Batman (DC Universe Animated) Collection(1993-2017)

A collection of Batman films based upon Batman the Animated Series.

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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm(1993)

3.8/5 (with 298 votes)

Andrea Beaumont strolls back into town, rekindling an old romance with Bruce Wayne. At the same time, Batman is mistaken for a masked vigilante assassin who has begun systematically eliminating Gotham's crime bosses. Now on the run, Batman must solve the mystery, while navigating his relationship with Andrea.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero(1998)

| 1h 10min | Animation, Action, Crime, Kids & Family
3.5/5 (with 121 votes)

When a desperate Mr. Freeze, to save his dying wife, kidnaps Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) as an involuntary organ donor, Batman and Robin must find her before the operation can begin.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman(2003)

3.4/5 (with 111 votes)

A new vigilante, Batwoman, is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. The dynamic duo must discover her true identity.

Batman: Under the Red Hood(2010)

| 1h 15min | Action, Animation, Mystery
3.9/5 (with 493 votes)

There's a mystery afoot in Gotham City, and Batman must go toe-to-toe with a mysterious vigilante, who goes by the name of Red Hood. Subsequently, old wounds reopen and old, once buried memories come into the light. Batman faces his ultimate challenge as the mysterious Red Hood takes Gotham City by firestorm. One part vigilante, one part criminal kingpin, Red Hood begins cleaning up Gotham with the efficiency of Batman, but without following the same ethical code.

Batman: Year One(2011)

| 1h 4min | Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, Mystery
3.7/5 (with 289 votes)

Two men come to Gotham City: Bruce Wayne after years abroad feeding his lifelong obsession for justice and Jim Gordon after being too honest a cop with the wrong people elsewhere. After learning painful lessons about the city's corruption on its streets and police department respectively, this pair learn how to fight back their own way. With that, Gotham's evildoers from top to bottom are terrorized by the mysterious Batman and the equally heroic Gordon is assigned to catch him by comrades who both hate and fear him themselves. In the ensuing manhunt, both find much in common as the seeds of an unexpected friendship are laid with additional friends and rivals helping to start the legend.

Batman: Assault on Arkham(2014)

| 1h 15min | Thriller, Animation, Action, Crime
3.7/5 (with 355 votes)

Based on the hit video game series, Batman must find a bomb planted by the Joker while dealing with a mysterious team of villains called the Suicide Squad.

Directed by Jay Oliva, Ethan Spaulding

Batman and Harley Quinn(2017)

3.1/5 (with 193 votes)

Batman and Nightwing are forced to team with the Joker's sometimes-girlfriend Harley Quinn to stop a global threat brought about by Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man.

Directed by Sam Liu
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