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1990 Romantic Comedy Movies

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Pretty Woman(1990)

| 1h 59min | Romance / Love, Comedy
3.7/5 (with 3,167 votes)

When a millionaire wheeler-dealer enters a business contract with a Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward, he loses his heart in the bargain.


| 1h 25min | Comedy, Music, Romance / Love
3.3/5 (with 627 votes)

A prim and proper schoolgirl goes against her grandmother's wishes when she dates a motorcycle-riding juvenile delinquent.

Joe Versus the Volcano(1990)

| 1h 42min | Comedy, Romance / Love
2.8/5 (with 194 votes)

Hypochondriac Joe Banks finds out he has six months to live, quits his dead end job, musters the courage to ask his co-worker out on a date, and is then hired to jump into a volcano by a mysterious visitor.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!(1990)

| 1h 42min | Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance / Love
3.5/5 (with 214 votes)

Recently released from a mental hospital, Ricky ties up Marina, a film star he once had sex with and keeps her hostage.

Look Who's Talking Too(1990)

| 1h 21min | Romance / Love, Comedy
2.8/5 (with 553 votes)

Mollie and James are together and raising a family, which now consists of an older Mikey and his baby sister, Julie. Tension between the siblings arises, and as well with Mollie and James when Mollie's brother Stuart moves in. Mikey is also learning how to use the toilet for the first time.


| 1h 42min | Comedy, Drama, Romance / Love
3.2/5 (with 108 votes)

Alice Tate, mother of two, with a marriage of 16 years, finds herself falling for the handsome sax player, Joe. Stricken with a backache, she consults herbalist Dr. Yang, who realizes that her problems are not related to her back, but in her mind and heart. Dr. Yang's magical herbs give Alice wondrous powers, taking her out of well-established rut.

Don't Tell Her It's Me(1990)

| 1h 41min | Comedy, Romance / Love
2.9/5 (with 19 votes)

Gus is a fat cartoonist that recently won a battle against cancer, which explains his baldness. But he is also lonely. Therefore, his caring sister tries to set him up with suitable woman. But to do so, she must turn him into an irresistible man. When he falls in love with Emily, Gus takes the identity of a mysterious biker from New Zealand.

Betsy's Wedding(1990)

| 1h 34min | Comedy
2.9/5 (with 14 votes)

Offbeat fashion student Betsy Hopper and her straight-laced investment-banker fiancé, Dylan Walsh, just want an intimate little wedding reception, but Betsy's father, Eddie, a Long Island construction contractor, feels so threatened by Jake's rich WASP parents that he blows the ceremony up into a bank-breaking showpiece, sending his wife, Lola, into a financial panic.

Crystal Moon(1990)

2.7/5 (with 39 votes)

Maria da Graça is a country girl who dreams of becoming a singer. She leaves her town to live with some relatives in Rio de Janeiro, but it doesn't take her long to find out that aunt Zuleika and cousins, Cidinha and Mauricinho, are less than friendly. While trying to deal with her relatives and their abuse, Maria da Graça befriends a neighbour, Duda, who shows her the ropes of getting along in the dangerous city, and Bob, a goofy diner clerk who, it turns out, might be the missing piece in her quest to fulfill her dreams.

Where the Heart Is(1990)

| 1h 47min | Comedy, Drama
3.1/5 (with 13 votes)

A wealthy businessman shows his young adult kids how tough life can be.

Love Is Love(1990)

4.0/5 (with 3 votes)

Shui (Stephen Chow) and Ti (Sandra Ng) elope off, against the wishes of Ti's father (Shing Fui-On). They live the life of a struggling young couple. Shui finds a job at a jewelry importer and his hard work is noticed by the boss lady (Suki Kwan). As Shui moves up the corporate ladder, the chasm between Shui and Ti starts to widen, and the bond between Suki and Shui tightens.

Directed by Tommy Leung Ga-Shu - With Stephen Chow

Funny About Love(1990)

| 1h 41min | Comedy, Drama, Romance / Love
2.4/5 (with 11 votes)

When Duffy Bergman, a New York cartoonist, meets Meg Lloyd, a gourmet chef, he discovers the love of his life and they marry -- yet love alone isn't enough to make them happy. Meg decides she wants to have a baby, a goal that initially makes Duffy frantic, but soon becomes his most important desire as well. When they are unable to have a baby, Meg begins concentrating on her career and the two slowly drift apart -- eventually separating. Later, when Duffy is speaking at a convention of the Delta Gamma sorority, he reveals that the Delta Gamma girls have always been his dream girls -- his Love Goddesses. There he meets the young and uninhibited Delta Gamma girl, Daphne Delillo. When Daphne moves to New York to work as a network sports reporter, their mutual attraction and Daphne's spontaneity spark an adventurous new relationship for Duffy. Now Duffy must decide which is more valuable to him -- the relationship he has given up, or the relationship he has always dreamed of having.

