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New TV Series Premieres in Week 36/2022: 69 TV Shows/Series & 90 Seasons

09/05/2022 | By: WPS

Each week numerous new TV shows/series are launched and existing series return in a new season. In this overview you can find out what's happening during calendar week 36/2022 (09/05/2022-09/11/2022), with TV shows/series from United States of America (USA) and around the world. Highlights this week include "Cars on the Road" (Animation/Comedy/Kids & Family), "The Serpent Queen" (Drama), "Tell Me Lies" (Drama), "American Gigolo" (Drama/Crime), "Last Light" (Drama/Science-Fiction & Fantasy), "Frozen Planet II", "Pozadí událostí" and "A Minute of Silence".

New TV Shows/Series from United States of America (USA)(28)

American Gigolo(2022)

| 1h per episode | Drama, Crime
3.6/5 (with 27 votes)

Julian Kaye has always been an object of desire, so much so that people are willing to destroy him in order to have him. Exonerated, after 15 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, he now faces the challenge of picking up the pieces as the detective who put him behind bars tries to unravel the mystery that led to his wrongful incarceration.

Cars on the Road(2022)

3.8/5 (with 109 votes)

Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater head east from Radiator Springs on a cross-country road trip to meet up with Mater’s sister.

Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space(2022-)

| 25min per episode | Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction & Fantasy
3.9/5 (with 9 votes)

Bee is a young lady trying to make her way in the world. She often acts before thinking, which can lead her into trouble (and adventure!). She also has a strong, nurturing personality, and doesn’t think twice about taking in Puppycat when he needs help. Although her laid-back-space-casey attitude and lack of skills tend to keep her from maintaining a job for long in the human world, she isn’t someone who easily gives up, and with the experiences she gains at the magical temp agency she stumbles on, she’ll finally have the chance to find out what she’s meant to do with her life.


43min per episode | Drama

The Romans, America’s first family of country music, are fiercely talented, but while their name is synonymous with honesty, the very foundation of their success is a lie. When their reign as country royalty is put in jeopardy, Nicky Roman, the heir to the crown, already battling an industry stacked against her, will stop at nothing to protect her family’s legacy.

The Serpent Queen(2022-)

| 49min per episode | Drama
3.9/5 (with 42 votes)

Considered an immigrant, common and plain, Catherine de Medici is married into the 16th century French court as an orphaned teenager expected to bring a fortune in dowry and produce many heirs, only to discover that her husband is in love with an older woman, her dowry is unpaid and she’s unable to concieve. Yet, only with her intelligence and determination, she manages to keep her marriage alive and masters the bloodsport that is the monarchy better than anyone else, ruling France for 50 years.

Tell Me Lies(2022-)

| 50min per episode | Drama
3.6/5 (with 35 votes)

When Lucy Albright arrives on the campus of her small college, away from her mother whom she's never forgiven for an act of betrayal in her early teen years, Lucy embraces college life and all it has to offer. But everything changes when she meets Stephen DeMarco, who has a mysterious past of his own. Their addicting entanglement will have consequences they never could have imagined.

Last Light(2022)

43min per episode | Drama, Science-Fiction & Fantasy
3.1/5 (with 21 votes)

Separated across continents, petro-chemist Andy Yeats and his family must survive the deadly effects of a sudden global oil crisis and find the mastermind behind it all.

The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time(2022)

6h 29min per episode | Documentary
3.3/5 (with 2 votes)

In this Shudder Original series, master filmmakers and genre experts celebrate and dissect the most terrifying moments of the greatest horror films ever made, exploring how these scenes were created and why they burned themselves into the brains of audiences around the world.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter(2022-)

4.4/5 (with 3 votes)

The casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are each currently in different stages of motherhood - some have kids in diapers, while others are now parenting teenagers! But they all share the unique experience of momming so young. For the first time, the moms and all their stories will be brought together in one supersized series that focuses on the unique bond this "Mom Group" shares as they face the reality of parenthood and adulting while entering this next phase of life together.

Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin(2022-)

| 23min per episode | Documentary
3.4/5 (with 3 votes)

Take a look inside the minds of elite adventure athletes through transformative stories about facing fear, personal loss, and Mother Nature.


2.2/5 (with 2 votes)

Take an unforgettable journey with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as they go on adventures with some of the world’s boldest and bravest women—from household names to unsung heroes—who make us laugh and inspire us to be more gutsy.

Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen(2022-)

Courtney Hansen leads an all-star team of the baddest custom car builders in the country, coming together each day to work on custom beauties to help make the lives of individuals who've faced tragedies and setbacks just a little bit better.

The Murders Before the Marathon(2022)

44min per episode | Documentary
2.3/5 (with 1 vote)

Journalist Susan Zalkind investigates the triple murder that took her friend’s life, the national tragedy that shook her city, and the haunting question that connects the two events: if the murders had been solved, could the Boston Marathon bombing could have been prevented?

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory(2022)

| 41min per episode | Documentary
3.5/5 (with 3 votes)

Follow the escapades of a young Explorer as he travels the world capturing extraordinary footage of wild animals.

Chef's Table: Pizza(2022-)

47min per episode | Documentary
3.3/5 (with 5 votes)

Dig into the best pizzas from around the world, prepared by renowned chefs who bake passion, creativity and hard work into every slice.

Deadman’s Curse(2022-)

3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Taylor Starr, Adam Palmer, Kru Williams, and Don Froese band together to solve the legend of Slumach's lost gold mine.

Stolen: Catching the Art Thieves(2022)

59min per episode | Documentary, Crime
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

The world's greatest paintings - and the most audacious art heists of all time. Gripping true stories of a global game of cat and mouse as high culture meets the underworld.

The Great Smog: Winter of '52(2022)

45min per episode | Documentary
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Dr Xand Van Tulleken and Raksha Dave investigate the Great Smog of 1952 - the deadliest environmental disaster ever recorded and one of the world's worst peacetime catastrophes. Lasting just over four days, the Great Smog plunged London into a terrifyingly murky gloom - the acrid pollution seeping into homes, leaving Londoners gasping for breath, shutting down transport and emergency services, and overwhelming hospitals and undertakers alike.

No Worries If Not!(2022-)

Noisy, fast paced, comedy sketch show with quirky characters and off the wall sketches, featuring the biggest stars of Irish online comedy.


With their parents away on a reunion cruise, a group of friends must survive the new reality of an endless night.

Raising A F*cking Star(2022-)

4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Raising A Fucking Star

Good Bones: Risky Business(2022-)

Mina Starsiak Hawk takes on the biggest and riskiest renovation of her career as she transforms an 1800s Victorian home in Fountain Square into a bed and breakfast and event center that can be a legacy for her business, her children and the community.

Kiddie Kai(2022-)

Set in The Blackbelt Byway, a region of the southeast United States with dojos on nearly every corner, follows martial arts rivals as they bring their dojos to epic showdowns to create the next generation of champions.

Real Girlfriends in Paris(2022)

5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Six twentysomethings embark on an exciting adventure living in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris. While experiencing the spontaneity of a new city. They find the possibilities of true love and forge friendships for life.

Murders at the Burger Joint(2022-)

2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Speedway, Indiana, is famous for its fast cars and fast food, but in 1978, the town's popular franchise Burger Chef finds itself in the middle of a murder mystery that still has people asking questions 40 years later.

Extreme Weddings: Australia(2022-)

Extreme locations, extreme themes, extreme expenses - the most unconventional weddings. These are the extreme weddings that know no boundaries.

Picturing the Obamas(2022-)

4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Follow the US tour of the Obama portraits, behind-the-scenes at museums in Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston, with Barack and Michelle Obama, artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, and everyday people finding hope in these works of art.

Second-Hand for 50 Grand(2022-)

A look behind the scenes of the pre-owned luxury market, where leading firm Xupes track down second-hand high-end goods from Cartier to Prada

New TV Shows/Series worldwide(41)

Abot-Kamay Na Pangarap

Certification unknown

2022- | 2.2/5

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı

Certification unknown

2022-2023 | 3.0/5 | 2h 15min per episode

Pesadilla En El Paraíso

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.7/5

Family to the Max

Certification unknown

2022- | 44min per episode

Diary of a Gigolo


2022- | 4.0/5 | 54min per episode

Frozen Planet II


2022 | 3.9/5 | 57min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)


Certification unknown

2022- | 3.5/5 | 52min per episode

Wedding Season

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.4/5 | 30min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Young Actors' Retreat

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.1/5 | 1h per episode
South Korea

Once Upon a Small Town

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.9/5 | 36min per episode
South Korea

Edmond and Lucy

Certification unknown

2022- | 11min per episode

Tierra Incognita


2022- | 3.6/5 | 30min per episode

Recipes for Love and Murder

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.1/5 | 1h per episode
South Africa



2022 | 4.0/5 | 1h 2min per episode
South Korea

Jade Armor


2022- | 21min per episode

The Zone: Survival Mission

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.1/5
South Korea

The Law Cafe

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.9/5 | 1h 8min per episode
South Korea

Lauchhammer - Tod in der Lausitz

Certification unknown

2022- | 4.0/5 | 45min per episode

Who Shot Otto Mueller?

