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Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages(1916)

| 3h 17min | Drama, History
3.6/5 (with 140 votes)

The story of a poor young woman, separated by prejudice from her husband and baby, is interwoven with tales of intolerance from throughout history.

The White Slave Trade(1910)

45min | Drama
2.7/5 (with 6 votes)

Anna, a beautiful girl from a poor background, is offered a well-paid position as a lady's companion in London. Anna's boyfriend, the sceptical Georg, suspects that the job offer is too good to be true, but Anna dismisses him and reports to the London address. The stately home in England turns out to be a whorehouse that imports women from Denmark. Anna manages to overpower her first client but is unable to escape.

The Birth of a Nation(1915)

| 3h 13min | Drama, History, War
3.1/5 (with 223 votes)

Two families, abolitionist Northerners the Stonemans and Southern landowners the Camerons, intertwine. When Confederate colonel Ben Cameron is captured in battle, nurse Elsie Stoneman petitions for his pardon. In Reconstruction-era South Carolina, Cameron founds the Ku Klux Klan, battling Elsie's congressman father and his African-American protégé, Silas Lynch.


3.1/5 (with 87 votes)

Frankenstein, a young medical student, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster. Made ill by what he has done, Frankenstein is comforted by his fiancée; but on his wedding night he is visited by the monster.

The Immigrant(1917)

| 24min | Comedy
3.7/5 (with 122 votes)

An European immigrant endures a challenging voyage only to get into trouble as soon as he arrives in New York.

Shoulder Arms(1918)

38min | Comedy, War
3.4/5 (with 72 votes)

An American doughboy, stationed in France during the Great War, goes on a daring mission behind enemy lines and becomes a hero.


2h 7min | Drama, History
3.6/5 (with 58 votes)

Young Cabiria is kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in Carthage. Just as she's to be sacrificed to Moloch, Cabiria is rescued by Fulvius Axilla, a good-hearted Roman spy, and his powerful slave, Maciste. The trio are broken up as Cabiria is entrusted to a woman of noble birth. With Cabiria's fate unknown, Maciste punished for his heroism, and Fulvius sent away to fight for Rome, is there any hope of our heroes reuniting?

A Dog's Life(1918)

| 34min | Comedy, Drama
3.7/5 (with 133 votes)

The Tramp and his dog companion struggle to survive in the inner city.

The Vampires or, The Arch Criminals of Paris(1915)

6h 52min | Drama, Thriller
3.4/5 (with 42 votes)

Paris is prey to an invisible terror against which the police can do nothing: a sinister organization that sows chaos and death. The intrepid journalist Philippe Guérande and his partner embark on a long crusade to put an end to the crimes of the Great Vampire and Irma Vep, his dangerous accomplice. (A ten episode movie serial.)

The Outlaw and His Wife(1918)

1h 51min | Drama
3.6/5 (with 25 votes)

A stranger comes to work at widow Halla's farm. Halla and the stranger fall in love, but when he is revealed as Eyvind, an escaped thief forced into crime by his family's starvation, they flee and become two of the many outlaws of Iceland's mountains.

Easy Street(1917)

26min | Comedy, Action
3.6/5 (with 74 votes)

A derelict, huddled under the steps of a missionary church, feels enlightened by the sermon of a passionate preacher and infatuated by the beauty of the congregation's pianist, in such a way that he tries to improve his life of poverty by becoming a policeman. His first assignment will be to patrol along Easy Street, the turf of a vicious bully and his criminal gang.

The Cure(1917)

31min | Comedy
3.4/5 (with 56 votes)

An alcoholic checks into a health spa and his antics promptly throw the establishment into chaos.

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The Floorwalker(1916)

28min | Comedy
3.3/5 (with 41 votes)

An impecunious customer creates chaos in a department store while the manager and his assistant plot to steal the money kept in the establishment's safe.

The Fireman(1916)

26min | Comedy
3.2/5 (with 41 votes)

Firefighter Charlie Chaplin is tricked into letting a house burn by an owner who wants to collect on the insurance.

Dante's Inferno(1911)

1h 12min | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
3.2/5 (with 58 votes)

The classic tale of Dante's journey through hell, loosely adapted from the Divine Comedy and inspired by the illustrations of Gustav Doré. This historically important film stands as the first feature from Italy and the oldest fully-surviving feature in the world, and boasts beautiful sets and special effects that stand above other cinema of the era.

Directed by Giuseppe de Liguoro, Adolfo Padovan, Francesco Bertolini - With Salvatore Papa, Arturo Pirovano, Giuseppe de Liguoro, Emilise Beretta, Augusto Milla, Attilio Motta, ...

