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Der Andere(1913)

48min | Drama
2.3/5 (with 2 votes)

When talk with friends, Dr. Hallers, a well-known lawyer in Berlin, said he was skeptical about fantasies on the split personality: he could never believe something like that. During a ride however, he has an accident, after which he often falls into a deep sleep from which he awakens with the feeling of having a dual personality. Later his double starts to rob his apartment iwith a thief. During the robbery the police arrived, arrests the thief. Hallers, having fallen asleep, wakes up without remembering anything of what happened. Eventually, the lawyer recovers and marries his fiancee.

Seven Keys to Baldpate(1917)

1h 5min | Thriller, Mystery
2.0/5 (with 3 votes)

A writer bets a friend that he can write a 10,000-word novel in 24 hours. The friends takes the bet, and gives him the keys to his Baldpate Inn, which has been closed for the winter, so he can write in complete seclusion. Things start heating up, though, when a succession of people who also have keys to the inn begin showing up.

Directed by Hugh Ford - With Anna Q. Nilsson


Louis Fernando fails to sell a patent upon which he has spent the better part of his life and drowns himself. His orphaned child Marie is adopted by Lord Chatterton. Geoffrey Brooke, who is in the employ of Lord Chatterton, falls in love with Marie. Chatterton's general manager Arthur Newton also loves Marie and formulates a scheme whereby he hopes to win her and also acquire the Chatterton fortune. Chatterton becomes suspicious and by a ruse traps Newton and exposes his plot. Marie and Geoffrey are made happy in the end.

Directed by Herbert Brenon - With Marie Doro, Frederick Kerr, Ben Webster, Geoffrey Kerr, James Carew

Inside the Lines(1918)

A spy known as "1932" during World War I, is commissioned by the German Secret Service to trail English agent Captain Woodhouse to the Straits of Gibraltar and there effect the destruction of the British fleet. Before his departure, 1932 helps Jane Gerson, an American girl falsely accused of espionage, and later falls in love with her.

Directed by David Hartford - With Lewis Stone, Marguerite Clayton, George Field, David Hartford

The Rogues of London(1915)


A cleric's son saves a maid from suicide and she saves him when he is framed for killing a crook's mistress.

Directed by Bert Haldane - With Blanche Forsythe

Fünf Minuten zu spät(1918)

40min | Thriller

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by Uwe Jens Krafft

The Flash of Fate(1918)


When his father commits suicide after being ruined by dishonest stockbroker Abner Hinman, Randolph Shorb resolves to gain revenge and rebuild his fortune by whatever means necessary.

The Double Room Mystery(1917)

50min | Crime

William Newman, a notorious shyster lawyer, in return for a cut of the jewels, agrees to take the case of Morris, a man convicted of stealing diamonds. After gaining possession of the gems, Newman appropriates all of them and then refuses to carry out his share of the deal. Subsequently, Newman, who is attracted to Georgianna, a maid at his boardinghouse, frames the girl on charges of theft and then arranges for her freedom, thus appearing to be her savior.

Directed by Hobart Henley

Master of Love(1919)

1h | Drama

A man's devotion for a woman brings about his ruin.

Directed by Fritz Lang - With Carl de Vogt, Fritz Lang

The Thirteenth Chair(1919)

Mrs. Philip Mason commits suicide after she has an affair with Stephen Lee, a disreputable stockbroker, and sells her husband's securities so that Lee can buy stocks. When Lee goes bankrupt, he blackmails Helen Trent by threatening to reveal silly love letters she wrote to him before she married. Her brother, Willy Grosby, and his fiancée, Helen O'Neil, who lives with the Grosbys, go to retrieve the letters. While Willy waits outside, Lee is knifed to death as he attacks Helen. Lee's friend, Edward Wales, attempts to pin the murder on Helen by having Madame LaFarge, a clairvoyant, conduct a séance. In the darkened room, Wales, through whom Lee's spirit supposedly speaks, is about to name Helen as the murderer, but Wales, who sits in the thirteenth chair, is himself murdered. After Helen confesses to Inspector Donohue that Madame LaFarge is her mother, LaFarge, while conducting another séance, tricks Philip Mason into confessing to the murders.

Directed by Léonce Perret - With Yvonne Delva

Stuart Webbs: The Man in the Cellar(1914)


Installment in the popular Stuart Webbs detective series. Directed by Joe May.

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