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Those Awful Hats(1909)

2min | Comedy
3.1/5 (with 16 votes)

A pair of young ladies cause trouble at the cinema with their lavish hats.

Making It Pleasant for Him(1909)

5min | Comedy
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A comedy drama which clearly portrays the adventures of a country chap who falls into the hands of the servants of his city cousin, who has instructed them to make it pleasant for him.

Ben's Kid(1909)

11min | Drama, Western, Comedy
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Buck Minor was the most detested man in Wolf Hollow, partly because he was quarrelsome and treacherous, partly because he abused and neglected his little wife, Molly, whom all the camp adored, and for whose sake it tolerated Buck.

The Curtain Pole(1909)

13min | Comedy
2.4/5 (with 3 votes)

An upper class drawing room. A gentleman breaks the curtain pole and goes in search of a replacement, but he stops into a pub first. He buys a very long pole, and causes havoc everywhere he passes, accumulating an ever-growing entourage chasing him, until he escapes them through a bit of movie magic, only to discover that the pole has already been replaced.

Getting Even(1909)

6min | Comedy
2.2/5 (with 1 vote)

All the young men in the mining camp flirt with Lucy. Bud, the youngest of them, doesn't stand a chance. At a dance, Bud dresses as a woman and all the men flirt with him and abandon Lucy. When his disguise is revealed, the other men are too embarrassed to approach Lucy, and Bud dances the rest of the night with her.

The Little Darling(1909)

2min | Comedy
2.3/5 (with 3 votes)

This might be termed a comedy of errors, for the overzealousness of a lot of good-hearted simple folks places them in a rather embarrassing position. Lillie Green, who keeps a boarding house, receives a letter from her old school chum, Polly Brown, whom sin hasn't seen in years, to the effect that as Lillie has never seen her little darling daughter, she will send her for a few days' visit, asking that someone meet the child at the 3:40 train. Lillie's boarders are a bunch of kind-hearted bachelors, who at once prepare to give the "Little Darling" the time of her life, buying a load of toys, etc., for her amusement, also procuring a baby carriage with which to meet her at the train. You may imagine their embarrassment when they find that Tootsie, instead of being a baby, proves to be a handsome young lady of seventeen, whose tastes run rather to garden gates, shady lanes and quiet nooks, than toys. (Moving Picture World)

Directed by D. W. Griffith - With Mary Pickford, Charles Avery, Verner Clarges, John R. Cumpson, Robert Harron, Arthur V. Johnson, ...

The Fascinating Mrs. Francis(1909)

5min | Comedy

Mack Sennett appears as a party guest in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals(1909)

2.1/5 (with 2 votes)

This is a very short and rare attempt at comedy by D. W. Griffith.

The Gibson Goddess(1909)

10min | Comedy
2.1/5 (with 3 votes)

A pack of admirers won't leave a beautiful woman alone at a seaside resort, so she devises a plan. She appears in a leg-revealing swimsuit, but the stockings have been stuffed with cotton to make her limbs appear misshapen. All but one of the men is driven off, and regret it when she removes the misleading leggings.

Mr. Jones Has a Card Party(1909)

6min | Comedy

Mr. Jones, since his last escapade, had made strenuous efforts to amend the reputation he had gained in the eyes of the ladies of the Temperance League. But Oh! the ordeal, for such it was, was telling on him, and his pent-up spirits were threatening ebullition, when at last the chance comes. The league arranges to attend a three-days' convention out of town, and when Mrs. Jones departs, Jones sends a note to Smith, telling him to bring the gang, and they would have a "Prayer Meeting," enjoining him not to forget the "fixings." Well, the gang are not long in putting in an appearance, for they feel that every minute's delay is a chunk lost from a golden opportunity for fun.

A Wreath in Time(1909)


A few of us have had the chance to read our own obituary notice, but it fell to the lot of John Goodhusband the rare privilege of viewing his own elegiac cinerary floral offerings, and at the time John was anything but a "dead one.".

The Wooden Leg(1909)


A father wants to marry his daughter to a rich man, but she's in love with someone else. She borrows a tramp's wooden leg, pretending that it's hers, and the disgusted suitor rejects her.

Directed by D. W. Griffith - With Florence Lawrence, John R. Cumpson, Arthur V. Johnson, Mack Sennett
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Those Boys!(1909)


Two boys find a pistol their father has hidden. While they're playing with it, they line up a target, not realizing their sisters are on the other side of the door. The parents realize the gun is missing and avert the disaster.

Schneider’s Anti-Noise Crusade(1909)


Schneider is trying to write a speech but he can't concentrate with all the noise around him. During the night, Schneider catches burglars in his house, but when he sees they are stealing all the noisy distractions, he helps them get away.

His Wife's Mother(1909)

6min | Comedy

Jones's mother-in-law prohibits his smoking and drinking, so he takes her out for the evening and gets her drunk.

Mrs. Jones Entertains(1909)


- No description / details available yet. -

Trying to Get Arrested(1909)

1.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A tramp tries to get himself arrested so he can sleep in the nice, warm jail, but the police keep ignoring him or arresting the wrong person.

Her First Biscuits(1909)

6min | Comedy

A new bride has made a batch of biscuits. Her husband pretends to like them, so she delivers the rest to his office. But one bite of these biscuits makes you violently ill, and soon all his visitors (he runs a theatrical booking agency), plus the workmen at home, are ill; when she shows up at the office, they all go after her.

Mrs. Jones' Birthday(1909)

8min | Comedy
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

If all husbands have had similar experiences, it is too bad to harrow them up with the telling of this story. If they have not, perhaps it will be a warning to them to watch very carefully the birthdays and see that some appropriate gift is at home in time for the event. Not wait, as poor Jones did, until the fateful day arrives, and then have a series of unfortunate accidents overtake one and prevent him presenting the present he intended.

Mr. Flip(1909)

4min | Comedy
1.9/5 (with 2 votes)

Mr. Flip flirts with every woman he sees, and ends up with a pie, shaving cream, and seltzer in his face.

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