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Ravi, Appu and Valsala are members of ‘Thamarasserry’, an ancient family in Kerala. On Valsala’s wedding day, the bridegroom Vijayan is arrested by the police, who charge a murder case against him.

Directed by M. R. Vittal - With Kalaikkal Kumaran


Radhika is a popular stage actress. The society is suspicious of her morality and rumours are spread about her personal life.

With Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair


A rich industrialist, Prabhu runs a factory along with his son Ravi. However, Vikraman, Prabhu's crooked nephew tries to manipulate Prabhu's wealth and defames his family.


Baby Mala, was abandoned in a forest .Mala is looked after by a tribal couple and an elephant. They girl grows up as Nalini. The elephant becomes her companion.

Directed by Gundappa Viswanath - With P. A. Thomas


Chandrika, the only daughter of the rich industrialist Janardanan Pillai falls in love with Gopi, the son of the maid servant. Gopi is aware of his social status and keeps away from Chandrika. But Chandrika does not leave him.

Directed by V. S. Raghavan - With Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair


3h 3min | Drama, Music
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

An untouchable girl is found dead with her illegitimate child, the child is adopted by a postman, a high caste Hindu. No one knows the true identity of the real father of the child, until the child real father, also an upper caste Hindu acknowledges paternity. As the story unfolds, the real father becomes agitated by guilt and anguish and then finally questions his previous actions. The film ends with the Masters own resolutions and true acceptance of his own child and self.

Directed by P. Bhaskaran, Ramu Kariat - With Sathyan


Thampi and Menon decide to strengthen their relations. Thampi decides to marry Madanika and Menon decides to marry Prasanna. Ayyappan is shocked by the marriage plan attempts suicide. Prasanna sympathises with the desperate lover and marries Ayyappan against the wishes of her brother.

Directed by S. M. Sriramulu Naidu - With Pappukutty Bhagavathar


- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by S. Raamanathan - With Prem Nawas


0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Estate owner Kurup seduces and then disowns a village girl, Devaki. This sparks off a revolt in the village. A workers union leader Gopi leads the revolt. Kurup goes on to marry Radha, an educated and socially committed worker. How Radha comes to understand the wickedness of her husband and frees herself from his immoral clutches forms the crux of the film.

Nairu Pidicha Pulivalu(1958)

2h 54min | Comedy, Drama

Chandran, a circus performer, and Thankam are in love. The circus team borrows some money from Thankam's father, Paithal Nair. When they are unable to repay, Paithal Nair takes away their animals.

Directed by P. Bhaskaran - With Ragini, Sathyan

Newspaper Boy(1955)

2h 10min | Drama

Newspaper Boy is a Malayalam–language Indian film released in 1955. It is the first neo realistic movie in the language. The film, a drama of stark realism, narrates the life of the common man on the street. The film is noteworthy in that the entire production programme from script-writing to direction was controlled and executed by students.

Directed by P. Ramdas - With Adoor Pankajam, Nagavally R. S. Kurup, T. R. Omana


Chandran and Balan are showered love and affection by their father and stepmother. But Chandran does not realise the value of this and grows into a bad boy.

Directed by M. S. Mani - With Prem Nazir
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0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

- No description / details available yet. -

With Prem Nazir, Kedamangalam Sadanandan


2h 20min

The film was based on the legend of King Harishchandra, recounted in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Starring Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, Miss Kumari, Master Hari, G. K. Pillai, Jose Prakash and T. S. Muthiah in major roles, it features cinematography by N. S. Mani and music by Brother Lakshmanan.

Directed by Antony Mitradas - With Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, Miss Kumari, Gopal Krishna Pillai, Jose Prakash

Nalla Thanka(1950)

2h 45min | Drama

Nalla Thanka , the only sister of Nallannan , the King of Madhurapuri, is wedded to Somanathan , the king of the neighbouring kingdom Ratnapuri. Alankari, the wicked wife of Nallannan becomes envious of the prosperity of Ratnapuri and the happy married life of Nalla Thanka.

With Miss Kumari, S. P. Pillai

Call of Hunger(1952)

Mohan the only son of the rich landlord of ‘Lakshmi Bhavanam loses his father in childhood. The manager manages to secure all the wealth of the family, throwing Mohan and his mother out on the streets. Soon, Mohan loses his mother also. Adopted by a kind hearted land lord of ‘Ananda Bhavanam,’ Mohan is brought up along with his children Venu and Sarojam After the death of the landlord, Venu takes charge of the household. Kamalam, the daughter of the wicked manager who cheated Mohan and his family, is married to Venu. It change the life of Mohan.


2h 20min | Drama
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by R. Velappan Nair - With Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair

Jeevitha Nouka(1951)

2h 42min | Drama

Soman is brought up by his elder brother Raju and his shrewish wife Janu. Soman is in love with Lakshmi, the daughter of a poor village performer Kaniyan who belongs to a lower caste. Raju, employed by the zamindar and Janu resent the inter-caste marriage between Soman and Lakshmi.


C.I.D. Sudhakaran is assigned to investigate the murder of Mukunda Menon, a wealthy planter.

Directed by M. Krishnan Nair - With Prem Nazir, Miss Kumari, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair

Kerala Kesari(1951)

The king of Maninagaram is cheated, dethroned and banished from the country by Regent Chandra Varma. The royal priest and army officer Prathapan lend support all the treacherous plans of the Regent. When the noble army chief Rajendran voices his protest against the Regent and the priest, he is imprisoned.

With K. K. Aroor


Sashidharan, the graduate son of the landlord Panikker falls in love with Vilasini, the daughter of a poor widow Kalyani Amma . A crooked local newspaper editor and the lecherous city wastrel Rajasekharan form a tricky plot turning Panikker against his sons wish to marry Vilasini.

With Nagavally R. S. Kurup, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair

Rarichan Enna Pauran(1956)

2h 28min | Drama

The story is about a young orphan boy who steals money to help the daughter of his benefactress to marry.

Directed by P. Bhaskaran - With K. P. Ummer

Balya Sakhi(1954)

Bollywood 1954.

Directed by Antony Mitradas - With Prem Nazir, Bahadoor
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