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Hurrah! For Freedom(1946)

1h 20min | War, Action, Drama
2.6/5 (with 5 votes)

Hurrah! For Freedom (aka Viva Freedom) is a 1946 Korean film directed by Choi In-kyu. It was the first film made in the country after achieving independence from Japan. During the country's occupation Choi was only allowed to make Japan-friendly films, but the plot of Hurrah! For Freedom is distinctly different, telling the story of a Korean resistance fighter in 1945.

Directed by Choi In-gyu

The Grief of Geumgan(1931)

The film concerns the playboy son of a rich man. After he gets a village girl pregnant, she commits suicide. The playboy is later murdered by his ex-wife.

Directed by Na Woon-gyu

My Home Village(1949)

1h 32min | War, Drama
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

This was the first feature film to be produced after the liberation of North Korea. It gives a pictures of boundless joy and emotion of the Korean people who are now liberated from the colonial yoke of Japanese imperialism thanks to the glorious anti-Japanese struggle organized and led by the great leader Comrade Kim Il-Sung. Unable to endure the insult of the landlord, Gwan Pil gives vent to his rage. Because of this, the Japanese imperialists deprive him of his tenant land and put him in jail where he gains class consciousness under the influence of a KPA operative.

Story of Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon(1936)

Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon die an unfortunate death from their stepmother's abuse. Jang-hwa's soul is unable to rest at peace and she appears in front of the district magistrate pleading for justice in her case.

Field Mouse(1927)

A young man called Field Mouse (Deuljwi) saves a young couple when the woman is forced to marry a rich gangster.

Directed by Na Woon-gyu


The film concerns the 3-day rule of Kim Ok-kyun (1851-1894), and his attempt to modernize Korea.

Directed by Na Woon-gyu

The Story of Jang-Hwa and Hong-Ryeon(1924)

1h 55min | Drama, Fantasy

Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon, the daughters of Officer Bae, die an unfortunate death from their step-mother's abuse. Jang-hwa's soul is unable to rest at peace, she appears in front of the district magistrate pleading for justice in her case.

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