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Never Hike Alone Collection(2017-2020)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

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Never Hike Alone II: Never Hike Again(2020)

20 years after the last sighting of Jason Voorhees, Crystal Lake resident and former victim Tommy Jarvi still lives with the haunting notion that Jason will one day return.

Never Hike Alone III: Jason Takes Crystal Lake(2020)

Jason returns to Crystal Lake in pursuit of his long time nemesis Tommy Jarvis and adventure blogger Kyle McLeod, who has retreated to Wessex County Medical to recover from being attacked.

Never Hike Alone IV: The Final Hike(2020)

Armed with the answer to finally destroy Jason, the survivors of the attack on Crystal Lake return to Camp Blood to put an end to the death curse once and for all.

Never Hike in the Snow(2020)

31min | Horror, Thriller

Set 3 months prior to the events of Never Hike Alone, Never Hike in the Snow follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill, a Crystal Lake resident who went for a hike in the dead of winter and never came home.


4min | Horror

A music video/short film for the song "Disappear" by Trevor Vaughan which sees Jason killing a group of friends in the now abandoned Camp Crystal Lake.

Never Hike Alone(2017)

54min | Horror, Thriller

A hiker's survival skills are put to the test, when he stumbles upon the remains of an old abandoned camp and discovers its long dark secrets.

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