La Blue Girl Collection(1992)

only for adults
| Genres: Adventure, Animation

La Blue Girl (淫獣学園 La☆Blue Girl Injū Gakuen La Blue Girl?, roughly "Lewd Beast Academy: La Blue Girl") is an erotic anime and manga series by Toshio Maeda.

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La Blue Girl Volume 1(1992)

40min | Animation
3.1/5 (with 2 votes)

Miko Mido answers the call of the wild, to become a mistress of martial arts sexcraft! In these erotic episodes, Miko discovers that she is the last in a line of supernatural sex ninjas. Now, this delectable demon slayer is all that stands between humanity and the perverted hordes of the underworld. It won't be easy - these depraved demons are ready to turn a few tricks of their own. It'll be a whammin', slammin' battle as she thrashes the monsters in carnal combat! 6-part OVA series.

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