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Laughing Bill Hyde(1918)

1h 6min | Adventure, Comedy

Convict Bill Hyde and his friend, Danny Dorgan, break out of prison, but in running from the guards, Danny is mortally wounded. The local doctor, Evan Thomas, tries so hard to save Danny that later, when Bill and the doctor meet in Alaska, the two become friends. A dying man gives his mine to the doctor, but upon discovering that it is worthless, Bill sells it to a crook named John Wesley Slayforth...

Directed by Hobart Henley - With Will Rogers, Anna Lehr

Treasure Island(1917)

Jim Hawkins and his widowed mother run the Admiral Ben Bow Inn, but when they are threatened by a pirate attack, they stay with friend, the squire, for the night. He is given something from Mrs. Hawkins. The squire discovers it's a map showing the location of the treasure buried by someone named Flint. Jim overhears how the squire is planning to retrieve the treasure and feels inspired by it ...

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves(1918)

50min | Fantasy

- No description / details available yet. -

The Lure of the Circus(1918)

| 54min | Adventure

Lure of the Circus is a 1918 American adventure film serial directed by J. P. McGowan.

The Brass Bullet(1918)

Rosalind Joy is a constantly imperiled heiress to a fortune in gold.

The Sea Flower(1918)

| 50min | Drama, Adventure, War

A secret service agent disguises himself as a sailor.

Shark Monroe(1918)

In this 1918 film, newly restored by MoMA, Hart is a ship's captain in the Pacific Northwest who abandons his post to pursue a woman who does not love him (MacDonald) across the Klondike, eventually rescuing her from the grip of a white slaver.

Directed by William S. Hart

The Wolf and His Mate(1918)

50min | Drama

When Donald Bayne, known in the North as The Wolf, loses his cabin to Steve Nolan in a backwoods court, he threatens and thrashes the new owner, then leaves him to tend to his traps. Upon his return, he discovers that Nolan has been killed in a shooting accident and that Bess Nolan, his niece, has moved into the cabin with Rose, her sister's child. Unable to evict her, The Wolf camps out next to the cabin, but soon realizes that this act has compromised her honor in the town. To correct the situation, he forces her into marriage, but she maintains a safe distance from him. When Bess's sister and "Snaky" Burns, her brother-in-law, kidnap Rose for use in their criminal activities, Bess implores Donald to intervene.

Directed by Edward LeSaint

Baree, Son of Kazan(1918)

| 50min | Adventure, Western

From James Oliver Curwood's novel about a wolfdog.

Directed by David Smith

Hands Up(1918)

A newspaperwoman finds trouble aplenty when an Inca tribe believes her to be the reincarnation of their long-lost princess.

Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, James W. Horne - With Ruth Roland, George Larkin

The Naulahka(1918)

| 1h | Adventure

Trying to win the Three C's railroad line for his home town of Topaz, Colorado, Nicholas "Nick" Tarvin journeys to India to secure the famed jewel known as the Naulahka, which he plans to present to Mrs. Mutrie, the railroad president's wife.

Directed by George Fitzmaurice

Nobody's Wife(1918)

Jack Darling of the North West Mounted Police is ordered to track down and arrest murderer Alec Young, whose girl, Dancing Pete, performs in the Nugget dance hall. En route to Nugget, Jack meets Hope Ross, who is caring for her sister's baby. Although the two fall in love, the outlook for a happy romance appears hopeless, because he believes that she is a married mother, and she thinks that he is an outlaw.

Directed by Edward LeSaint
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Wolves of Kultur(1918)

| 5h 30min | Adventure

Alice Grayson's uncle develops a wireless torpedo that can be controlled by radio. After he announces his invention to several of his colleagues, two of them murder the scientist, steal the blueprints and prototype, and make plans to sell both to the highest bidder. When Alice discovers the identity of the thieves, the intrepid heroine, with the help of Bob Moore, her two-fisted boyfriend, desperately tries to recover the plans and torpedo before enemy countries can unleash the torpedoes against American ships.

Directed by Joseph A. Golden
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