The Dead Collection(2010-2013)

The Dead is a 2010 British zombie film produced by Indelible Productions in association with Latitude Films and starring Rob Freeman, Prince David Osei, and David Dontoh. The film was directed by the Ford brothers. A sequel, The Dead 2: India, was released in 2013. Unlike the first film, the setting takes place in India. The sequel follows the story of American engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson).

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The Dead 2: India(2013)

1h 30min | Horror, Action, Drama
2.7/5 (with 24 votes)

An infectious epidemic spreads through India as an American turbine engineer learns that his pregnant girlfriend is trapped near the slums of Mumbai. Now he must battle his way across a 300mile wasteland of the ravenous undead.

Directed by Howard J. Ford, Jonathan Ford - With Joseph Millson

The Dead(2010)

2.9/5 (with 73 votes)

When the last evacuation flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy emerges as the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living.

Directed by Jonathan Ford, Howard J. Ford
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