Certification unknown

2022 | 40min per episode

Historias de UPA Next

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.7/5 | 6min per episode

Simon Reeve's South America

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.3/5
United Kingdom (UK)

Marea alta

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.7/5 | 45min per episode

A Minute of Silence

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.3/5

Martin Compston's Scottish Fling

Certification unknown

2022- | 4.5/5
United Kingdom (UK)

Saving the King

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.4/5 | 50min per episode


Certification unknown

2022 | 45min per episode

Chaser Game

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.0/5 | 30min per episode


Certification unknown

2022- | 3.5/5

Nadiya’s Everyday Baking

Certification unknown

United Kingdom (UK)

L'Incroyable Périple de Magellan

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.3/5 | 50min per episode




I've walked Through The Love's wilderness

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.5/5 | 50min per episode

C médiatique

Certification unknown


Who Likes My Follower?

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.1/5


Certification unknown

2022 | 2.9/5 | 42min per episode

Pozadí událostí

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.5/5
Czech Republic

Tout sexplique!

Certification unknown

2022- | 24min per episode

Brasil: A Última Cruzada

Certification unknown

2022 | 0.5/5

_Underscore - Deep Dive im Internet

Certification unknown


New Seasons of ongoing TV Shows/Series(90)

Monday, 09/05/2022: LIVE with Kelly and Ryan - Season 35 with 138 episodes (Talk-Show)very popular
Monday, 09/05/2022: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Season 6 with 14 episodes (Animation/Kids & Family/Kids & Family)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Life Below Zero - Season 19 with 11 episodes (Reality-TV/Documentary)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Joseph & Lindsey - Jailed with 11 episodes (Comedy/Animation/Drama/Action & Adventure/Kids & Family/Reality-TV)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Judge Mathis - Season 24 with 35 episodes
Monday, 09/05/2022: Sean's Scotland - Season 2
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: The View - Season 26 with 115 episodes (Talk-Show)very popular
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Tamron Hall - Season 4 with 98 episodes (Talk-Show)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Season 8 with 84 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: The Late Late Show with James Corden - Season 8 with 49 episodes (Talk-Show)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Dr. Phil - Season 21 with 121 episodes (Talk-Show)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Queen Sugar - Season 7 with 13 episodes (Drama)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Bee and PuppyCat - Lazy in Space with 16 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Animation)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Ink Master - Season 14 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Jay Leno's Garage - Season 7 with 8 episodes (Reality-TV/Documentary)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: The Good Fight - Season 6 with 10 episodes (Drama)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: Central Park - Season 3 with 13 episodes (Animation/Comedy)
Friday, 09/09/2022: PAW Patrol - Season 9 with 34 episodes (Animation/Kids & Family)very popular
Friday, 09/09/2022: Cobra Kai - Season 5 with 10 episodes (Action & Adventure/Drama/Comedy)very popular
Friday, 09/09/2022: MotorWeek - Season 42 with 20 episodes (News)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: NFL Icons - Season 2 with 3 episodes (Documentary)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: Sister Wives - Season 17 with 17 episodes (Reality-TV/Drama)

