Behind Enemy Lines Collection(2001-2014)

Four movies about the trials and tribulations of four different stories when soldiers are caught behind enemy lines.

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Behind Enemy Lines(2001)

1h 46min | Action, Drama, Thriller, War
3.2/5 (with 457 votes)

While flying a routine reconnaissance mission over Bosnia, fighter pilot Chris Burnett photographs something he wasn't supposed to see and gets shot down behind enemy lines, where he must outrun an army led by a ruthless Serbian general. With time running out and a deadly tracker on his trail, Burnett's commanding officer decides to risk his career and launch a renegade rescue mission to save his life.

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil(2006)

| 1h 36min | Action, Adventure, Thriller
2.3/5 (with 36 votes)

Navy SEALS, headed by Lt. Bobby James, are dispatched to North Korea on a covert mission, all in an effort to take out a missile site...

Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia(2009)

| 1h 34min | War, Action, Thriller
2.7/5 (with 47 votes)

Navy SEALS mount an attack on Colombian special forces to clear their names and rescue a hostage.

Directed by Tim Matheson - With Joe Manganiello, Ken Anderson, Channon Roe, Chris J. Johnson, Keith David, Steven Bauer, ...

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines(2014)

| 1h 38min | Action, War, Drama
2.9/5 (with 53 votes)

Seal Team Eight must fight their way deep into Africa's Congo, decommission a secret uranium mine, and stop our most dangerous enemy from smuggling weapon's grade yellow-cake out of the country.

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