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Koko Flanel(1990)

3.2/5 (with 9 votes)

Placide's dad tells him on his deathbed he'll haunt Placide if he doesn't find a wife soon. Placide cautiously agrees, but he only wants to settle for a very beautiful woman. That might be easier said than done, since he is a vagabond. When he accidentally enters a photo shoot, Placide meets Sarah. He falls in love, but she is way out of his reach.

Strike It Rich(1990)

1h 27min | Comedy
2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A London accountant on his honeymoon gets swept away by gambling fever.

Kottayam Kunjachan(1990)

3.6/5 (with 5 votes)

Kottayam Kunjachan is about an erstwhile thug, who has just been released from jail. He has served a sentence of 7 years, for killing a man in a fight gone bad.After an altercation with his previous employers, he is arrested and later bailed out by his guardian, a Christian priest who found him as an infant in a garbage heap and raised him as his own. Following his father's advice, he leaves Kottayam and its bad influences for Odaangara. He starts a technical institute, accompanied by Bosco, his assistant. He generally endears himself to the village populace. It is there that he meets Mikhael and his wife, and gets in their good books by rescuing Mollykutty from a kidnap attempt by Jimmy and gang. leyamma convinces Mikhael to rent out their outhouse to Kunjachan, as a deterrent from further attacks by Paappan or Jimmy. Mikhael then convinces Kunjachan to go to confession, and start living as a good Christian.

Directed by T.S.Suresh Babu - With Mammootty, Ranjini, Innocent, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sukumaran, Prathapachandran, ...

Book of Love(1990)

| 1h 22min | Comedy, Romance / Love
3.0/5 (with 6 votes)

John Twiller takes down his high school yearbook and begins to reminiscence about that time he first moved into the neighborhood in 1956. His teenage self, Jack is obsessed with Lily one of the more popular girls around. The sole obstacle is Angelo, her bullying boyfriend. With the help of his pals Crutch, Floyd, and Spider, he makes every attempt possible to change her mind.


2h 17min | Drama
2.3/5 (with 1 vote)

Viswan, a smuggler, fakes his identity in front of Chandradas, a police commissioner. What happens when Chandradas finds out who Viswan really is?

Directed by T. K. Rajeev Kumar - With Mammootty, Shanthi Krishna, Murali, Thilakan

Kizhakkan Pathrose(1992)

2h 3min | Drama
2.6/5 (with 2 votes)

Kizhakkan Pathrose (Malayalam: is a 1992 Malayalam film directed by T. S. Suresh Babuu, starring Mammootty in the title role.

Directed by T.S.Suresh Babu - With Mammootty, Ranjini, Innocent, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sukumaran, Prathapachandran, ...

Opposites Attract(1990)


A mayoral candidate (Barbara Eden) for a California town gets romantically involved with her opponent (John Forsythe), a former cowboy star.

Directed by Noel Nosseck - With Barbara Eden

Coins in the Fountain(1990)

0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

TV remake. Three vacationing American women searching for romance during their visit to Rome.

Directed by Tony Wharmby - With Loni Anderson

Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran(1990)

3.4/5 (with 1 vote)

The film is about a parallel college teacher who owns a bizarre and timid personality which forces his friends to fool him by posting him letters in the name of a girl. He gradually develops an intimate relationship with her but all his efforts to meet her are in vain. What happens when he actually meets her, and comes to know that she even had no idea about his existence, forms the crux of the story.

Directed by Kamal - With Rekha, Siddique, Jagadish, Maniyanpilla Raju, Jayaram

Pido Dida: Sabay Tayo(1990)

1h 55min | Comedy
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Pido and Dida grew up inside an orphanage believing they are siblings. Maltreated by their adoptive parents, they run away and find themselves in a shanty of a kind lady. Forced to live with their real parents, they realize that money alone cannot guarantee happiness.

My Love, My Bride(1990)

3.2/5 (with 2 votes)

Young-Min and Mi-Young graduated from the same college and fell in love. They finally got married. As time goes by, they bicker over even the tiniest of issues. One day, at a coffee shop, Mi-Young waits for Young-Min and meets her ex-boss. Young-Min sees them together and jumps to the conclusion that he is her ex-boyfriend. When Mi-Young goes to visit her parents, Young-Min tempts another woman.

Directed by Lee Myeong-se - With Park Joong-hoon
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