Monday, 09/05/2022: Haireta mou ton Platano ("Χαιρέτα μου τον Πλάτανο") - Season 3 with 105 episodes (Comedy)very popular
Monday, 09/05/2022: War of the Worlds - Season 3 with 8 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Drama)very popular
Monday, 09/05/2022: Hey Duggee - Season 4 with 20 episodes (Animation/Kids & Family/Kids & Family)very popular
Monday, 09/05/2022: El hormiguero 3.0 - Season 17 with 80 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Lisa - Season 4 with 89 episodes (Drama/Kids & Family)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Großstadtrevier - Season 35 with 16 episodes (Drama/Crime)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Natholdet - Season 24 with 4 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Monday, 09/05/2022: De Slimste Mens ter Wereld - Season 20 with 20 episodes (Kids & Family)
Monday, 09/05/2022: 24 Hours in A&E - Season 28 with 3 episodes (Documentary)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Abandoned Engineering - Series 10 with 12 episodes (Documentary)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Women Lie Better ("Moterys meluoja geriau") - Season 15 with 67 episodes (Comedy/Drama)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Love It or List It - Season 19 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV/Comedy)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Případy 1. oddělení - Season 3 with 13 episodes (Crime/Drama)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Richard Osman's House of Games - Series 6 with 100 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Dybvaaaaad! - Season 13 with 12 episodes (Comedy)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Narco Wars - Chasing the Dragon with 4 episodes (Documentary)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Jakten på kjærligheten - Season 19 with 14 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Got Talent España - Season 8 with 16 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Hey You! What If... - Season 2 with 26 episodes
Monday, 09/05/2022: Inside Central Station - Season 4 with 6 episodes (Documentary)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Ladhood - Series 3 with 6 episodes (Comedy)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Robinsonekspedisjonen - Season 17 with 28 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 09/05/2022: Unbeatable - Season 2 with 15 episodes
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Kuba Wojewódzki - Season 40 with 13 episodes (Talk-Show)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Lyxfällan - Season 32 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: WaPo Bodensee - Season 7 with 20 episodes (Crime)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: Farmen - Season 18 with 44 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 09/06/2022: First Dates Hotel - Season 7 with 6 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Brassic - Series 4 with 8 episodes (Comedy/Drama/Crime)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Doc Martin - Season 10 with 8 episodes (Comedy/Drama)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Las Fierbinţi - Season 22 with 10 episodes (Comedy)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Oogappels - Season 4 with 10 episodes (Drama)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Strangest Things - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Documentary)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Usterka - Season 18 with 17 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Le meilleur pâtissier - Season 11 with 14 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Latela - Season 7 with 19 episodes (Comedy/Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Mona mittendrin - Season 7 with 3 episodes (Reality-TV/Documentary)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Louis and the Urban Jungle ("Louis et la faune urbaine") - Season 5 with 6 episodes (Documentary)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Beste Kijkers - Season 9 with 10 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Top Model - Season 11 with 15 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: Svenska fall - Season 9 with 8 episodes (Documentary/Crime)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: Container ("Контейнер") - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Drama)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: 71° North - Norways Toughest Celebrity ("71° nord - Norges tøffeste kjendis") - Season 14 with 21 episodes (Action & Adventure/Reality-TV)
Thursday, 09/08/2022: Shopping with Keith Lemon - Season 3 with 8 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Leyla and Mecnun ("Leyla ile Mecnun") - Season 6 with 10 episodes (Comedy/Drama/Science-Fiction & Fantasy)
Friday, 09/09/2022: iUmor - Season 13 with 15 episodes (Comedy)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Ojciec Mateusz - Season 28 with 13 episodes (Drama)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Deux hommes en or - Season 10 with 4 episodes (News/Talk-Show)
Friday, 09/09/2022: The Adventures of Peter and Wolf ("Приключения Пети и Волка") - Season 3 with 26 episodes (Animation/Comedy/Kids & Family/Science-Fiction & Fantasy)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Danse avec les stars - Season 12 with 20 episodes (Reality-TV)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Lindmo - Season 22 with 10 episodes (News/Talk-Show)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Gogglebox - Series 20 with 16 episodes (Kids & Family/Reality-TV)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing - Series 5 with 6 episodes (Comedy/Reality-TV)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Capital One College Bowl - Season 2 with 6 episodes
Friday, 09/09/2022: De Geknipte Gast - Season 7 with 12 episodes (Talk-Show)
Friday, 09/09/2022: Vocea României - Season 10 (Reality-TV)
Friday, 09/09/2022: ‎Escape If You Can ("Échappe-toi si tu peux") - Season 4 with 5 episodes (Reality-TV/Kids & Family)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: The Kapil Sharma Show - Season 3 with 50 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)very popular
Saturday, 09/10/2022: Indian Idol - Season 13 with 52 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: A Family of Ten ("Una familia de diez") - Season 8 with 15 episodes (Comedy)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: The Russell Howard Hour - Season 6 with 13 episodes (Comedy/Talk-Show)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: Ninja Warrior UK - Season 6 with 8 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 09/10/2022: Te cunosc de undeva - Season 18 (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: Cuarto Milenio - Season 18 with 21 episodes (Reality-TV/Mystery)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: Big Brother - BB2022 with 262 episodes (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: Druckfrisch - Season 21 with 5 episodes (News)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: The Americas with Simon Reeve - Season 2 (Documentary)
Sunday, 09/11/2022: Murdertown - Season 4 with 3 episodes (Documentary/Crime)
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