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The Lamb(1918)

| 10min | Comedy

The Lamb is a 1918 American short comedy film starring Harold Lloyd. It is believed to be lost.

Ruggles of Red Gap(1918)

| 1h 10min | Western, Comedy

Harry Leon Wilson has written nothing more diverting than this story of the irreproachable English valet who is lost in a poker game to a rough-and-ready westerner and taken to Red Gap ultimately to become its social mentor and chief caterer, and there is sheer delight in the story of how the Earl, brought over to save his younger brother from the vampirish clutches of Klondike Kate, makes the lady his Countess and once more stands Red Gap upon its somewhat dizzy head.

Directed by Lawrence Clement Windom - With Taylor Holmes, Virginia Valli, Lillian Drew, Charles Lane, Rod La Rocque

Urashima and Undersea Kingdom(1918)

2min | Animation
2.2/5 (with 6 votes)

Urashima Tarō (浦島太郎?) is an animated film produced by Seitaro Kitayama in 1918, which was found in an antique shop in Osaka in March 2008. The film is an adaptation of a folk tale Urashima Tarō about a fisherman traveling to an underwater world on a turtle. It premiered on February 1918.

Directed by Seitarō Kitayama

The Phantom Riders(1918)

50min | Western
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Dave Bland, head of a band of cattle rustlers operating in Paradise Valley, is defied by Cheyenne Harry who has driven his heard into the valley to graze. Bland calls his phantom riders together, routes Harry's cattle, and then seeks their owner intent on taking his life.

The Romance of Tarzan(1918)

| 1h 10min | Adventure, Action

Tarzan and Jane are to sail for England. They are attacked by natives and Tarzan is believed to have been killed. The Greystoke relatives return to England, the Porters (Jane's family) goes to their ranch near San Francisco. Tarzan shows up in a tuxedo and rescues Jane from outlaws...

The Man from Funeral Range(1918)

| 50min | Western

While out West, prospector Harry Webb makes enemies of a con artist, Mark Brenton and the con's crooked lawyer, Frank Beekman. Jack goes to the city and meets singer Janice Williams in a cabaret. They become engaged, but Brenton also has designs on her. He tricks her into going to a room to meet with him, and Webb, hearing of the scheme, follows. What he finds when he gets there is Brenton on the floor, dead, and Janice holding a gun.

Directed by Walter Edwards - With Wallace Reid, Ann Little, Lottie Pickford

Kaiser's Finish(1918)

| 1h 20min | Drama, War

During World War I, an illegitimate son of the German Kaiser, who had been raised in the US--and is a double for the Kaiser's son, the Crown Prince--is sent to Germany as a spy in order to kill both the Kaiser and his son.

Directed by Jack Harvey - With Earl Schenck

Three Mounted Men(1918)

2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Fellow convicts Cheyenne Harry and Buck Masters become even more bitter enemies when Buck agrees to tamper with the prison's books for the warden's greedy son. The latter secures Buck's release, but when Buck threatens to blackmail him, he decides that the best place for the outlaw is back in prison. Promising to deliver Buck to the warden's anxious son, Cheyenne Harry accepts a premature pardon and goes in search of the outlaw, hoping to catch him in the act of committing a crime. In a small Western town, Harry falls in love with a dance hall girl named Lola, not knowing that she is Buck's sister. Soon Harry learns that Buck is planning a robbery and informs the warden's son, whose deputies promptly arrest him. Lola's grief so moves Harry, however, that he and his two brothers decide to pursue the deputies and rescue Buck. Lola then promises to marry Harry, while her brother promises to reform.

Less Than Kin(1918)

| 50min | Comedy, Romance / Love

Lewis Vickers accidentally kills a man and goes to Central America. Here he meets Robert Lee, who bears a remarkable resemblance to him. Lee is a worthless young chap whose father is anxious to have him return to the United States. On his death bed Lee turns his papers over to Vickers and begs him to assume his name. Arriving in New York, Vickers goes to the Lee home as Robert Lee, and discovers that the dead man has willed him a badly blotted past that includes a wife and two children and a large collection of debts. He also finds a beautiful adopted daughter in the Lee household and promptly falls in love with her. The only way he can stand any chance of winning the girl is by telling the truth about himself.