The Rink(1916)

| 24min | Comedy
3.4/5 (with 48 votes)

After amusements working in a restaurant, Charlie uses his lunch break to go roller skating.

One A.M.(1916)

25min | Comedy
3.4/5 (with 47 votes)

A drunken homeowner has a difficult time getting about in his home after arriving home late at night.

The Tramp(1915)

26min | Comedy
3.3/5 (with 49 votes)

The Little Fellow finds the girl of his dreams and work on a family farm. He helps defend the farm against criminals, and all seems well, until he discovers the girl of his dreams already has someone in her life. Unwilling to be a problem in their lives, he takes to the road, though he is seen skipping and swinging his cane as if happy to be back on the road where he knows he belongs.

Making a Living(1914)

13min | Comedy
2.8/5 (with 38 votes)

A swindler scams a journalist to get some money and then applies for a job at his newspaper.

Dough and Dynamite(1914)

28min | Comedy
3.0/5 (with 19 votes)

Pierre and Jacques are working as waiters at a restaurant where the cooks go on strike. When the two are forced to work as bakers, the striking cooks put dynamite in the dough, with explosive results.

Tillie's Punctured Romance(1914)

| 1h 25min | Comedy, Drama, Romance / Love
3.1/5 (with 27 votes)

A womanizing city man meets Tillie in the country, after a fight with his girlfriend. When he sees that Tillie's father has a very large bankroll for his workers, he persuades her to elope with him.

The Cameraman's Revenge(1912)

13min | Animation
3.6/5 (with 41 votes)

A jilted husband takes his revenge by filming his wife and her lover and showing the result at the local cinema. This was one of Starewicz' first animated films, and stars a cast of animated beetles.

Directed by Ladislas Starevich

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(1916)

3.2/5 (with 23 votes)

Captain Nemo has built a fantastic submarine for his mission of revenge. He has traveled over 20,000 leagues in search of Charles Denver - a man who caused the death of Princess Daaker. Seeing what he had done, Denver took the daughter to his yacht and sailed away.

A Man There Was(1917)

56min | Drama
3.5/5 (with 30 votes)

Terje Vigen, a sailor, suffers the loss of his family through the inflexibility of another man. Years later, when his enemy's family finds itself dependent on his benevolence, Terje must decide whether to avenge himself.

Kid Auto Races at Venice(1914)

| 7min | Comedy
2.7/5 (with 58 votes)

The Tramp interferes with the celebration of several kid auto races in Venice, California (Junior Vanderbilt Cup Race, January 10 and 11, 1914), standing himself in the way of the cameraman who is filming the event.

Directed by Henry Lehrman - With Charlie Chaplin, Henry Lehrman, Franklin Delano Williams, Gordon Griffith, Billy Jacobs, Frank D. Williams, ...

The Pawnshop(1916)

| 26min | Comedy
3.4/5 (with 44 votes)

A pawnbroker's assistant deals with his grumpy boss, his annoying co-worker and some eccentric customers as he flirts with the pawnbroker's daughter, until a perfidious crook with bad intentions arrives at the pawnshop.

The Adventurer(1917)

26min | Comedy, Adventure
3.5/5 (with 55 votes)

The daring convict no. 23, known as The Eel, escapes from prison and, after mocking his inept persecutors, saves the lives of three people in peril: a beautiful girl, her mother and an annoying suitor, only to get exhausted and almost drowned. Once he regains his strength at Judge Brown's home, he participates on an upper-class social party where he competes with the suitor for the favors of the charming Miss Brown. But prison guards are still after him….

The Champion(1915)

| 31min | Comedy
3.3/5 (with 39 votes)

Walking along with his bulldog, Charlie finds a "good luck" horseshoe just as he passes a training camp advertising for a boxing partner "who can take a beating." After watching others lose, Charlie puts the horseshoe in his glove and wins. The trainer prepares Charlie to fight the world champion. A gambler wants Charlie to throw the fight. He and the trainer's daughter fall in love.

Mabel's Married Life(1914)

| 15min | Comedy
3.0/5 (with 30 votes)

Mabel goes home after being humiliated by a masher whom her husband won't fight. The husband goes off to a bar and gets drunk.

Gertie the Dinosaur(1914)

| 12min | Animation, Comedy
3.3/5 (with 62 votes)

Although not the first feature-length animated film, as is sometimes thought, it was the first cartoon to feature a character with an appealing personality. The appearance of a true character distinguished it from earlier animated "trick films", such as those of Blackton and Cohl, and makes it the predecessor to later popular cartoons such as those by Walt Disney. The film was also the first to be created using keyframe animation.

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