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He's a Prince!(1925)

50min | Comedy

Prince Alexis is the son of the king of a small European country. His duties, though fairly unimportant, nevertheless keep him so busy that he has no time for anything else. One day he meets and falls in love with a pretty young girl and wants to spend as much time with her as possible, but the royal advisers won't allow it, as it would take away from his duties. To make matters worse, his father dies and Alexis becomes king. Frustrated at his position and his inability to spend time with the woman he loves, he comes up with a novel plan to solve his problems.


| 1h 10min | Drama, Adventure

David Sheldon owns a plantation in the Solomon Islands. Many of his field hands die of blackwater fever, and then he becomes sick himself. Joan Lackland, a female soldier of fortune, arrives by schooner in the islands. With the help of her Kanaka crew, she protects David from an attack by the natives who are led by Googomy. Joan nurses David back to health and becomes his business partner, protecting his mortgaged property from two avaricious moneylenders. Seeking vengeance, the moneylenders incite the natives to revolt.

The Lawful Cheater(1925)

50min | Drama

Disguised as a boy, a young woman gets an inner-city street gang back on the straight and narrow path.

Thunder Mountain(1925)

| 1h 20min | Drama

Sam Martin grows up in the Kentucky hills with a preacher as his closest friend and father figure. The young man goes away and gets an education, and when he returns home, he wants to build a school so that others can learn, too.

Eve's Lover(1925)

1h 10min | Comedy

Austin Starfield has his greedy eye on a steel mill belonging to Eve Burnside. He persuades an impoverished count, Leon Molnar to marry Eve so he can then gain control of her fortune.

Directed by Roy Del Ruth - With Clara Bow


1h 10min | Drama

Enticement (1925)

Directed by George Archainbaud - With Mary Astor

Madame Sans-Gêne(1925)

1h 40min | Comedy

A French washerwoman becomes a duchess and a friend of Napoleon.

New Brooms(1925)

1h | Comedy

Thomas Bates Sr. (Robert McWade) takes his broom manufacturing business very seriously, and his idle son, Tom Jr. (Neil Hamilton), calls him a grouch. As a result, Bates decides to teach his son a lesson by putting him in charge of the business for a year.

The Mad Marriage(1925)

50min | Drama

Mary Jane is a girl born out of wedlock whose mother, Alice, attempts to offer her respectability by marrying a wealthy old colonel. As a young adult, Mary Jane meets and falls in love with reclusive writer Walter Butler. They are about to marry when he is revealed to be her natural father.

With Rosemary Davies

Kit Carson Over the Great Divide(1925)

| 49min | Western

When the Indians attack, a doctor is separated from his wife. The reunion is set against the heroism of the foremost Indian scout of the day...Kit Carson!

Directed by Frank S. Mattison

We Moderns(1925)

1h 10min | Comedy

A 1925 film directed by John Francis Dillon.

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The Fighting Ranger(1925)

After crashing his plane in the wilderness, a young airborne forest ranger is nursed back to health by a mountain man and his pretty daughter in this 18-chapter serial from Universal.

Directed by Jay Marchant - With Eileen Sedgwick, Jack Dougherty

The Dressmaker from Paris(1925)

1h 20min

An American soldier falls in love with a French maiden but their romance is thwarted when the Yanks return home. Years later she comes to America to put on a fashion show and find her long lost lover.

Directed by Paul Bern - With Leatrice Joy

Seven Keys to Baldpate(1925)

1h 6min | Comedy, Thriller, Mystery

A writer, looking for some peace and quiet in order to finish a novel, takes a room at the Baldpate Inn. However, peace and quiet are the last things he gets, as there are some very strange goings-on at the establishment.

Lady Robinhood(1925)

50min | Drama

Disguising herself as a masked bandit, Catalina, the ward of the governor of a Spanish province, avenges injustice, aids the poor, and plots a revolution.

Man and Maid(1925)


Boulevardier Sir Nicholas Thormonde (Lew Cody) has to choose between his mistress Suzette (Renée Adorée) and his virtuous secretary Alathea (Harriet Hammond) in wartime Paris.

Directed by Victor Schertzinger - With Lew Cody, Renée Adorée, Harriet Hammond

A Lover's Oath(1925)

"The plot introduces Omar as a leader of his people but deals rather with the love of his nephew, Ben Ali, for the fairest daughter of the tribe" (Variety, 7 Oct 1925, p44).

Directed by Ferdinand P. Earle

Kiss Me Again(1925)

1h 15min | Comedy

Gaston Fleury's wife, Loulou, takes a perfunctory interest in music but a deeper one in a musician named Maurice.


| 1h 10min | Drama

A black-and-white melodrama where France, South Africa and England featured prominently in the narrative about Julie Gmelyn, a bright-eyed, single-minded Red Cross nurse and Peter Graham a clergyman who gives up his chaplaincy and goes to war.