The Firefly of France(1918)

| 50min | Drama, Crime

The "Firefly of France" is an elusive master criminal of uncertain loyalties. When the Firefly disappears from view with a satchel of important government documents in his possession, his sister Esme Falconer is suspected of beings in cahoots with him. Dashing aviator Devereaux Bayne believes in Esme's innocence and accordingly dons civilian garb and heads to Paris' Latin Quarter to get the low-down on the Firefly's whereabouts.

Directed by Donald Crisp - With Wallace Reid

Under the Yoke(1918)

As described in a film magazine, when Maria Valverda (Bara) refuses the attentions of Diablo Ramirez (Nye), he starts an insurrection among the native Filipinos. Maria's father Don Ramon is killed and Maria is held hostage. She gets word to Capt. Paul Winter (Roscoe) of the American troops in Manila and he comes to her assistance, but his troops are outnumbered and they are made prisoners by the revolting revolutionists. Maria and Paul attempt to escape, but they are caught and brought back. At the Manila headquarters, trouble is suspected and reinforcements are sent. Before long, the revolt is subdued and peace reigns over Maria's home, and happiness over the betrothal of Maria and Paul.

Breakers Ahead(1918)


After young Ruth Bowman's mother dies, the child is raised by Agatha Pixley, and in time, the girl falls in love with Agatha's son, Eric. While Eric is at sea with Captain Scudder on a boat owned by Jim and Hiram Hawley, a jealous villager spreads the tale that Ruth is illegitimate, and the townspeople inevitably snub her. Jim Hiram sets his boat on fire after its arrival in port so that he can collect insurance money, and Ruth, believing that Eric is on board, tries to rescue him. When Ruth and Eric escape safely, Captain Scudder reveals that he, Ruth's long-lost father, was legally married to her mother, which re-establishes Ruth's good name and enables her to marry Eric.

Directed by Charles Brabin - With Viola Dana
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When a Woman Sins(1918)

| 1h 10min | Drama

Lilian is engaged to an older man in poor health when she meets his son Michael, whom she falls for. Due to a misunderstanding between the two, Lilian leaves after her fiance's death. Years later, Lilian becomes known around town for her "loose morals," but what happens when she runs into Michael again?

The Sheriff(1918)

| 18min | Comedy, Western

Roscoe Arbuckle plays a Douglas Fairbanks fan who becomes a rotund version of his hero. As "The Sheriff", he must rescue abducted schoolteacher Betty Compson.

Laughing Bill Hyde(1918)

1h 6min | Adventure, Comedy

Convict Bill Hyde and his friend, Danny Dorgan, break out of prison, but in running from the guards, Danny is mortally wounded. The local doctor, Evan Thomas, tries so hard to save Danny that later, when Bill and the doctor meet in Alaska, the two become friends. A dying man gives his mine to the doctor, but upon discovering that it is worthless, Bill sells it to a crook named John Wesley Slayforth...

Directed by Hobart Henley - With Will Rogers, Anna Lehr

Stolen Orders(1918)

| 1h 20min | War, Drama

A renegade American and his innocent daughter become entangled in the snares of German secret agents during the First World War.

Directed by Harley Knoles - With Montagu Love


It is a variation on the original legend of Alraune in which a Mad Scientist creates a beautiful but demonic child from the forced union between a woman and a Mandrake root. Not to be confused with the 1918 German version of Alraune.

Little Women(1918)

Jo March and her sisters Meg, Beth, and Amy live in a happy family in Concord, Massachusetts. Jo yearns to be a writer, and through the course of the years, finds much within her own family.

The Thing We Love(1918)

| 40min | Drama

Just prior to America's declaration of war, Margaret Kenwood of the Kenwood Manufacturing Company determines that the plant should produce munitions to support the Allies. Rodney Sheridan, her sweetheart and a vice president of the company, remains unimpressed with Margaret's patriotism until he begins to suspect that the plant's president is involved with a group of German spies.

Thieves' Gold(1918)

50min | Western
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Cheyenne Harry tries to help his outlaw friend Padden evade arrest after Padden has drunkenly shot another man. In the end, the two mismatched friends fight it out, leaving Padden dead. In a romantic subplot, Harry's fiancée Alice leaves him, but finally returns.

