - With Siddhanta Mahapatra, Barsha Priyadarshini, Anubhav Mohanty, Harihara Mohapatra, Mihir Das, Saroj Das, ...


2h 25min | Action

Kali, Shankar and Tithi are the motherless children of a priest. Their father gets murdered by a local don and the trio reunites years later to avenge his death.

Directed by Prashanta Nanda - With Anu Choudhury, Anubhav Mohanty, Siddhanta Mahapatra, Suresh Bal, Mihir Das, Raimohan Parida, ...

Jai Jagannath(2007)

2h 7min | History, Drama, Fantasy
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

When Bhagwan Shri Jagannath and his brother, Bhagwan Shri Balabhadra, refuse to partake offerings from a lower-caste woman, Shriya. Devi Maa Lakshmi is offended and puts a curse on both of them. The duo, hungry and homeless, go from village to village, house to house in search of food. What they don't realize is that Devi Maa, in collusion with Vayu Dev, Agni Dev, and Pawan Dev is determined to teach both of them a lesson they will never forget.

Directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra - With Sarat Pujari, Ratan Meher

Premi No.1(2009)

2h 40min | Romance / Love

Rohit goes to town for his higher studies and falls in love with Preeti, the hot sister of a criminal, Ranjit. However, Ranjit refuses to accept their alliance and this leads to problems between the two men. The story takes a few turns before it ends in a happy note.

Directed by Debu Pattnaik - With Anubhav Mohanty, Koel Mullick, Rahul Dev

Pagal Premi(2007)

2h 34min | Romance / Love

Surya and Gitanjali are smart college students. Surya falls in love with Gitanjali at first sight. Ajay is a spoilt brat and is the son of local M.L.A. Abinash. Ajay likes Gitanjali and thus proposes to her. When Gitanjali refuses, Ajay threatens that he will jump from the college roof top. Being a meek girl, Gitanjali accepts the proposal and starts dating Ajay. Meanwhile, Surya proposes to Gitanjali. In the presence of Gitanjali's boyfriend Ajay, Gitanjali refuses. But Surya doesn't yet to give up on her as he feels that Gitanjali doesn't love Ajay truly.

Directed by Hara Patnaik - With Sabyasachi Mishra, Arpita Pal, Binayak Mishra, Pradyumna Lenka, Debjani Deghuria

Love Dot Com(2009)

Film starring Sabyasachi Misra, Megha Ghosh and Pupinder Singh.

With Sabyasachi Mishra, Ratan Meher, Krishna Kar, Megha Ghosh, Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Ray, ...

Maguni's Cart(2001)

1h 35min | Drama

Maguni, a bullock cart driver, loses his daily income because of the new and faster bus service in the village. He continues to drive his cart but faces many difficulties and hardships.

Directed by Prafulla Mohanty

Mate Ta Love Helare(2008)

The hero Akash believes in high thinking. He has a lot of dreams and he is very serious for his studies because he wants to bring a bright future for his mother and sister. Akash meets his love megha at the college. But all his dreams come to a dark side after he enters college. Akash falls into the trap laid by Mafia don Bhalu Bhai and his brother King. And the story of "Mate Ta Love Helare" moves around how Akash comes out of the trap and punish the don and how he gets his love.

Directed by Ashok Pati - With Siddhanta Mahapatra, Anubhav Mohanty, Mihir Das, Bijay Mohanty, Subhashree Ganguly, Pushpa Panda, ...

Mu Sapanara Soudagar(2008)

A 2008 Odiya-language film based off the 1991 film Sleeping With The Enemy and the 1996 film Agni Sakshi. Chandan is in love with Shriya, despite Shriya marrying Omm. However, Omm turns out not to be whom Shriya thinks.

Directed by Sanjay Nayak - With Arindam Roy, Archita Sahu, Akhila, Mihir Das


1h 56min | Drama, History

Revolves around the trails and horrendous experiences of a young widow, who lost her husband and family in the devastating 1999 Odisha cyclone.

Directed by Himansu Khatua - With Anu Choudhury, Mamuni Mishra, Bhaswati Basu, George Tiadi, Surya Mohanty, Choudhury Bikash Das, ...

Dhauli Express(2023)

Dhauli, the son of Dibakar, a postman, gets drawn to criminal activities in order to become rich.

Directed by Chittaranjan Tripathy - With Samaresh Routray, Anu Choudhury, Siddhanta Mahapatra, Aparajita Mohanty, Mihir Das, Pradyumna Lenka, ...
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