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3.4/5 (with 693 votes)

Deep inside the mountain of Dovre, something gigantic awakens after being trapped for a thousand years. Destroying everything in its path, the creature is fast approaching the capital of Norway. But how do you stop something you thought only existed in Norwegian folklore?

The Worst Person in the World(2021)

| 2h 1min | Drama, Comedy, Romance / Love
3.8/5 (with 419 votes)

The chronicles of four years in the life of Julie, a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.

The Worst Person in the World(2021)

2h 1min | Drama, Comedy

Julie (30) lives with Aksel (early 40s), a cult graphic novelist. Aksel is caring and their life in the Oslo art world is full of cocktails and events. But Julie feels she is mainly living Aksel’s life. Unable to bear the brunt of her family’s expectations or Aksel’s desire for a child, Julie keeps chasing ever-changing personal dreams. One evening, while desperately looking to rediscover a few lost sensations of her youth, Julie sneaks into a random wedding party, where she meets Eivind, a man her age….

The Innocents(2021)

1h 57min | Thriller, Horror
3.5/5 (with 200 votes)

Four children become friends during the summer holidays, and out of sight of the adults they discover they have hidden powers. While exploring their newfound abilities in the nearby forests and playgrounds, their innocent play takes a dark turn and strange things begin to happen.

Directed by Eskil Vogt - With Morten Svartveit, Ellen Dorrit Petersen

Viking Wolf(2022)

1h 37min | Horror, Thriller, Mystery
2.9/5 (with 108 votes)

After witnessing a grotesque murder at a party in her new town, a teenager starts having strange visions and bizarre desires.

Directed by Stig Svendsen - With Liv Mjönes, Arthur Hakalahti, Sjur Vatne Brean, Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne, Vidar Magnussen, Kasper Antonsen, ...

The Trip(2021)

1h 53min | Comedy, Horror
3.4/5 (with 216 votes)

A dysfunctional couple head to a remote lakeside cabin under the guise of reconnecting, but each has secret designs to kill the other. Before they can carry out their respective plans, unexpected visitors arrive and the couple is faced with a greater danger than anything they could have plotted.


1h 44min | Action, Fantasy, Thriller
3.3/5 (with 213 votes)

A young boy must discover the origins of his extraordinary powers before he is captured by authorities hell-bent on condemning him for an accidental murder.

Directed by André Øvredal - With Nat Wolff


1h 26min | Drama, Horror, Thriller
2.8/5 (with 266 votes)

In the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a starving family find hope in a charismatic hotel owner. Lured by the prospect of a free dinner, they discover that the evening's entertainment blurs the lines between performance and reality. Will they wind up the spectators or the spectacle?

Sick of Myself(2022)

| 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama
3.7/5 (with 29 votes)

Signe and Thomas are in an unhealthy, competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn when Thomas suddenly breaks through as a contemporary artist. In response, Signe makes a desperate attempt to regain her status by creating a new persona hell-bent on attracting attention and sympathy.

Directed by Kristoffer Borgli - With Kristine Kujath Thorp, Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen, Anders Danielsen Lie, Sarah Francesca Brænne, Ingrid Vollan, Henrik Mestad, ...

Margrete: Queen of the North(2021)

1h 50min | History, Drama
3.1/5 (with 18 votes)

1402. Queen Margrete I has gathered the Nordic kingdoms in a union, ruled through her adopted son, Erik. But a conspiracy is in the making and Margrete finds herself in an impossible dilemma that could shatter her life's work: The Kalmar Union.

Just Super(2022)

3.0/5 (with 7 votes)

11-year-old gaming enthusiast Hedvig finds her life turned upside down when she is forced to replace her father as the town’s superhero much earlier than expected. But Hedvig is no superhero, and the challenges are far greater than her coaching father anticipated.

More Than Ever(2022)

2h 3min | Drama
3.4/5 (with 9 votes)

Hélène, a 33-year-old woman from Bordeaux, France, lives happily as a couple with Mathieu, her husband of many years. Her life turns upside down the day she learns she has a rare lung disease. Thanks to a blog, she discovers Norway and decides to follow her instinct. Despite all the love she has for her life partner Mathieu, who is very supportive through her illness, she leaves him behind in France and will cross all Europe to Norway alone in search of a new path and to meet a blogger named Mister that she found on the internet.

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1h 44min | Comedy, Drama
3.7/5 (with 19 votes)

When Rakel finds out she's six months pregnant after a one-night stand, her world changes. She is absolutely not ready to be a mother, but since abortion is no longer an option, adoption is the only answer. That's when Ninjababy, an animated character who makes Rakel's life a living hell, turns up.

Directed by Yngvild Sve Flikke - With Kristine Kujath Thorp, Arthur Berning, Nader Khademi, Herman Tømmeraas, Silya Nymoen

War Sailor(2022)

2h 30min | Drama, War, History
4.0/5 (with 4 votes)

War Sailor is a magnificent drama that tells the story of the more than 30,000 Norwegian war sailors and their families' fate during and after the Second World War.

Directed by Gunnar Vikene - With Kristoffer Joner, Pål Sverre Hagen, Ine Marie Wilmann, Alexandra Gjerpen, Florian Schmidtke, Arthur Hakalahti, ...


Two men, both in heterosexual marriages, have an unexpected experience that challenges them to reconsider their understanding of sexuality, gender, and identity. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without considering it either as an expression of homosexuality or infidelity, and discusses it with his wife afterwards. The other finds himself in nocturnal dreams where he is seen as a woman, stirring confusion and leading him to question how much his personality is shaped by the gaze of others.

Christmas at Cattle Hill(2020)

3.5/5 (with 2 votes)

Klara the Calf is excited to spend her first Christmas on Cattle Hill with her Father, but when they arrive at the farm Klara is disappointed to see he has not attempted to decorate for the holidays. When her father is unexpectedly called away for work, Klara sees it as an opportunity to make Cattle Hill a Christmas paradise with the help of the cheeky christmas elf who lives on the farm, but as Klara finds out it is about being together at Christmas which is the most important.

Directed by Will Ashurst


1h 25min | Drama

HIM consists of three separate stories in one film. Harald (11) is a boy who constantly falls outside the group. He is not recognized either by friends, school or parents. Emil (30) is unemployed, he is angry and looks down on everyone else. Petter (60) is a Norwegian renowned scriptwriter who wants to make a film about the national hero Fridtjof Nansen. Two men and one boy, one day in Oslo, whom all experiences a social and emotional fall. The film discusses the male role in the contemporary Norway.

Songs of Earth(2023)

1h 30min | Documentary
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

With Olin's 85-year-old father as guide, we experience Norway's most adventurous valley, Oldedalen in Nordfjord. He grew up here, and here generations before him have lived in balance with nature.

Directed by Margreth Olin
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