Two Scrambled(1918)

| 11min | Comedy

Roomers in a boarding house break the rules and are caught cooking if their room. A frantic run-in with the landlady ensues.

Headin' South(1918)

| 50min | Western

A lost film. As described in a film magazine Exhibitors Herald on March 16, 1918: "a forest ranger known only as Headin' South (Fairbanks) goes forth in search of Spanish Joe (Campeau), a Mexican responsible for most of the treachery and outlawry along the U.S.-Mexican boarder. Headin' South gains quite a reputation as he goes along and finally believes himself worthy of joining Joe's band. in a whirlwind finish in which Joe is captured, Headin' South meets one of Joe's near victims (MacDonald) and falls in love with her.".

Wild Women(1918)

50min | Comedy, Western
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Cheyenne Harry (Carey) and his pals, bent on helping their friend Rawhide Jack, attend a rodeo with the intent to win the prize for roping steers and to hand the winnings over to Jack.

The Greatest Thing in Life(1918)

A lost film. Leo Peret has a small quiet tobacco shop in Greenwich Village. Edward Livingston, a wealthy young clubman and man-about-town, comes in frequently ostensibly to buy cigarettes but in reality to talk to the daughter Jeannette, and he is soon in love with the little shop girl. Leo is homesick for his native France, but lacks the funds to make the passage. Edward, learning of their plight, sends $1,000 with a note saying that the money is payment for a good deed. Leo accepts the money and he and Jeannette embark at once.

Peck's Bad Girl(1918)

50min | Comedy

Minnie Penelope Peck, the village scamp of Yaptank, accompanies her father to the bank to demand the nine dollars owed him for his work as a night watchman. When the bank president refuses to pay Peck, Minnie posts a sign which states that the bank is insolvent, whereupon all of the depositors immediately demand their money. The fire department is called in to quell the mob, but things get worse when Minnie accidentally turns on the fire hose.....

The Goddess of Lost Lake(1918)

| 50min | Drama, Western

Mary Thorne is the quarter-breed daughter of prospector Marshall Thorne. She has just returned from college and when a pair of hunters, Mark Hamilton and Chester Martin, come along, she decides it would be fun to dress in native garb and fool them. Both men find themselves attracted to her, even though Indians were taboo for whites in the racist days of the 1910s.

Treasure Island(1917)

Jim Hawkins and his widowed mother run the Admiral Ben Bow Inn, but when they are threatened by a pirate attack, they stay with friend, the squire, for the night. He is given something from Mrs. Hawkins. The squire discovers it's a map showing the location of the treasure buried by someone named Flint. Jim overhears how the squire is planning to retrieve the treasure and feels inspired by it ...

Her Only Way(1918)

1h 12min | Drama

The Westbrook family has been ruined financially, and when the daughter Lucille comes home from boarding school, she finds herself in a terrible dilemma -- she either must marry a rich man she does not love and save her family's fortune, or marry the man she loves and lose everything.

Directed by Sidney Franklin - With Norma Talmadge

Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appeal(1918)


Instead of buying bonds, Lillian buys new clothes. Then she has a dream that her home has been invaded by German soldiers, and her family has been taken away. Two officers enter her room and as she struggles to get away she wakes up. Her relief is so great that she puts all her money in Liberty Bonds.

Directed by D. W. Griffith - With Lillian Gish

The Wasp(1918)

| 50min | Comedy, Drama

Grace Culver's sharp tongue, has garnered her with the nicknamed "The Wasp." A spirited disagreement with her canning magnate father, John Culver, results from Grace's refusal to marry Kane Putnam, her father's business partner, and she orders her new chauffeur, Tim Purcell, to take her and her maid Miller on a drive. On their return, they are captured by Brazsos, a German spy who plans to blow up her father's munitions factory. Grace learns of the hidden tunnel Brazsos has excavated to the factory, and as Miller escapes to alert the police, Grace unties the chauffeur and leads him to the tunnel. When the bomb explodes prematurely, Grace and Tim become trapped, and facing death, they confess their mutual love. The two are rescued, after which Grace discovers that Tim actually is wealthy Yale football star Harry Cortland, a revelation that delights her father.

Directed by Lionel Belmore
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