The Howling Collection(1981-2011)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

A collection of "The Howling," (1981-2011) Series includes: The Howling (1981) Howling II: ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985), Howling III (1987) Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988) Howling V: The Rebirth (1989) Howling VI: The Freaks (1991) The Howling VII: New Moon Rising (1995) The Howling: Reborn (2011)

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The Howling(1981)

| 1h 31min | Horror
3.3/5 (with 221 votes)

After a bizarre and near fatal encounter with a serial killer, a newswoman is sent to a rehabilitation center whose inhabitants may not be what they seem.

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch(1985)

| 1h 31min | Thriller, Horror
2.5/5 (with 59 votes)

After his sister is turned into a werewolf and subsequently killed, Ben White decides to help the enigmatic Stefan Crosscoe fight the growing population of lupine monsters, along with the lovely Jenny Templeton. Traveling to Transylvania, Ben, Jenny and Crosscoe attempt to hunt down the powerful werewolf queen, Stirba, and must face her furry followers, as well as other supernatural forces.

Howling III(1987)

| 1h 38min | Horror
2.3/5 (with 33 votes)

A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one. Is this a dangerous combination?

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare(1988)

| 1h 34min | Horror
2.2/5 (with 32 votes)

An author who was sent to the town Drakho, because of a nervous breakdown, gets wound up in a mystery revolving around demons and werewolves. She starts seeing ghosts and dismisses them as her own imagination, but when they turn out to be real she becomes suspicious of the odd town and of its past.

Howling V: The Rebirth(1989)

| 1h 36min | Horror
2.2/5 (with 25 votes)

When a group of people from different walks of life converge in a Hungarian castle situated in Budapest which has been sealed for 500 years, they bring with them a werewolf which slowly begins to cut their numbers down.

Howling VI: The Freaks(1991)

| 1h 42min | Horror
2.3/5 (with 20 votes)

A villainous carnival owner traps a young werewolf to include in his growing menagerie of inhuman exhibits.

Howling: New Moon Rising(1995)

| 1h 30min | Horror
1.4/5 (with 14 votes)

Gary Brandner's horror novels come to life again in this sequel to "The Howling." A number of vicious murders occur in a small California town after a motorcycle-riding stranger arrives. The gruesome slayings look disturbingly like the work of a werewolf. Meanwhile, in another nearby town, police are hot on the trail of a killer they believe is a werewolf. This is "Howling" with a country-western angle.

The Howling: Reborn(2011)

| 1h 32min | Horror
2.4/5 (with 32 votes)

On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past... that he is about to become a werewolf. Now, in an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, they must battle not only Will's growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them... and then, us all.

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