The Scarlet Runner Collection(1916)

A series of 12 2-reel episodes, each a separate and unrelated story, relating the adventures of Christopher Race and his high-powered automobile, The Scarlet Runner.

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The Car and His Majesty(1916)

Christopher Race, forced by his uncle to earn his own living for a change, buys Scarlet Runner, an exceptionally fine automobile. He at first tries hiring it out to private parties, but meets with no success.

Directed by William P.S. Earle

The Nuremberg Watch(1916)


Christopher's distinguished cousin, Sir Gordon Race, is defending Lady Mendel, on trial for the murder of her husband. On the morning of the last day of the trial, a veiled woman visits Christopher and gives him a package, saying it contains a gift for Sir Gordon which will bring him luck.

Directed by William P.S. Earle

The Masked Ball(1916)

Christopher Race is engaged to take in his Scarlet Runner Ponsonby Fitzgerald, an eccentric novelist, and a party of friends to a ball. The affair as planned by Fitzgerald is to end in a great joke, whereby his party will be awarded the prize for the most sensational entrance to the ball.

Directed by William P.S. Earle
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