Directed by Harry Beaumont

Thank You(1925)

1h 10min | Drama, Comedy
1.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Young Kenneth Jamieson's millionaire father, fed up with his son's wild escapades, sends him to stay on a chicken farm in the small village of Dedham. On the day he arrives there pretty Diane Lee, the niece of local Rev. David Lee, arrives from Paris. A few days later Kenneth, reverting back to his wild ways, gets drunk and makes a spectacle of himself, but rather than reproving him, Rev. Lee gives him a heart-to-heart talk and gets Kenneth to turn his life around. Meanwhile, the reverend--barely able to get by on the pittance the local vestrymen pay him--asks for a raise but is denied it, being told that he must send Diane away before they'll even consider giving him any extra money. Soon afterward Kenneth falls gravely ill. His father, hearing of Kenneth's condition and of his infatuation with Diane, arrives at the village to see his son and isn't ready for what he finds.

The Coast of Folly(1925)

1h 10min | Drama

Silent film drama...

East of Suez(1925)

| 1h 10min | Drama

After being educated in England, Daisy Forbes returns to China, the country of her birth, and discovers that her father has recently died and that she has become a social outcast, owing to the public revelation that the oriental nurse who raised her was actually her mother...

The Charmer(1925)

| 1h | Drama

A wild dancer in a cheap Seville cafe, Mariposa is taken to New York by Señor Sprott, a prominent theatrical producer. Billed as "The Charmer," Mariposa becomes the toast of two continents. Among her most ardent admirers are Ralph Bayne, a millionaire playboy, and his chauffeur, Dan Murray, both of whom first met her in Spain. Madly in love with Bayne, Mrs. Sedgwick invites Mariposa and her mother to a weekend party in a deliberate attempt to humiliate the beautiful dancer. Bayne quickly realizes that Mariposa is out of place in high society, and, determining to make her his mistress, takes her home with him. Mrs. Sedgwick unexpectedly arrives at Bayne's swank suite (followed by her suspicious husband), and Mariposa protects the society woman's reputation at the cost of her own.

Not So Long Ago(1925)

1h 10min | Drama

Against the backdrop of New York City of the early 1850s, a young woman -- naively seeking to win the love she reads about in the romance novels she devours -- finds one prospect in an earnest denizen of the Bowery, and another in an elegant young aristocrat. Focusing on the bygone era's fashions, the novelty of the bicycle-built-for-two, and an inventor's quest for the horseless carriage, the film gently stirs the audiences' nostalgia for simpler times.

The Lady Who Lied(1925)

1h 20min

During a carnival in Venice, Horace Pierpont, a wealthy American (Lewis Stone), falls in love with Fay Kennion (Virginia Valli). Their romance is derailed when she goes over to his apartment and finds the vampy Fifi (Nita Naldi) there. Fay goes down to Algiers, where she marries a former sweetheart, Dr. Alan Mortimer (Edward Earle).

Why Women Love(1925)

1h 10min | Drama

Why Women Love (1925)

Directed by Edwin Carewe - With Blanche Sweet

Rugged Water(1925)

| 1h | Drama

After years of service, the Captain of the Setuckit Life Saving Station on Cape Cod retires, Calvin Homer, the second in command, Calvin Homer expects to be promoted; but the appointment goes instead to Bartlett, a religious fanatic who has been the recipient of a good deal of favorable newspaper publicity. Calvin hands in his resignation.

Directed by Irvin Willat - With Lois Wilson

Night Life of New York(1925)

| 1h 20min | Romance / Love, Comedy

John Bentley hates New York City, because of an unhappy romance as a young man, but his son, Ronald, tired of living in Iowa, is determined to take up residence in Manhattan. The elder Bentley therefore conspires with his New York manager, William Workman, to involve Ronald in so much trouble that he will gladly return to the sedate life of an Iowa burgher. Arriving in Manhattan, Ronald strikes up an acquaintance with Meg, a telephone operator, whose brother, Jimmy, has come under the evil influence of Jerry. Jerry and Jimmy rob a wealthy woman, and Ronald is charged with the crime on circumstantial evidence, keeping quiet in order to protect Jimmy.

Directed by Allan Dwan - With Rod La Rocque

The Trouble With Wives(1925)

1h 10min | Comedy

William Hyatt (Tom Moore) runs an exclusive shoe store, and his happy marriage to Grace (Florence Vidor) is nearly derailed by his well-meaning, but hopelessly gauche pal, Al Hennessy (Sterling). Dagmar, a Parisian shoe designer (Esther Ralston) has come to town to meet with Hyatt and Hennessy, and Hennessy describes the situation to Grace in the worst possible manner, convincing her that her husband is having an affair.

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