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Always Be with You(2017)

1h 38min | Horror, Mystery
3.0/5 (with 11 votes)

Taxi driver David, who's doomed after a terminal cancer diagnosis, accidentally kills hotel owner Patrick in a car crash. Patrick's girlfriend takes over his hotel by a lake in Hong Kong, which is soon plagued by serial suicidal incidents.

Directed by Herman Yau

Gong Tau(2007)

1h 37min | Horror
2.2/5 (with 6 votes)

CID detective Rockman was sent to Thailand to investigate a case involving the Hong Kong and Thai underground syndicate. During his visit he met a sexy table dancer called Elli, they had a brief but hot steamy affair. Unexpectedly Rockman was ordered to return to Hong Kong. Before leaving he promised Elli he would return. But he never did. Heart broken Elli felt she was deceived. Rockman never expect his affair would bring the worst luck for him and family. Three years later in Hong Kong, when Rockman was busily investigating a murder case one stormy night, a senior policeman was murdered by a most wanted fugitive Lam Chiu. On the other hand, Rockman's wife broke down after their son died mysteriously. All the major newspapers headlined the two cases, saying the murder and the baby's death are related. Frustrated Rockman worked closely with Brother Sum well seasoned detective...

Directed by Herman Yau

Troublesome Night 18(2003)

1h 24min | Comedy, Horror

A man with the ability to see ghosts gets involved with a dead female spirit and her ghostly son.

Troublesome Night 19(2003)

1h 27min | Comedy, Horror

A pair of sunshades give a woman wearer an uncanny ability to relive a scene.

Directed by Wai-Ying Yip

Troublesome Night 13(2002)

1h 50min | Comedy, Horror

A group of friends take a trip to Thailand, where they stumble upon the ghost of a girl who was murdered by her boss. Needless to say, the ghost wants justice.

Directed by Yiu Ming Chan

Troublesome Night 14(2002)

1h 30min | Horror, Comedy
1.3/5 (with 1 vote)

Christin has been working at a hotel owned by Budcasso, her friend's fiancé. When she is discovered stealing money from the hotel, she turns to her friend Zidanes for help. When Zidanes refuses, Christin decides to fake a suicide attempt, hoping Budcasso will take pity on her. Unfortunately, her plan goes wrong, and she actually kills herself. Soon after, Christin returns as a fierce ghost, and begins to kill all in her path at the hotel as a means for revenge. In the mean time, Budcasso invites his spirit-fighting ex-wife Mrs. Bud Lung (Troublesome Night regular Lan Law) to the wedding.

Directed by Wai-Ying Yip

Troublesome Night 15(2002)

1h 35min | Horror
0.8/5 (with 1 vote)

Ngau, a cook in the Hong Kong countryside, is trying to save his son from a vengeful evil spirit who was wronged years ago by Ngau's past life. In the process, Ngau seeks the help of Mrs. Bud Lung, who can communicate with the other side.

Directed by Jamie Luk

Troublesome Night 17(2002)

1h 30min | Comedy, Horror
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Gay has been arrested for possessing drugs and is sent to prison. When Mrs. Lung visits him, she realizes that a demon is following him around, and sends Yan into the prison to help Gay. With the help of the warden, they discover the demon is a vengeful ghost of a woman whose husband was wrongfully imprisoned there, and committed suicide. All she wants to see is his grave, which should be behind the prison. But when they can't find his burial site, she unleashes her pure wrath, and no one is immune from her rage.

Directed by Wai-Yin Lam

Troublesome Night 16(2002)

1h 25min | Comedy, Horror

The 16th film in the Troublesome Night series brings back regulars Simon Lui, Helena Law Lan, Tong Ka-Fai and Ronnie Cheung Ho-Lung in a story that takes place in the Sung Dynasty. There, they encounter the characters of the famous Chinese Story "The Water Margin," a story that takes place about a thousand years ago in ancient China involving a cruel government, con artists, a beautiful but crafty village girl and a sword-wielding martial artist trying to overcome all the adversaries.

Directed by Wai-Ying Yip

Troublesome Night 11(2001)

1h 32min | Comedy, Horror

A handsome hustler tricks a beautiful restauranteur into loaning him 2 million HK dollars. He then drugs her, brings her to an abandoned beach and kills her. After some teenagers discover the body, her spirit returns to take revenge on the man who wronged her by possessing the bodies of other girls.

Directed by Wan King Yeung

Troublesome Night 9(2001)

1h 26min | Comedy, Horror
1.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Liu Ah Yee goes to the Bud household to worship the Buddha and to have her fortune told, but Mrs. Bud tells her it is not necessary. Ms. Liu is a compulsive gambler on the cruise ship Neptune, where Mrs. Bud's son, Pit, works, and he recognizes her. Pit has stretched the truth to his girlfriend, Moon Ah Say, about his job, so she thinks he's working in stocks, and she gets quite perturbed when he discovers that he is trying to help Ah Yee, who never wins, and whose grandmother, her only living relative, is dying. She returns to the Buds for help with her gambling, but Mrs. Bud gives her a egimen of alternatives to get her to stop gambling. Only after completing this regimen does Ms. Liu explain why gambling was so important to her.

