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The Silent Command(1923)

1h 20min | Drama
2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A distinguished young Naval officer from a celebrated military falls prey to a terrorist and his seductress accomplice bent on destroying the Panama Canal.

The Great Deception(1926)

1h | Drama

Cyril Mansfield, a handsome young Englishman, is associated with the German Secret Service as a spy in England but is loyal to British intelligence, of which he is a member. He is loved by Lois, an American whose favor is sought by Rizzio, also a double agent, who suspects Cyril's disloyalty to Germany. With the intention of conveying false information to the Imperial German Government, Cyril, accompanied by his faithful mechanic, Handy, and by Lois, escapes to Germany, though Lois is herself abducted by Rizzio and brought to headquarters in a U-boat. Innocently, she betrays Cyril, and they are both sentenced to death. On a pretense of aiding Cyril, Rizzio urges Lois to accompany him on a diplomatic mission, but Cyril and Handy overcome their captors; and Lois and Cyril escape to England in his aircraft.

Mata Hari: the Red Dancer(1927)

1h 20min | Drama

Mata Hari, die rote Tänzerin (English: Mata Hari: The Red Dancer), often shortened on release to Mata Hari, is a 1927 German silent drama film directed by Friedrich Feher and starring Magda Sonja, Wolfgang Zilzer and Fritz Kortner. It depicts the life and death of the German World War I spy Mata Hari. It was the first feature-length portrayal of Hari.

Three Faces East(1926)

| 1h 10min | Drama

A spy story that takes place during World War I.

Oberst Redl(1925)

1h 52min | Drama

Austria silent film from 1925 directed by Hans Otto, telling the story about the Austrian officer who rose to head the counter-intelligence efforts of Austria-Hungary. He was himself a paid spy for the Russians.

Mademoiselle from Armentieres(1926)

A French girl meets her captured British lover whilst acting as a spy.

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