Eating Out Series(2004-2011)

Eating Out is a series of gay interest films by Q. Allan Brocka.

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Eating Out(2004)

| 1h 30min | Comedy
3.0/5 (with 32 votes)

After getting dumped by his girlfriend Tiffani, Caleb commiserates with his roommate Kyle, who notes that while he has trouble getting the men he wants he could get any woman because he's gay.

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds(2006)

3.1/5 (with 29 votes)

How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? With the help of Gwen and Tiffani, Kyle pretends to be heterosexual in order to land Troy, the new guy (and nude model) who's turning the heads of both men and women. He soon finds himself joining the campus ex-gay support group and nabbing a girlfriend! Kyle's ex-boyfriend Marc is horrified at the plan and decides to pursue the confused Troy with his own tactic -- being his "out" gay self. Who will win Troy first?

Eating Out: All You Can Eat(2009)

1h 20min | Comedy
2.9/5 (with 22 votes)

Tiffani attempts to help her geeky but very cute friend Casey find true love - or at least a sexy hunk. Taken under Tiffani’s wing, Casey pretends to be Ryan, Tiffani's hot, straight, stripper ex-boyfriend, in order to seduce the smoldering Zack online, which works, until the real Ryan shows up!

Directed by Glenn Gaylord - With Rebekah Kochan

Eating Out: The Open Weekend(2011)

2.9/5 (with 22 votes)

Sexy couple Zack and Benji decide to have an “open” weekend to partake in the smorgasbord of available men on their vacation to a gay getaway in Palm Springs. When Zack runs into his ex-boyfriend Casey at the resort, they both do their best to look like they are having a good time. How could they not, when they are surrounded by cute, frisky guys with six-packs and very little clothing?

Directed by Q. Allan Brocka - With Chris Puckett, Chris Salvatore

Eating Out: Drama Camp(2011)

| 1h 30min | Comedy
3.0/5 (with 23 votes)

Zack and Casey's relationship is in a slump, but things are about to change at Dick Dickey's Drama Camp. Zack meets gorgeous Benji, and when they get cast as lovers in a sexed-up version of The Taming of the Shrew, their self-restraint is put to the test. Will Zack and Casey's relationship last with Benji in the picture?

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