Directed by Kai-Ming Lai

Troublesome Night 8(2001)

1h 25min | Comedy, Horror
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Bud Pitt and his girlfriend Moon leave the city and move to the countryside to start a new chapter in their lives. At the village, they meet their new, cheery neighbor Olive. However, Bud is suspicious of Olive when she roams the streets at night, seemingly developing a multiple and mystifying personality. In addition, Pitt and Moon is uncomfortable with the eerie atmosphere of the village. As a result, Pitt pins his hope on his mother, who has expertise in the supernatural.

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Troublesome Night 12(2001)

1h 30min | Comedy, Horror
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Two beauty consultants, Sun and Aki, have been transferred to a new branch in Shenzhang, to be Branch Managers. At a disco one night, a strange man comes to them and requests that they provide beauty service at his home for his wife. They accept the offer and head to Mr. Cheng's house. When they arrive, however, they find Mrs. Cheng is actually a ghost! Their nightmare begins, as the ghastly couple begin threatening the two girls, and their sinister plan unveils itself.

Directed by Wai-Ying Yip

Troublesome Night 10(2001)

1h 30min | Comedy, Horror
1.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A boss and his employees take an excursion to Cheung Chou, an island off the coast of Hong Kong. There, the boss meets and courts a young woman, and is completely oblivious of her past. Meanwhile, while the employees try to enjoy their weekend adventure without their employer, they encounter abnormal events and the young woman may be a link to them.

Directed by Edmond Yuen

Troublesome Night 7(2000)

1h 34min | Horror, Comedy
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A film crew travels to the Hong Kong countryside to make an 'MTV' show. During their stay at the village, the crew hears eerie and horrific voices during the night and witnesses a phantom roaming around the premises. In addition, some feel that their feet were being tickled while in the water performing. The villagers attest that their territory is not haunted, but an old villager, familiar with the village's past, sheds light into the mystery.

Directed by Nam Yin

Troublesome Night 5(1999)

1h 36min | Comedy, Horror
0.8/5 (with 1 vote)

The fifth chapter of the "Troublesome Night" series, this movie is an anthology of three connected stories. Taxi Driver Cheung runs into bad luck when he encounters strange and mysterious customers during his night shift. That same night, his friend and colleague Fat moves to a new home with his wife and son to hide from loan sharks, and his luck turns when he discovers his new home is haunted by a demon, who promises him sudden wealth. Years later, Fat's son is employed as a security officer at a business firm. There, he encounters paranormal activities during his night shift.

Directed by Herman Yau

Troublesome Night 6(1999)

1h 30min
1.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Four reporters from a tabloid magazine stalks a model for their gossip column. The model, having breaking up with her rich boyfriend, later commits suicide to escape all the pressure. The reporters relentlessly post the photos of suicide aftermath in their tabloid magazines. Years later, the reporters begin to fester and die violent deaths, and an inspector is assigned to track down the perpetrator. In addition, the inspector claims he has seen the model at the crime scenes, even if it has since been four years after her death!

Directed by Herman Yau

Troublesome Night 3(1998)

1h 39min | Comedy, Horror
1.7/5 (with 2 votes)

Three supernatural incidents happen to the workers at a mortuary.

Directed by Herman Yau

Troublesome Night 4(1998)

1h 37min | Horror, Comedy
1.2/5 (with 2 votes)

The fourth installment in the "Troublesome Night" series. As in the previous films, the film winds together an anthology of comedic horror tales all loosely linked together. In this one, all the stories involve tourists from Hong Kong visiting the Philippines on holiday.

Directed by Herman Yau

Troublesome Night(1997)

1h 38min | Comedy, Horror
2.3/5 (with 2 votes)

Tales of the supernatural include encounters with ghosts and a man's communication with his dead wife.

Directed by Herman Yau - With Helena Law

Troublesome Night 2(1997)

1h 36min | Thriller, Horror, Comedy
2.2/5 (with 2 votes)

The second chapter of the "Troublesome Night" series, this movie consists of three stories. The first story is about a girl that called a radio show for advice and comfort after her boyfriend died tragically. One of the station DJs unconsciously suggested that she should commit suicide if she wants to be reunited with her beau. Unfortunately, the girl takes the suggestion and the DJ becomes racked with guilt as the girl's ghost returns to haunt him. The second story is about a group of friends voyage to the sea. During the trip, they encountered mysterious events after they rescued an eerie woman from a boat wreckage. The third story is about another DJ that quit his job after the untimely deaths of his co-workers. To escape the pain, he becomes a street racer. But, his thrill rides were hindered when he stumbled upon a sinister spirit by the roadside.

Directed by Herman Yau - With Louis Koo
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